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Friday, December 13, 2013

$6,300 for Christmas Lights? Really?!

$_57 (1)

GE Mazda Christmas Tree Lamps

I couldn’t believe it when I saw these vintage Christmas lights sold for over $6,000!

$_57 (2)

I’d never heard of Mazda Christmas lights, but it seems that vintage General Electric lights are very good sellers.  Not sure why this particular listing sold for so much.  I see that others sell in the hundreds – not too shabby either – but the listing is very plain and simple.  Click on the screen capture below to see the listing and click here to see sold listings.

Fullscreen capture 12152013 103020 AM.bmp

I’ve been to estate sales where the sellers can’t get rid of their vintage Christmas items.  I will usually give it a passing glance and MAY pick up an item or two.  But, believe me, I will certainly put these on my BOLO list!  Have any of you heard of these lights and do you know what makes them so special?


Speaking of Christmas lights, Sunday DH and I went to the Mission Inn in Riverside, CA for their Festival of Lights.  What a spectacular display!  The Inn is festooned from top to bottom in millions of lights.  It is absolutely beautiful!  Really puts you in the Christmas spirit.

Our neighbors have been putting up their lights since before Thanksgiving, and our neighborhood is beginning to look like Christmas.  DH has some wonderful qualities but putting up Christmas lights always requires a little nagging arm twisting cajoling and maybe some bribing … LOL  Maybe this weekend we’ll have our lights up... 

Happy holidays to everyone!


  1. Unbelievable! The bidding started at $3.99. What made the last bidders jump so high, I wonder?

    1. I also noticed the low starting bid. That's a huge jump. I wonder if the seller even knew what he/she had, or if they're as surprised as we are. I sure hope they got paid!

  2. Lately the price sold has been unreliable. It has shown for a month that I sold a pair of used jeans for $729.33. Wish that happened, but it didn't. Had a couple of sellers contact me asking me how I got that kind of money for jeans! :)

  3. unreal! Some one is having a Very Merry Christmas!!!!

  4. That set of G.E. Mazda light's sold for alot not because it is a Mazda but because of the style of the bulb they were made in the 30's and were an experimental product by G.E. and there are only about 3 sets known to have survived

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