I'm a diehard thrifter and garage sale addict! I love the thrill of the hunt! And I love making CASH from trash so I also resell on eBay and Etsy. I share my successes to inspire you ... and my failures so you learn from my mistakes. Please join me on this wild and crazy ride of making cash from trash!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Cash for Trash: February Sales

I had 56 sales last month, including 20 pairs of shoes that I listed last month.  Here are my best February Sales:

Mr Coffee Mug Activated Beverage Soup Warmer Automatic Shut-Off MW1B - Paid $0.88 @ GWO - Sold for $29.99 - Net Margin 64%

Ralph Lauren Paisley Blue and White Heavy Cotton Linen Fabric 3.5 Yards - Paid $7.45 @ GWO - Sold for $75.00 - Net Margin 63%

Dansko Sela Black Leather Sandals Shoe Women's 39 EUR 8.5 US - Paid $1.04 @ GWO - Sold for $49.99 - Net Margin 43%

Dansko Roxy Black Leather Ankle Strap Pumps Dress Heels Women's 8 / 39 - Paid $2.24 @ GWO - Sold for $39.99 - Net Margin 67% 

Bates Delta-8 Black Side Zip Military Tactical Boots E02348 Mens 9 - Paid $0 - Personal inventory - Sold for $55.00 - Net Margin 58%

SAS Tripad Brown Leather Strap Sandals Women's Size 9.5 N - Paid $1.49 @ GWO - Sold for $49.99 - Net Margin 51%

Bob Timberlake Old Salem Cotton Throw 50 x 70 USA - Paid $1.00 @ GWO - Sold for $39.99 - Net Margin 68%

Here is a breakdown of my February Sales: 

# of Sales: 56

Total Revenue: $1383.94

Avg. Sales Price: $24.71

Net Margin: 42%

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS): $81.87

Percent of Revenue: 6%

Highest Sold Item: $75.00

Lowest Sold Item: $4.99

Now that’s cash for trash!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Cash for Trash: January Sales

I’ve been busy, busy, busy listing as much as I can.  Remember all those shoes from my previous post?  Well, I finally got them all listed, and thankfully, they have been steadily selling.  By the end of January, I had increased my store inventory to about 150 items – a big jump from last year’s all-time low of about 20 items.

Most of my January sales were shoes and hats, but I did sell a few other items.  Here are my best sellers:

Hot Wheels 48 Car Storage Carry Case 2000 by Tara – Cost $0 – Sold for $34.26 – Net Margin 58%

This is my first sale of 2016.  The buyer bought and paid for it on 12/31, but it shows up on my sales reports for January…go figure.

Anyway, this vintage 48-car carry case belonged to DS#2 when he was a young boy.  These cases are hard to find and are decent sellers, especially if they still have the interior trays.  This went to a buyer in Georgia.

The North Face Recon Backpack Gray and White Laptop Outdoors – Paid $0.78 @ GWO - Sold for $45.00 – Net Margin 52%

Occasionally, I will find a backpack or two in decent condition when I go to the GW outlet bins.  Certain brands are particularly good sellers, such as The North Face and Patagonia, but other brands like JanSport, Columbia, LL Bean, Eastpak, Eddie Bauer and Timberland are also good, if you can find them in good condition.

I found this really nice North Face backpack, which was pretty clean but had a couple of faint stains.  It still sold for $45.00, leaving me with a nice profit of over $20.  This went to a buyer in Alabama.

WOLFORD Velvet De Luxe 50 Tights Size M Black #10687 NIP NEW – Paid $0.85 @ GWO – Sold for $28.99 – Net Margin 75%

I was not familiar with this brand, but I picked up this package of hosiery because it was new.  I figured that for a few cents, I didn’t have much to lose.  It sold for over $28, leaving me a nice profit of $20+.  This went to a buyer here in California.

Golden Gate Panama Hat White Linen Mens XL – Paid $0.60 @ GWO – Sold for $34.98 – Net Margin 68%

This is one of a lot of 17 hats I sourced at the GWO in October 2014.  I finally got them listed in January, too, and 6 sold before the end of the month.  Woo hoo!  I paid an average of 60-cents each hat and made almost $150 in sales for the 6 with a net margin of 56%.  They are not huge sellers but I am so glad to see them go!

I sold 10 pairs of shoes in January and made almost $150 in sales with a net margin of 56%.  I’ve had a few decent sales, but most of the shoes have been average sales.  I’m really anxious to get these out the door so have listed them with Best Offer.  Here are a few of my better sales:

Donald J Pliner Women's Sying Slide Shine Nappa Black 9M – Paid $2.24 @ GWO – Sold for $46.98 – Net Margin 70%

SOREL Badger Winter Snow Boot Women's Size 10 – Paid $14.40 @ Savers – Sold for $75.56 – Net Margin 53%

Grinders Black Steel Toe 10 Eyelet Boots Black Leather UK8 US9 – Paid $2.68 @ GWO – Sold for $79.75 – Net Margin 73%

Dansko Bergen Sport Clogs Black Gray Loafer Shoes Mens Size 46 EUR 12.5 US – Paid $4.10 @ GWO – Sold for $44.50 – Net Margin 43%

I was happy when these shoes sold within a week of listing them.  Unfortunately, the buyer contacted me soon after to let me know he was returning them.  Here is his message, which also included a picture of the damaged shoes:
Hello, The soles of the Dansko clogs that I purchased from you disintegrated after one day of wear. Unfortunately, this is a problem with Danskos that have been stored for a while (see this eBay page about it: https: community.ebay.com/t5/Archive-Fashion/Used-Dansko-Clog-Sellers-Buyers-Beware/td-p/3019576). So, I would like to return them for a refund. Thanks, Tim
Of course, I went to the link and was surprised to see this is a very real problem with certain brands of used shoes when not stored properly.  

So, yes, I immediately gave him a full refund; but forgot to tell him NOT to return the shoes.  Ugh, the damaged shoes came in the mail a few days later and the return shipping was charged to my account. This lesson cost me over $27 … OUCH!  I’m providing this helpful link to hopefully help you avoid losing money.

I also had to give a full refund to a buyer who purchased a mug from me.  Admittedly, I did a sloppy (lazy) job of wrapping the mug, and it was broken upon arrival.  It was not a large amount, but I kicked myself in the behind because I knew better. 

Sigh, it's been a little shaky getting back into the full swing of things.  Let's just say, it has not been smooth sailing ...

Below is a breakdown of my January sales.  Not stellar, but it's a start.  Since I lost my TRS discount, I had to pay higher shipping costs and looks like this affected my net margin.  I do not like to see this below 50%; ideally, I would like to see this at least at 60%.

# of Sales: 35

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS): $58.01

Percent of Revenue: 6.3%

Average Price of COGS: $1.66

Total Revenue: $919.03 (includes shipping revenue)

Avg. Sales Price: $26.26

Net Margin: 49%

Highest Sold Item: $79.75

Lowest Sold Item: $4.50

Returns/Refunds: 2

No UPI cases

Now that’s cash for trash!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Been Hanging Around Too Long!

Maybe it"ll surprise you -- but maybe not -- that when 2014 ended, I still had close to 250 items that I had not listed.  This included the gaylord of odds and ends of electronics I bought at auction WAY back in May 2014 at the GW outlet and posted about here.  Then in October 2014, I went on a major sourcing spree, stockpiling all kinds of items from the GW outlet.  I ended up with almost 80 pairs of shoes, 20 hats, and a bunch of clothing items.

These hung around the garage for awhile; and then a few months into 2015, I brought the shoes and hats into the house thinking this would motivate me to list them.  Nope, not one bit. Occasionally, they got moved from the closet to the bathroom and back to the bedroom.  Matter of fact, I stopped “seeing” them.  You know how it is: you see something so often that you stop noticing it.

Then, 2016 arrived and I finally got tired of looking at these bags and bins.  It was time to get rid of sell them!  So I’ve been listing like crazy.  All the hats are done and I’m about halfway done with the shoes.  I’ve already made a few sales on these.  Next on the agenda is to tackle that pile of clothing. As for all those electronics, well, they're still in the garage!

The good thing is I have plenty of stock to get my eBay store going again.  And, I’m trying not to buy any more product until I’ve listed most of what I already have.  But you know how it is:  I can’t seem to stay away from the GW outlets!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2015 Year-End Review

Thank you all so much for your comments on my last post.  I wondered if anyone was still following me after my "farewell" and was hoping to hear from maybe 1 or 2 of you.  I was so happy to hear from as many of you as I did and was truly touched by your "welcome back".  It really inspires and motivates me to get this blog back on track, and I'll start by giving you a quick summary of how my sales went (or rather didn't) in 2015 ...

Wells Fargo Rose Parade Legendary Horse Black AL Stuffed Plush 2009 – Paid $0.62 @ GWO – Sold Lot of 2 for $121.96  – Net Margin 77%

I am still surprised that, with little to no effort on my part, I still had sales every month in 2015 – even if it was only 1 or 2.  I had 214 sales.  However, that number is deceiving because almost half of those sales were made in January, which I posted about here.

Last January, I listed most of my remaining 2014 inventory at auction for $0.99 and had 89 sales that month – the most in a month that year.  In February, I again listed many items at clearance prices and had 37 sales.  Old stock that didn’t sell by March was donated to the thrift store.  I still maintained just under 50 items in my store.  Eventually, many of those items were also donated when I went through another decluttering frenzy in July.  By then I had just under 30 items listed.

Here’s DGD#3 with a chess set I got at the GW outlet.

I didn’t do much product sourcing either.  Most of my thrifting and saling adventures were for personal fun.  I did find a handful of items to resell at a couple of yard sales.  I’m just happy that both DD and DGDs love to thrift shop as much as I do. I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree!  

When I started getting my eBay mojo back in December, I picked up a few toys at the 99-Cent store.  I found a Star Wars Anakin talking figure for $4.99 (see the end of post).  I thought this was a major score and bought a bunch thinking I would sell them on Amazon, but then I discovered that I was not approved to sell toys on Amazon so that pretty much put the final nail on the coffin on that venue.  I ended up selling the toys on eBay, but they did not sell for as much as I hoped.  Sold them for $19.95 FS.

Here’s the breakdown ...

Revenue:  Just under $4,000

Number of sales: 214, of these 171 were stock from 2014
  • eBay - 194
  • Amazon – 20
Highest sale: $121.96 (Wells Fargo plush pictured above)

Lowest sale: $0.99 (plus shipping) – 41 items sold at this price

Average revenue per item: $18.25

Here are a few more of my top sellers:

Harley Davidson Freedom Rider Helmet Leather Black DOT Medium – Paid $1.28 @ GWO – Sold for $49.99 – Net Margin 61%

Original Steiff Germany Junior Leo Lion #2897/30 KNOPF IM OHR – Paid $0.71 @ GWO – Sold for $40 – Net Margin 70%

Ju-Ju-Be PackaBe Diaper Bag Brown with Blue Discontinued Backpack Style – Paid $4 @ GW – Sold for $54 – Net Margin 51%

COCOMOTION by Mr. Coffee Hot Chocolate Maker Hot Cocoa Machine Model HC4 – Paid $7.19 @ GW – Sold for $48.84 – Net Margin 60%

RADKO Harley Davidson Fat Boy Aqua Motorcycle with Presents Glass Ornament – Paid $2 @ GS – Sold for $39.99 – Net Margin 70%

And, finally, here is the Star Wars Anakin figure that I bought at the 99-Cent Store.  I bought 13 of these; I gave away 3 as Christmas gifts and I sold the remaining 10.  I priced them “to sell” as I didn’t want to get stuck with them.  My net margin was low, but I still made about $54 profit on the bunch.

Star Wars Anakin to Darth Vader Talking Action Figure Color Changing Lightsaber – Paid $4.99 @ 99-Cent Store – Sold for $19.95 – Net Margin 25%

I hope 2016 has started off great for you and I am definitely looking forward to what the new year brings. 

Now that’s cash for trash!

Monday, January 4, 2016

It’s a New Year! And I Just Can’t Stay Away…

First of all, let me say, Happy New Year! I for one am happy to see 2015 end and am looking forward to a new year and new adventures. 

Last October, I said goodbye to this blog and thought I would focus on my quilting blog. I tried reviving that blog, but it has been inactive for too many years and the connection with other bloggers just isn’t there. It became very clear that bloggers in the online selling community are much more connected. Truth is, I miss this blog and all of you. 

I was also burned out on eBay and online selling in general. It had become a chore, and I was all too happy to finally put it on the back burner. I didn’t close down my store, but I did downgrade and only sporadically worked on it. As a result, I lost my TRS discount. Although I expected this, it was still bittersweet since I had worked so hard to get it and then keep it.

As you all know, however, life is full of twists and turns and things don’t always go as expected. My DD and 2 DGDs came to live with me end of July last year, and I was thrilled to have them back home in California. Originally, this was to be a temporary arrangement; but after many family discussions, my DD decided to make it a more permanent move and continue her education. She is so looking forward to her new life!

So, here it is the beginning of 2016, and I am once again looking to eBay to supplement our income. I think taking the year “off” from FT selling has helped me re-energize and re-focus my efforts on eBay. Towards the end of last year, I had pretty much given up on eBay. 

But December came along and things started to change. I yearned to start blogging again. When I started blogging way back in 2010, I wanted to journal about my online selling adventures and hopefully, in the process help others. 

Up until last year, my eBay business had been a huge part of my day-to-day life. But in 2016, I want to not only have a more balanced life by spending more time with family – having fun and creating memories – but also have fun with my online business. I don’t want it to take over my life to the point that it becomes a chore and no longer fun. 

I can’t promise you a rose garden and I can’t promise I’ll post every week but I do intend to post regularly. And as long as I’m selling online, I will continue to post about my business adventures; but one thing I would like to change is to make this blog a little more personal. I will post not just about my thrifting adventures but also about my new adventures with my girls! 

So I hope you come back – I hope you stick around – and I am just happy to be back!