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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Selling on eBay: Shipping the FOMO Way

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In my previous Cash for Trash post last month, I mentioned selling this mug to a buyer in Florida for $21.99 with free expedited shipping. 

One reader sent me the following question:
How are you able to offer free expedited shipping on coffee mugs?  Don't they weigh too much for First Class Mail?  If you mail them Priority, how much does it cost?  I did the math and I stopped selling mugs because I was losing money.  What is your secret to making money selling mugs?

Well … my secret is FOMO (“Freely Overcoming Mug Obstacles”)!  It would have cost about $9.88 using Priority Mail and $9.95 by Parcel Select to send this to the East Coast.  But, using a Flat Rate Padded Envelope, it cost me only $5.35.  This is such a big cost saver, that I thought I’d write a quick post on this.  (Update at end of post.)

First, I wrap the mug in bubble wrap.
Then I “wrap” it in cardboard.  I recycle box scraps or used priority boxes.
Tape it all up, nice and secure.

It fits nice and neat in a padded flat rate Priority envelope. I have sent all my mugs this way and none have had any damage.  I’ve shipped other breakables this way, too, but I have yet to try sending dinnerware plates.  

Folks use the FOMO shipping method to send all kinds of stuff.  Not only does this save you and your buyers money, but also gives you an opportunity to expand your product line.  One industrious fellow even had a box company make custom boxes to fit securely in the padded envelope.  

There is more information here which also includes a video. 

UPDATE: If you are still not comfortable using the FOMO way to ship mugs, you can also use a 6x4x4.  This size is perfect for standard mugs and fit nicely in the padded FR envelopes. I now use this box to ship most of my mugs using a PFRE.  While I trust the FOMO way, the boxes are much easier. These are the ones I buy. 

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