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Friday, November 21, 2014

Cash for Trash: August Sales

Alright, alright, alright! Another post – how about that!  Business was somewhat better in August with 105 sales but not a whole lot more in revenue.  The majority – about 75% – of items I sold were under $25.  Still, I am grateful for every sale and every penny in revenue.  Here are my best sales for August.

8077 (1)

Sigma DG 150-500mm F5-6.3 APO HSM DG OS Lens For Canon w/ 2 Filters and Box – Sold $500

8078 (9)

Canon EF 75-300mm Zoom Lens for EOS T4i 7D T3i 60D T2i 5DII T1i 50D 40D & Bonus – $40

Two more lenses DH sold on Craigslist.  They had also been listed on eBay but they weren’t selling quickly enough so he listed them on CL.  That’s another great thing about CL – once the item is sold, it’s sold.  No 30-day or 90-day returns on CL!

8079 (1)

GoPro HD Helmet HERO 16 MB Camcorder Bundle – Silver – Sold $169.27

This was an older GoPro camera; but with the additional accessories, the buyer from Michigan got a great deal.  Another one of DH’s contributions to the cause!

8316 (1)

Mammut Passion 10mm x 60m Climbing Rope 06041 UNUSED – Sold $116.80

8320 (1)

Petzl GriGri 1 Climbing Belay Top Rope Self-breaking Descender Device – Sold $79.99

These two items had been stored in the garage and were hardly used.  The rope went to a buyer in New York and the descender to a buyer in Connecticut.  These two items sold for a combined total of almost $200, which really helped reach our goal.

7509 (1)

Lot of 10 NERF N-Strike Maverick REV-6 Dart Guns Blasters War Party Pack – Paid $9.75 @ GWO – Sold $99.99 – Net Margin 53%

Another lot of NERF guns I accumulated from the GW outlet.  I paid about $0.98 for each gun and sold them for $10 each.  This lot went to a buyer in Connecticut and shipping was almost $25.  I still made a net profit of almost $54; that’s a net margin of 53%

8016 (1)

UGG Kids Girls Bailey Button Triplet Boots 1962 Chestnut Sz 3 Also Fits Womens 4 – Paid $2.70 @ GWO – Sold $76.98 – Net Margin 78%

Another great GW outlet find!  These boots were in pretty good condition with not too much wear.  They sold pretty quickly to a buyer here in California.

8178 (1)

Briggs & Riley Transcend Collection Carry-On Tote BRTD-320 – Paid $0.86 @ GWO – Sold $64.01 – Net Margin 62%

8179 (1)

Lowepro Compact AW Professional Camera Shoulder Bag with Rain Fly – Paid $0.86 @ GWO – Sold $51.59 – Net Margin 69%

Here are a couple great bags I found at the outlet.  These bags had been left behind in the bins, and I knew they were camera bags when I saw them.  Most outlet shoppers ignore these bags, preferring the backpacks or travel bags.  But I know some of these camera bags can sell for good money.  A good item to add to your BOLO list.  One bag went to a buyer in New York and the other to a buyer here in California.

8075 (1)

Jon Renau Traditional Wig April Classic Collection Wavy Shorty Bob Layered – Paid $0.85 – Sold for $62.99 – Net Margin 71%

Another item that was ignored by the other outlet shoppers.  I don’t know much about wigs, but I know not all wigs are created equal.  This wig, however, seemed to be of good quality and was in its original box.  I figure for 85-cents I could take a chance on it.  So glad I did, because I made a net profit of almost $45.  This was an international sale to a buyer in the UK, and first class shipping was only $12.99.

8282 (1)

Robert Graham Shirt Mens XL Black Blue Striped Contrast Paisley Cuff – Paid $5.85 @ SA – Sold $59.95 – Net Margin 73%

I found this shirt at a regular Salvation Army and paid a whopping $5.85 for it; but I knew Robert Graham shirts sell for good money.  I was thrilled when this shirt sold right away and I just knew the buyer would be happy with it.

Unfortunately, I made a huge mistake when I listed the wrong size (XL instead of LG) and didn’t realize this until the buyer opened up an INAD case.  Ugh!  I apologized and asked him to return it for a full refund. He was super nice and eventually decided to keep the shirt to give as a gift.  He even left positive FB, but I still received a defect.  Oh, well …

7830 (1)

UGG Australia Black Leather Clog Slip on Shoes Mens 11 US 44.5 EU – Paid $2.75 @ GWO – Sold $55.00 – Net Margin 64%

Shoppers at the GW outlet go crazy when the shoe bins come out.  Most of those shoppers fight over the sneakers, which I have no interest.  I wait for the frenzy to be over because I know they will usually overlook shoes like these UGG clogs.  These went to a buyer in Texas.

8289 (1)

Vintage Levi's Red Tab San Francisco Sherpa Jacket 42L Blue Acid Denim Jean – Paid $5 @ GWO – Sold $53.29 – Net Margin 64%

I found this beat-up Levi’s jacket at the outlet and debated about buying it.  I think it was left behind because not only did it have some rips and was well worn, but it was also a little heavy because of the Sherpa lining.  This meant that—at $1.49/lb—it was going to cost a few extra bucks.  I knew these Levi’s jackets were good sellers but because of its worn condition, I wasn’t sure if this jacket would sell.  I decided to take a chance and am glad I did.  Even in its worn condition, it still sold for over $53 and my net profit was almost $45.

8170 (1)

GI Joe Mobile Missile Launcher Vehicle 25" Truck Electronic Cargo Only – Paid $0.84 @ GWO – Sold $47.09 – Net Margin 66%

I previously mentioned this GI Joe vehicle in this post when I bought it at the GW outlet in June.  I had hoped to sell it for $45, but decided to list it at $39.99 plus shipping.  This went to a buyer here in California, and my net profit was a decent $31.00.

6282 (1)

1996 Talking Barney Dinosaur Interactive Doll Plush 16" – Paid $1.00 @ Garage Sale – Sold $53.29 – Net Margin 64%

I’ve had this Barney doll in my store since June of LAST year, and I was really glad to see it go.  When DS#1 was a toddler, he loved Barney; and would sing and dance to the famous “I Love You” song.  He was so cute!  Of course, he would be so embarrassed if he knew I was posting this.  So, let’s not tell him!  This Barney went to a buyer in Kansas.

Here is a breakdown of my August Sales:

# of Sales: 105

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS): $131.28

Percent of Revenue: 4.39%

Average Price of COGS: $1.25

Total Revenue: $2989.84 (includes revenue from shipping)

Avg. Sales Price: $28.47

Net Margin: 65%

Highest Sold Item: $500.00

Lowest Sold Item: $2.98

Number and Percent of Items Sold:
  • Jeans: 32 – 30%
  • Sewing Patterns: 17 - 16%
  • Shirts: 13 – 12%
  • Plush and Toys: 9 – 9%
  • Everything Else: 34 – 33%

One UPI Case – Closed and credited

Now that’s cash for trash!


  1. Those are some great sales! Looking at some of those sales like the Levi's jacket and the climbing gear is a reminder that I really need to dust of my eBay inventory and get it listed! :)

  2. My daughter had that same Barney talking plush when she was little! Wish I still had it! I can't believe he's still popular. Amazing the price you got for it!

  3. Those are great sales! It amazes me what you find at the GWO. The closest one to me is an hour away and I've never visited it. Some day I will. When I see your stuff it sure is tempting.

  4. You find great items! Thanks for showing your "finds"!

  5. Congrats on the amazing sales. I think Guy Stuff brings much better sales than Girl Stuff, which is all I know about. :-)

  6. Congrats on the great sales! I am still looking for my first Robert Graham shirt :-)

  7. Congratulations on the sales. How great! I love your blog :)