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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cash for Trash: July Winners

Wow, two posts in one week!  I think I’m on a roll … LOL.  Here are my highlights for July.
6190 (1)
I bought several large pieces of this Franciscan Apple design at a garage sale for only $1 each.  This was a newer piece made in Portugal, but some of the vintage pieces in this design made in the USA can sell for some good money.  It sold for $38.49 and went to a buyer in Florida.  Net margin = 51%
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Illustration of a fourth place ribbon
I originally bought this at the GW for our own personal use.  It was reasonably priced at $5 and in nice clean condition so I brought it home.  It sat on the counter for awhile, and I never bothered to learn how to use it.  Then one day I ran across this post from Frank over at Fruzies blog.  It was the exact same espresso maker in black; and he’d sold it for $49!  Hmmm, this machine may not be making any coffee, but it may make me a nice chunk of change.  It sold within 3 weeks for $49 to a buyer in Indiana.  Thanks, Frank! Net margin = 40%
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Illustration of a third place ribbon
I bought this incomplete dinnerware set of 20 pieces at the GW for $12.99.  These pieces were made in England and are just beautiful.  They were also brown transferware, which is collectible.  I listed the 6 dinner plates at $12 each (plus shipping) in one listing.  Four plates sold right away to a buyer in New Hampshire for a total of $64.90.  The last 2 plates also sold recently to a buyer in Oklahoma who paid a total of $35.74. Total paid for all 6 dinner plates is $100.94.  Net margin = 58%
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If you haven’t already, be sure to add Griswold cast iron on your BOLO list.  I purchased this at an estate sale.  I purchased both this 10” skillet and an Emeril Lagasse skillet for $18.  I knew the lidded Griswold skillet would fetch a good price, but wasn’t so sure about Emeril’s.  Turns out that used Emeril skillets don’t fetch much more than $10-$15, so I kept it for personal use.  The Griswold skillet with lid sold for a total of $80.95 to a buyer in Alabama.  Net margin = 60%
6519 (1)
I purchased this Christmas village building early this year for only $2.39 at the SA half-price sale.  It was Dept 56 and I knew it would be a good seller; but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep it or sell it.  I finally decided to list it when I saw how much $$ this could fetch.  I listed it in July – the middle of summer – thinking it would sit in my store for a couple of months.  It sold within 6 days for a total of $85.42 to a buyer in Pennsylvania.  Christmas sells year round, even in the summer!  Net margin = 68%
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This is another DH find from a garage sale.  This tool set was brand new, never used, and we paid $10 for it.  We weren’t sure how much it would re-sell for but DH decided to take a chance.  Of course, I’m thinking $100-plus; but the original price was $79, although I think it’s no longer available in stores.  I put it up for action with a starting price of $75 plus shipping.  It ended up selling for a total of $96.00 to a buyer in Illinois. Net margin = 75%
Now that’s cash for trash!


  1. I just found your blog and that is amazing how you are able to make a good profit. I have a few things that I could sell and my husband has some older toys. He doesn't have any luck at toy shows. How do you sell on eBay? I've checked into it, but I don't understand it. Sounds too complicated between auction pricing and set prices. Could you possibly explain it in simplier terms? :) Thanks!

  2. what a haul! yay! on the resale!

  3. Talk about volume selling-nice job on those scores. You're hitting home runs on almost everything!
    I've seen that coffee maker thing occasionally at GW too....gonna have to buy it next time.

    Awesome flips, I am jealous!...... Dude! @ http://www.moneyinthegarage.com/

  4. Great info...especially about the Krups espresso maker :). We have also had some nice Meakin sales this past year, and I will be adding the skillet info to my list.

    Thanks for the mention and for the helpful information.

  5. Wowsers! Those are great profits. I posted a few recent sales on my blog yesterday http://craycrayforebay.blogspot.com/2013/09/money-monday.html

    I just read your other post on margins, and now I'm going to go back and figure that out for those items :)

  6. Great finds!

    Lisa @ happy girl thrift