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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Selling on eBay: How to See Final Price on Best Offer Items

Hope everyone had a fun-filled and safe 4th of July holiday!  We spent the day with family and friends at Veterans Park, a beautiful & relaxing park right on the ocean and adjacent to the pier in Redondo Beach.  Then we came home just in time for the fireworks show at our city park.  

Anyway, I was so excited about my new “discovery” that I just had to do a quick post to share it with you!

It’s been some time now since eBay disabled our ability to see the final price on “best offer” sales.  And for awhile several months ago, I was still able to see the final price if I searched on eBay.ca, which is the Canada site.  However, it’s also been disabled on all eBay sites.

I was doing some research today on a pair of Sergio Valente jeans I want to list, and I found the exact same pair in the “sold” listings.  But, darn it, it was a “best offer” sale.  I really wanted to know how much the jeans sold for, so I did a Google search on how to find out.  After surfing around, I found this great site.

Here is the original listing on the Sergio Valente jeans:

Fullscreen capture 772013 41519 PM.bmp

You can see that the jeans were originally listed for $39.99, and the buyer accepted a best offer.  But for how much?  The answer is …

Fullscreen capture 772013 41557 PM.bmp

… $15.00 plus shipping!  Ok, not exactly the price I was hoping for, but just knowing how much is priceless!

I’m sure you are now sitting on the edge of your seat, anxiously waiting to know what this great site is.  Well, I’m going to tell you …

Fullscreen capture 772013 42216 PM.bmp

You can look up the Best Offer Sold-For Price on completed eBay BIN items on WatchCount.com. Just copy-paste the eBay listing # into the homepage search box, and you can view the item info – including the actual Best Offer selling price.

UPDATE 2018: WatchCount.com has disabled the Best Offer tool and it is no longer available.  However, I have found another site that gives you the same info from FlipperTools.com

So that’s my tip for today!  Hope you all are having a great weekend … and be sure to come back for another Cash for Trash post.

Happy thrifting and saling!


  1. I can still see the best offer if I go on Ebay.it

  2. excellent...Thanks! i dont understand what the big secret is wiith best offers though

  3. That's a great tip;)

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this! I was sooo ticked that we couldn't do the ebay.ca trick to see the accepted best offer price!

  5. Thank you for sharing this site. It was frustrating to research and try to figure out how to price something fairly and then run into the hidden best offer. This is a great tool!

  6. Hi there! I just found you, and I enjoy reading about all of your finds and sales. I have a bunch of clothes that I thought about putting on eBay, but I have no idea what to do and where to start. Do I set a price or do an auction-thing? Do you have any tips on how to get the ball rolling on eBay-selling? Thanks for any insight you can provide!

  7. The best/easiest way I've found is to just hit the print button on the listing and it tells you. It's to the right of the listing info.

  8. Thanks a ton for the info!! Extremely helpful!!

  9. Thanks for the extremely helpful information!!!!

  10. Thanks, good tips! I use Wuanto too. Is a tool to find the Most Popular items on Ebay like Watchcount. Regards.

  11. Very Good tip! I use Wuanto to find the most popular items.

  12. Awesome!! Thank you a lot! Regards