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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: GW Outlet Santa Ana Adventure and More Outlet Sales

7471 (1)

Thomas The Train Wooden Roundhouse Shed Geoffrey Imaginarium Brio Compatible – Paid $1.21 – Sold $39.08

7505 (1)

Thomas & Friends Train Wooden Sodor Bay Bridge Ramps Tracks Wood 18 Piece Lot – Paid $1.38 – Sold $29.98

Since my first visit in January, I’ve been to the GW Outlet in San Bernardino several times; and, without going into detail,  I can say the honeymoon is over!  It gets pretty crazy, especially when new tables come out.  (Have you ever seen a piranha feeding frenzy?)

6a00d8341c00c753ef0168e7e1a643970cAs this article points out: A day at a Goodwill Outlet store ups the stakes from innocent thrifting to Hunger Games status, with women fighting to the death for the grand prize of scoring great deals and major bragging rights

Just call it “The Thrift Wars”.  The fact that they have security guards – not just one – speaks volumes.  It’s definitely not a shopping experience for everyone.

I usually wait until the frenzy is over to check out the tables, although on occasion I have joined the frenzy.  Even after the crowd clears, I still find some good stuff, like the Thomas Train pieces pictured above.  I paid a total of about $2.59 and total sales were $69.06.

A few weeks ago, I decided to check out another GW Outlet that is in Santa Ana and a good distance from home.


I had high hopes for this place, but I was deeply disappointed.  Maybe I was there at the wrong time, but I pretty much walked in and walked out.  This location is very similar to the one in Long Beach in that it is a warehouse rather than a storefront.  Half the warehouse had bins with clothing and the other half was for auctions. 


You can see all the “tents” in the parking lot which buyers can use while they sort through their auction purchases.  This is a very busy and large operation; and frankly, I just didn’t see anything that would make it worth the long drive. I left with nothing and knew I would not return.

I think I’ll stick with “my” San Bernardino outlet.  The honeymoon may be over, but I’ll keep going back.  It’s a love-hate relationship!

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  1. Hunger Games status? Really? Wow! I would never survive. :-(
    Great score on the Thomas stuff. I can't believe that was left behind.