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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cash for Trash: June Winners

This is a long overdue Cash for Trash post! It’s been a couple of months since I highlighted my May sales. Following the same format as before, I am highlighting a few of my June sales. (Total paid includes shipping.)

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Award_-_Honorable_mentionHonorable mention goes to this Disney Snow White Music Box.  I bought this at a garage sale and could tell it was a quality item.  It was in perfect condition so I was surprised when the seller said she would take a $1 for it.  This went to a buyer in Northern California for a total of $42.58.

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bmet___4th_place_ribbon_by_baringa_of_the_wind-d4wmd5gThis 14-piece bamboo knife block by Calphalon Katana takes 4th place.  I always look for knife blocks at the TS, although not all blocks are created equal.  I previously mentioned Cutco in this post; but I had never heard of Calphalon.  I picked it up because it was heavy and was a well-made quality block.  I paid $4.99 for it, and it sold for a total of $59.40 to a buyer in Virginia.

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3rd placeThird place goes to these Creative Memories scrapbook pages.  We found these at a garage sale towards the end of the morning and not very much left.  While I was immediately attracted to a few mugs at one table (see 1st place winner), DH was perusing the other table.  

I heard DH mention Creative Memories so I went over.  There were 4 packs of scrapbook pages, brand new, still sealed.  The seller said someone had purchased the albums but left the pages.  I knew albums would sell, but I wasn’t sure of the pages.  My first reaction was to just leave them behind; but when she said she wanted 25-cents for each, I grabbed them.  Little did I know these would sell for $20 each!  These particular pages are discontinued, and buyers with the older style albums are willing pay top dollar for them.  That $1 purchase turned into two sales, totaling $80.99!  Ka-ching!

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second_place1This vintage chalkware statue of Saint Rita takes 2nd place. I never realized that these old religious statues are collectibles.  I found an Etsy seller who only sells these statues and some of them sell for some pretty good money.  Since you never know what you’ll run into while thrifting or saling, keep an eye out for these and maybe add them to your BOLO list.

I remembered that I had an old statue somewhere in the dark corners of a closet gathering dust.  I’ve had it for a gazillion years, mostly out of sentimental value because it had been in my family for years.  I knew that if I kept it that it would continue to reside n the closet.  What was the point of that?  So I finally decided to sell it.  I had no idea its worth; so I pulled the starting price from the air and listed it at auction.  It sold for a total of $83.12 and went to a buyer here in California.

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first_placeAnd the winner … is this set of three Disney mugs.  I found these at the same yard sale as the Creative Memories scrapbook pages.  They just caught my eye and I was really happy when I saw they were Disney mugs, especially because I had never seen this design before.  The seller said she wanted a quarter for each!  Gosh, I love garage sales like this!  I listed them individually, and they sold within days for $35.98 each.  That’s a return of $107.94 on a 75-cent investment! Ka-ching!!

Now that’s cash for trash!

June and July are traditionally slow months, but this year they have been better than in previous years.  I’m glad August is here and looks like sales are picking up even more!  Hope you’ve had a great summer so far and doing well with your online sales.

Happy thrifting and saling!


  1. Fantastic as always! Did you list all these items as auctions? I've been listing all my stuff with BINS. When they sell fast, I worry that I priced my items too low. When they don't sell or get any views/watchers, I mark them down because I like to see activity. My auction items rarely get more than one bid.

  2. Awesome sales! Love those Disney scores. In case you're interested, I post recent sales on Mondays on my blog. Here is a link to today's post.

  3. WOW!! Love those fabulous finds-n-flips! WHERE IN THE WORLD can you get that kind of a return on your $1??????? Nowhere but what we do on ebay! Buy low, sell high! Always love to see what you've sold! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Good to know about the creative memories album inserts. I have a whole bunch of new scrapbooking supplies from when I used to scrapbook years and years ago, including the album pages. Was just thinking about going through everything and selling it.

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else