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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cash for Trash: July Sales

Sales have been really slow for me this year compared to last year, when monthly sales never fell below 100.  I had only 87 sales in July; and it seems to be the same for many sellers who blame it all on Cassini.  I think that’s part of the reason but I also think it’s because I have not been listing as much. 

I am far behind in posting my sales, so without further ado, here are my best sales for the month of July.

Without going into the details, a few months ago we had some major car troubles and had to buy an engine.  That was a HUGE unexpected expense, and we had to hustle to come up with the funds.  We “shopped” the house and garage; and found a few items to list on Craigslist:

14-6548 (2)

AMSEC American Security Gun and Rifle Safe Combination Lock – Sold $250

One of our neighbors was moving and gave DH this gun safe.  If it’s free, DH will take just about anything!  We had no use for a gun safe and used it to store odds and ends.  But the $250 sale was a huge help.

14-6548 (3)

Chicago Electric Power Tools 1.5 Horsepower 7 in. Bridge Tile Saw – Sold $100

One of DH’s clients bought this saw when he asked DH to do some tile work.  The client didn’t want the saw so DH stored it in the garage and never used it again.  The $100 it sold for sure did come in handy!

14-6548 (1)

Dearborn Furniture Antique Kitchen Table Slide-Out Extensions – Paid $20 @ Garage Sale – Sold $40

DH bought this table at a garage sale for $20.  I really had no purpose or place for it; and thought maybe I would upcycle it to sell.  Who was I kidding?  Doubled our money and sold it for $40.  I love CL because there are no shipping costs or fees – and everything is paid for in CASH!

8076 (1)

Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens with Bonus 2 Filters and Box – Sold $375 F/S

This was the first of 3 camera lenses DH sold.  I was really nervous selling this on eBay because of horror stories I read about scammers.  The item was sold to a buyer in Maryland, and I never heard from them.  I suppose no feedback is better than negative feedback.

7939 (1)

Singer 301A Short Bed Vintage Sewing Machine with Pedal Manual Case Attachments – Sold $200

This little beauty had been stored in the closet forever so I tested it.  It worked like a charm; and I really had a hard time letting it go.  But I realized I had never used it and didn’t really NEED it.  It’s amazing how much STUFF we have that we don’t really NEED.  This sold to a buyer here in California who paid an additional $24 for shipping.

8098 (1)

Eurosteam Nouveau Professional Steam Iron Internal Boiler Redfern Model 4488 – Sold $102

Here’s a fancy iron/steamer that I bought a few years ago at the county fair to use for my quilting projects.  Since I haven’t been doing much quilting, I decided to sell it.  This is an older version so I priced it “to sell”; and it sold fairly quick.  Before listing it, I tested it and worked just fine for me.  But the buyer from Illinois said they couldn’t get it to work right and returned it for a refund.  Bah humbug! That was a nice chunk of change I had to return.

8139 (1)

Lot of 10 NERF Guns N-Strike Maverick Nite Dart Tag War Party – Paid $6.33 @ GW Outlet – Sold for $59.99 – Net Margin 59%

I often run across NERF guns at the GW outlet, and this lot of 10 was accumulated from various trips.  I paid about $0.63 for each.  Individually, they don’t sell for much so it made better sense to sell them in a lot.  This went to a buyer here in California who left “positive” FB with negative comments.

She said “the cord is missing to connect the hud to the gun”.  This made no sense and I suspected she meant to leave this FB for someone else.  When I searched FB she left for others, I discovered she left the same FB comment for another seller.  

I contacted her and I was very nice when I asked about her comment.  She admitted she made an error and agreed to amend her comment; but so far it’s the same.  I don’t think it’s affected my defect rate, but it still irks me that she never corrected it.

7602 (1)

Caboodles Travel Make-Up Organizer Caddy Case 3 Tier Mirror Gray Pink Vintage – Paid $1.20 @ GWO – Sold $39.99 F/S – Net Margin 51%

7602 (3)

Somewhere I read about these Caboodles cases and added it to my mental BOLO list.  I spotted this at the GW Outlet and was quick to grab it.  I had to give it a good cleaning and do a minor repair, but it finally sold for $39.99  – after lowering the price from $45 - to a buyer in Kentucky.

8130 (1)

NIKE CORDURA Black Backpack Laptop Sleeve Book Bag – Paid $0.84 @ GWO – Sold for $36.98 – Net Margin 55%

Backpacks, travel bags and all kinds of bags are plentiful at the outlet.  Most backpacks are pretty beat up, but you can still find some great deals.  This one was in very nice, clean condition and sold to a buyer in Mississippi.

8222 (1)

Pronto Uomo Sweater Men's XL Extra Large LS Black Silk Blend Mock Neck – Paid $1 @ GWO – Sold $28.99 – Net Margin 73%

This nice Pronto Uomo silk-blend sweater was another GW Outlet find, and it went to another California buyer.  I was not familiar with this brand until I read an article from Frank @ Fruzie’s Collectibles.  I’ve sold several shirts and a handful of sweaters of this brand, so be sure to add it to your BOLO list.

Here is a breakdown of my July Sales:

# of Sales: 87

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS): $129.23

Percent of Revenue: 4.78%

Average Price of COGS: $1.49

Total Revenue: $2704.72 (includes revenue from shipping)

Avg. Sales Price: $31.09

Net Margin: 61%

Highest Sold Item: $375.00

Lowest Sold Item: $6.75

Number and Percent of Items Sold:
  • Plush and Toys: 16 – 18%
  • Jeans: 15 – 17%
  • Shirts: 8 – 10%
  • Everything Else: 48 – 55%

One UPI Case – Closed and credited

Now that’s cash for trash!


  1. Good for you--I love stories like that!

  2. Nice sale on the gun safe! I love selling something I got for free:) I agree about CL being nice for no fees and shipping issues. I just sold a sewing machine this week that weighed 37lbs so I put it on CL first and out sold on two days. Our goodwill outlet charges a standard $3 each for purses, duffles and book bags ... they cannot be weighed with the rest, you're so lucky to have paid less than a dollar for that bag!

  3. I find it interesting that your sales are slower than last year. This seems to be a trend with everyone. I wonder what the heck that's all about? It's great though that you can supplement with sales on CL. I have listed a few things on there, but no luck selling anything except for some Barbie stuff and that took a while to find a buyer that could meet me at a convenient place and time.