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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Selling on Craigslist … I’m lovin’ it!

Last year, I finally took the plunge and jumped into selling on Craigslist; and it was all thanks to this Kent Coffey dresser.  Read about it here.


I sold 7 items last year on CL over a period of about 30 days (most of November).  Two items were my own personal items, and the rest were purchased for resale.  My investment was $85 and my sales total was $560!  Cash in hand, no shipping, no transporting!  No fees!!! All it took was a few minutes for each listing and a few text messages … 

Easy, peasy.  Sure, I had a few no-shows, but it was not a big problem. And, to my surprise, I actually enjoyed meeting the buyers and hearing their stories.

I bought these 3 items during the summer but put them on the back burner where they were taking up space in my home and garage.  I guess you can’t sell it if you don’t list it. 

6925 (1)

Toddler Oak Bed with Side Rails and Simmons Mattress

First to go was this toddler bed that I bought at a garage sale in January for $25, I thought I had a big score, but a search on CL told me these don’t sell for much more than I paid.

I listed it with an asking price of $50 or BO.  Just come and take it, please!  Within a few days, I had a buyer who paid my full asking price. Yea!

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Kidkraft White Train Table & 2 Trundle Combo with Train Set

I have to thank Dude @ Money In The Garage for this one.  If it weren’t for the great info he has on train tables, I probably would have passed this up.  

I found this one at a yard sale in July and paid $25 for it.  Not only was it in good condition, but it also included the train set and the two drawers on casters. 

At first I thought I would sell the train set separately; but after reading the posts from Dude @ Money In The Garage, I knew I’d be better off selling it all together.  I listed it for $150 with BO.  A couple of weeks went by with a couple of contacts, but no serious buyers.  FINALLY – 2 days before Christmas – I sold it for a best offer of $100  to the parents of a little girl who loved playing with the train set at the library and this was her Christmas gift.

6419 (4)
6419 (9)

Little Tikes Medieval Classic Castle Playhouse with Slide

After selling the last two items and clearing them out of my garage & home, I was really anxious to get rid of sell this castle.  We bought this in March for $20 at a garage sale.  We disassembled it to bring it home but gave up on ever putting it together for pictures.  So I took pictures of it as it sat in my garage, plus a “sample” picture.

I was surprised to see this castle sells for $400 brand new from Little Tikes.  Similar ones on CL were selling for between $100-$200, depending on condition.  Knowing my pictures were not the best and wanting a quick sale, I listed mine for $95. It sold it within 2 days to a young mom who said her little boy’s birthday was in 2 weeks and she was so excited to get this.

I had also printed up assembling instructions from the Internet, which showed that it originally had a blue door.  Unfortunately, because we never assembled it, I never realized that it was missing two very important pieces: the blue door and a crucial piece for the look-out tower.  I felt so bad because I knew she had driven a long way (about an hour’s drive) and this was not what she expected.

In the end, we worked it out.  She said her son wanted a “Batman” cave so she said she could make a curtain for the door and she would make a shelf out of wood for the look-out tower.  So, she paid $50 and got the castle for her son at a great price.  I ended up with cash in my pocket and more space in my garage!

These items sold within 3 weeks, and I ended up with quick cash of $200.  I wanted a quick sales so my items were “priced to sell”.  Still, I made an extra $130.  Not only did I clean out my garage, but folks actually paid me to do it!  All from the comfort of my own home.  Gotta love it!  

Now that's Cash for Trash!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Your sales are awesome, especially those CL flips! With no fees and feedback baloney to worry about, your sales prove Craigslist is the way to go!

    Happy New Year...Dude!