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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cash for Trash: GW Outlet Inventory - Sold & Listed

7428 (1)

Vintage Sharp PC-1262 Pocket Computer Calculator with Cover Manual Box - Sold $60

I found this nifty little vintage pocket computer calculator during one of my trips to the GW outlet store.  It came with its original manual and box; and I paid about $1.15 for it.  It sold within 24 hours for $60 to a buyer in Texas.  Ka-ching!

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Kodak EASYSHARE Z740 5.0 MP Zoom Digital Camera – Silver - Sold $60

This older digital camera with its original box was another outlet find.  It was in great condition, but I didn’t really know if it worked or not.  At 69-cents a pound, I thought it was worth the risk.  Turns out it worked great! Sold it on eBay for $60 to a buyer in Oklahoma.

These two sales more than cover the cost of my 2-day purchases at the outlet.  You just can’t beat that!

I’ve been busy listing some of the other goodies I found at the outlet store.  So far, nothing else has sold yet, but it’s only been a few days.  Most everything is listed with a fixed price, but I may send some over to auction.

Here are a few listings of some of the better items I found:

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The Classic TinkerToy Construction MEGA SET 325 Pieces WOOD – Listed $70

7463 (1)

Fisher Price T.M.X. Extra Special Edition Tickle Me Elmo Laughing Giggle 2007 – Listed $49.99

7491 (1)

ALF Plush Alien Life Form Stuffed Animal 1986 16" 18" Vintage Coleco Doll – Listed $49.99

7487 (1)

NEW Sony Walkman Stereo Cassette Player with Headphones WM FX101 NIP – Listed $45.99

7465 (1)

Snowy Owl Life-Like Large Plush Stuffed Bird Discovery Channel – Listed $29.99

7481 (1)

Hallmark 2000 Toymaker Santa Keepsake Ornament First in Series Ken Crow – Listed $24.95

7431 (1)

Annalee 13" Holiday Nightshirt Mouse Doll Vintage 1965 – Listed $22.99

7468 (1)

Wrebbit Puzz 3D Star Wars R2-D2 708 Pieces Challenging – Listed $22.99

7496 (1)

Talking Buzz Lightyear Toy Story Disney Pixar Grey Blue Action Figure 1991 – Listed $22.99

The outlet had a LOT of tables with clothes; and shoe tables were really popular.  But I was not interested in any of it; and there were not too many tables with miscellaneous or housewares.  So many of the items I picked up were plush and toys.  Since I paid 69-cents per pound, I divided the number of items by the amount I paid.  I figure I paid about $1.15 for each item.

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X-Wing Fighter Pilot Star Wars Jumpsuit Fancy Dress Up Halloween Child Costume – Listed $47.99

On my first trip to the outlet, I scored a large lot of costumes, paying about 75-cents for each.  I picked up 15 costumes and have them listed between $19.99 and $47.99.  

Admittedly, the outlet store is not for everyone.  There is definitely a lot of junk, junk and more junk.  Many items are either missing parts or non-working.  But if you’re willing to spend some time and dig through the bins, you’re sure to find some treasures at a deep discount.  Although the price is now $1.49 per pound, I’m sure I’ll still be able to find some great deals.

Now, this is literally cash for trash!

In response to a request, here is the link to videos by the Gillmans.  Their YouTube subscription is called GILLDADDY. 
Sara Gillman is also a member of one of the FB groups I belong to, and she posted the following image that shows their 2013 revenue was close to $100,000:


Like many of us, they not only shop at outlet stores but also regular thrift stores and yard sales.  What I find interesting about their inventory is that they part out their items.  As an example, a blender that may sell for $25 with a net profit of maybe $15, can bring in maybe $70 if parted out.  The lid, the bowl, the blade and the motor are sold separately for $15-$25 each.  Here is a link to their latest video which answers questions from their subscribers.  Lots of good info!


  1. I just sold an Alf plush doll like that for $70 with free S&H :) Just an FYI that you may be able to get a little more.

    1. Hi Brianne ... Yes, I did see your sold Alf, but yours appears to be in a bit better condition. My Alf has a faded tag and he looks like he's been machine washed. But I still took your recommendation and raised his price to $60. Thanks for the info!

  2. I'm surprised that you were able to find such good items at the outlet. Our local GW has specials every now and then. Just recently they had a sale that was Buy 10 items for $10. It was tops and bottoms only. I got 20 clothing items for just $20. It was busy and I felt pressured, so when I got home, I found a couple of issues with a few items, but for a dollar it wasn't the end of the world.

    1. Our regular GWs never have specials, except for 50% off the color-tag of the week. If items don't sell, they just send the items off to the GW outlet/clearance stores. I'm surprised too those items were not picked up, but most folks seem to go for the clothes and shoes. Great deal on the 10 for $10, but it's always a bummer when you get home to find a flaw or two. Been there myself many times!

  3. Awesome! You are making me want to go to our GW outlet again! Love your blog.

  4. PS Our GW's allow returns within one week. So take back anything that you don't like!

    1. Our regular GW stores allow returns within 7 days, but all sales are final at the outlet stores. :( Thanks for the visit!

  5. Wow! I want to go to your outlet. You found some real cash in all that trash :) Thanks for sharing the link to the Gillman's videos.

  6. Thanks for reminding me about the calculators! I remember reading about selling vintage calculators a long time ago. I always get distracted by all the clothes i think. LoL. The "stuff" bins in my outlet store can get a bit too rowdy for me. the clothes are a bit tamer.

    And you are definitely right about the outlets not being for everyone. I have tried to bring a few friends. Some loved it. Some ran for the door as soon as they got in.

    1. The shoe and clothes tables get "rowdy" when they first come out so I stay away. Once the frenzy is over, I'll go pick through it - there's still some good finds left behind. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. We have sold so many vintage calculators. Some of the vintage HP calculators are awesome. The highest one we have sold went for around $200. By the way thanks for mentioning our youtube channel in your post. One of the people that reads your blog mentioned you on my channel.


    1. I love finding vintage calculators. Awhile back, I also sold one for over $100 that I picked up at an estate sale for under $1! Love your videos and thanks much for sharing all the great info. Thanks also for the visit!

  8. New reader but just wondering, I see you post items and what you list them for but do you ever show what you actual sold them for? I think that really helps all of us learn the market.

    1. Hi Devon ... Welcome! This is actually the first time that I posted items that had not yet sold, since I was focused more on my purchases from the outlet store. But if you go to the tabs at the top, just under the header, you will see "Cash for Trash" and "Items I have Sold". This will give you all my posts showing items that I've sold and for how much. These are my favorite types of posts to read from others because they motivate me and get me excited to continue re-selling. Hope this helps and thanks for the visit!

  9. Hi! I just found your blog and am enjoying reading a lot of your posts. It looks like we sell a lot of the same stuff. I just started a new blog myself about thrifting and selling and I invite you to read it and subscribe if you like it. Thanks. --Lisa


    1. Welcome, Lisa! Thanks for the visit and comment. You've got the start of a great blog. BTW, I've added you to my blog roll on the sidebar. Look forward to reading more posts!