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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cash for Trash: June Sales

Another month and another dollar earned!  Sales have been slow but seem to be picking up.  Except for my two best sales – the Maui Jim sunglasses and the CeCe Pet Carrier – most of my June sales were pretty routine.

Here are a few of my more interesting sales from last month.  Except as noted, these items were purchased from the outlet so the “paid” price is an average.

8104 (1)

The North Face Vintage Logo Baseball Cap Hat Black Unisex One Size Nylon – Paid $0.84 – Revenue $19.99 – Net Margin 69%

The North Face is one of those brands that you can’t go wrong.  It’s pretty much a guaranteed sale.  Finding one of their jackets would be a major score.  This cap sold for $19.99 to a buyer in New York.  

8070 (1)

BabyBjorn Active Carrier Blue Lumbar Support Model 0260 UPDATED – Paid $0.90 – Revenue $31.98 – Net Margin 58%

This was my first time picking up one of these Baby Bjorn carriers.  I read they were good sellers, but this one is an older model.  As I was researching this one, I discovered that some of the older Baby Bjorn carriers were recalled.  The good thing is that this one had been updated and was not on the recall list.  Something to keep in mind when sourcing baby products from thrifts and garage sales.  This sold to a buyer in Wisconsin.

7952 (1)

Vintage Disney's Nana Plush Dog From the Movie Peter Pan by Sears – Paid $0.86 – Revenue $39.99 – Net Margin 72%

I have a love/hate relationship with plushies.  On the one hand, they don’t break and are  easy to ship. On the other hand, they take up space and tend to be slow sellers.  I just don’t have much luck selling plush, but this Disney Nana didn’t take too long to sell – about 2-1/2 months – not too bad. I was pretty happy to see it go, and the best part was that it went to a buyer in California so shipping was only $5.20.

7643 (1)

Speedo Mens Boys Swim Briefs Bikini Bathing Floral Print M 32 – Paid $0.99 – Revenue $34.98 – Net Margin 79%

I picked up three of these brand new Speedo briefs during one trip to the outlet in February.  I quickly listed all three and one sold a month later.  The last two finally sold in June.  I paid about $2.98 for all three, and my total revenue for the lot was $99.94.  The best part is that shipping was less than $2 each. Ka-ching!

6518 (5)

Black Buffalo Leather Motorcycle Round Barrel Bag Bedroll Sissy Bar Tote Luggage – Paid $4.20 @ SA – Revenue $46.49 – Net Margin 33%

5733 (1)

Genuine Hewlett-Packard Black Toner 96A HP LaserJet 2100 2200 Cartridge C4096 – Paid $0.50 @ Garage Sale – Revenue $35.34 – Net Margin 61%

These 2 items had been in my store for about a year.  I tried everything to move them out.  Finally, I pulled them “off the market” for about a month.  When I relisted them, I took new pictures and wrote a new title and description.  And, boom!  They both sold within a week!  I read somewhere that totally re-doing a listing helps with ranking; and now I’m a believer.

The bag was not the big seller I hoped it would be; and I finally sold it for $14.99 to a buyer in Sweden who paid over $30 for shipping.  My net margin on this was only 33% but I was glad to see it go.

8010 (1)

Fisher Price Peek-A-Blocks Musical Shape Sorter and Lot 27 Blocks – Paid $1.42 – Sold $43.99 – Net Margin 2%

I collected this lot of little blocks from multiple trips to the outlet.  My joy at making this sale was short lived when I discovered that I had messed up on the shipping cost.  This was supposed to be listed with calculated shipping; but I forgot to change the template.  

This was an international sale to Israel and the buyer paid $14 for 1st class shipping. Unfortunately, the package weighed over 4 lbs. and had to send it by Priority Mail.  It cost $37 to ship … bah hum bug!  My net margin was only 2% and I made a whopping $0.85.

These are my “money in the garage” sales.  I did a little spring cleaning and these items were actually in the closet.  I love shopping my house for items to re-sell!

8024 (1)
8025 (1)
8026 (1)

Vintage Christmas Glass Ornaments Bulbs – Three boxes – Revenue $71.15 – Net Margin 60%

I bought these a few years ago, probably to make something crafty like a Christmas wreath; but I knew I was never going to get around to it.  I listed them at auction, and the top 2 sold for $10 plus shipping.  The 3rd one sold for $30.55 plus shipping.  I may have gotten a little more had I waited a few months, but I was ready to see them go.

8044 (9)

Vintage 80 Applique Quilt Blocks 9-Inch Unfinished Birds Leaves Turkey Red – FREE – Sold $80 – Net Margin 81%

I bought these quilt blocks YEARS ago on eBay.  I was gung-ho on learning how to applique and was determined to make these into a quilt.  Yea, right!  Put them away and never touched them, so now they found a new home with a buyer from Michigan.

Here is a breakdown of my June sales:

# of Sales: 77

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS): $114.60 (6% of revenue)

Average Price of COGS: $1.49 (does not include personal items sold)

Total Revenue: $2008.77 (includes revenue from shipping)

Net Margin: 56%

Avg. Sales Price: $26.09

Highest Sold Item: $110.00

Lowest Sold Item: $7.99

Number and Percent of Items Sold:
  • Jeans: 14 – 18%
  • Plush and Toys: 13 – 17%
  • Shirts: 7 – 9%
  • Everything Else: 43 – 56%
Five UPI Case – Closed and credited

Now that’s cash for trash!