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Monday, August 3, 2015

Cash for Trash: June and July Sales

Summer months usually bring slow sales but it's a great time to do as much listing as you can to be ready for the holiday season when sales go up (hopefully!).  I had only 22 sales for these 2 months, but some of them were pretty good.  These are my best 11 sales:

Blackhawk Warrior Lightweight Tactical Pant Men's 28 x 32 Black Trousers - Paid $1.40 @ GW Outlet - Sold for $19.99 - Net Margin 35%
Battleship "The Classic Naval Combat Game" by Milton Bradley 1990 - Paid $0 - Sold for $19.99 - Net Margin 58%
Eddie Bauer Navy Blue with Tan Suede Trim Baby Diaper Bag - Paid $0.61 @ GW Outlet - Sold for $19.99 - Net Margin 56%

Cuisinart CFP 9 Food Processor Shredding Blade Disc I Robot Coupe Part France - Paid $2 @ GS - Sold for $18.99 - Net Margin 42%
RADKO Harley Davidson Santa Glass Ornament - Paid $2 @ GS - Sold for $19.99 - Net Margin 48%

Cannon Monterey Cotton Green FITTED Sheet Queen Long 60 x 80 NEW - Paid $0.88 @ GW Outlet - Sold for $19.99 - Net Margin 52%

Vintage Powerpuff Girls Twin Bed Sheets (2) Flat (1) Fitted Purple - Paid $1.44 @ GW Outlet - Sold for $24.99 - Net Margin 81%

Vintage Lot of 2 Brass Crane Stork Bird Heron Sculpture Statues - Paid $1 @ GS - Sold for $38 - Net Margin 81%

Fiesta Warner Bros. Mugs with Sylvester, Bugs, Porky and Daffy - Paid $0.50 each @ GS - Sold $19.99 each for a total of $79.96 - Net Margin 77%

I couldn't believe it when I found these Fiesta mugs at a garage sale for only 50-cents each.  They were in mint condition, like new. I also found 2 Radko ornaments at the same sale for only $2 each. Gotta love those garage (yard) sales!

Since my grandson has been living with us, I have been busy helping him settle in.  He's been accepted into a fast-track high school program at the local community college and has started working at a nearby fast-food restaurant.  My DD and DGDs may also be moving out here soon; and if they do, I will definitely be busy.

I hope everyone had a safe and sound 4th of July celebration.  We spent the afternoon picnicking with friends at our local park, which has a wonderful family event with music and a great fireworks show. 

Well, that's it for now, and as Porky Pig would say "That's all folks!"

Believe in yourself and prosper!