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Monday, November 24, 2014

Cash for Trash: September Sales

Sales are humming along.  This month I had 86 sales, which is pretty much the same as last month (87).  Here are my best sales for September:

6598 (1)

Spiewak Enhanced Performance EMS Pant Men's Size 50 Black NEW – Paid $2 @ SA – Sold $39.99 – Net Margin 63%

I bought these new-with-tag at the SA thrift store when they had their $2 rag-day sale.  They were a size 50 which I knew would be a difficult size to sell, but they were really nice and good quality. I originally had them priced at $45, but eventually dropped the price to $39.99.  I had to wait a long time for the right buyer – about 14 months – so am really glad they finally sold.

8353 (1)

Roxy Surf Full Wetsuit Girls Kids 10/132 Aqua and Black Water Sports – Paid $1.28 @ GWO – Sold $39.99 – Net Margin 70%

Every once in a while I run across a wetsuit and will pick them up if they’re in good condition.  They’re not particularly great sellers, but do sell fairly quickly.  This one sold within a month to a buyer here in California.

8317 (1)

RALPH LAUREN Purple Label Dress Shirt Size 16 1/2 Black Striped French Cuff – Paid $3 @ SA – Sold $45 – Net Margin 74%

I couldn’t believe it when I ran across this purple label Ralph Lauren shirt at the SA thrift.  I knew that some RL shirts with the purple label sell for over $80 so I saw $$ signs.  But when I got it home and really looked at it, I saw that it had a yellow ring around the collar.  I tried my best to get rid of the stains, even taking it to the cleaners.  The stains did fade away quite a bit; but, if I looked very closely, I could still see them.  I ended up listing it for $45 with the mention of the light stains.  It sold within 3 weeks and my net profit was still over $33 (minus the cost of the cleaners). 

8022 (2)

Christmas Opaque Color C-9-1/4 182 Light Bulbs Original Box for Crafts NOS New – Paid $2 @ GS – Sold $48.20 – Net Margin 51%

Early this year, I bought this box of 182 Christmas lights with the intention of making a wreath.  But I lost interest in that idea and finally decided to list them.  These bulbs were brand new, in great condition and sold for $29.99 plus shipping to a buyer in Georgia.

8213 (1)

Max Studio Cashmere Black V-Neck Poncho Sweater Fringe Top Blouse S-L – Paid $0.86 @ GWO – Sold for $49.99 – Net Margin 80%

This cashmere shawl for only 86-cents was an awesome find at the GW outlet.  Yeah, you do have to go through all the crap to find the treasures, but it’s so worth it!

7580 (1)

NERF Longshot CS-6 Gun N-Strike Dart Blaster Extended Barrel Discontinued Rare – Paid $0.60 @GWO – Sold for $64.99 – Net Margin 76%

I love finding NERF guns and can pick them up pretty cheap at the GW outlet.  This one took about 4 months to sell and went to a buyer in Utah.

Here is a breakdown of my September Sales:

# of Sales: 86

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS): $108.89

Percent of Revenue: 5.35%

Average Price of COGS: $1.27

Total Revenue: $2,036.79 (includes revenue from shipping)

Avg. Sales Price: $23.68

Net Margin: 52%

Highest Sold Item: $139.99 (Magic the Gathering cards, personal item)

Lowest Sold Item: $5.00 (sewing pattern)

Number and Percent of Items Sold:
  • Jeans: 18 – 21%
  • Plush and Toys: 15 – 17%
  • Sewing Patterns: 10 - 12%
  • Everything Else: 43 – 50%

No UPI cases

Now that’s cash for trash!

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