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Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day … I’m Back with Cash for Trash!

I hope that 2013 has been treating you all well!  It’s been a busy year, and I can’t believe that almost half the year has gone by.  Yes, I am guilty of being AWOP - Absent Without Posting –  but I’m happy to be back. There’s been a few changes in my eBay business, but the biggest one is that jeans are now my main product. 

5360 (2)5361-2

The year started with business as usual; but in February a couple things happened to change that.  First, DS#1 cleaned out his closet and gave me a couple of bags of clothes for the thrift store.  Typical mom, I went through them first and pulled out these two Levi’s jeans.  I figured I could sell them on eBay for a few dollars.  WELL, they sold right away for a total of $91! Ka-ching!

Another thing that happened was that I stumbled upon an eBay seller who was making $$ selling jeans – only jeans.  I was able to see her sold listings for the previous 3 months and discovered she was selling about 1,000 jeans a month! If her net profit per pair was $3-$5, she was clearing $3000-$5000 per month.   And she was not just selling the “big buck” brands, but also the “regular” brand jeans.  She had about 3,000 jeans listed in her store. Wow!

5424 (1)

NEW Chip and Pepper Sunnybrook Ultra Flare Flap Jeans – Sold $29.99

This was an eye-opener for me since I was not familiar with jeans and never bothered with them.  But I realized you don’t have to just sell those expensive designer jeans to make money.

5365 (1)

Levi's 501 BUTTON FLY STRAIGHT LEG Men's Jeans Size 34 X 29 – Sold $30

My local SA thrift store sells jeans for $2 on rag days … and if I buy 100, they are only $1 each.  I don’t  have any intention of listing 3,000 jeans, but one of my goals for 2013 is to increase the number of items in my store to 800-1,000 items.  So with this in mind, one day I went to the SA and bought the 100 jeans for $1 each.

I talked to DH about this and he agreed to help with the “project”.  He photographs and measures; and I do the rest.  I really thought I’d be able to list 75-100 items a week, but that’s a lot easier said than done – even with hubby’s help.  

So far I have listed almost 400 jeans since February and sold a few thousand $ worth of jeans.  We’re certainly keeping busy! 

I’ve also been trying to get out to yard sales every Saturday.  I don’t want to limit myself to selling just jeans and I’ve been able to pick up a few other things. Here are a few of my better sales:

5141 (2)


I bought this Tommy Bahama shirt at a garage sale.  Once home I discovered it had a stain, but this shirt was definitely worth taking to the cleaners.  It took awhile, but it finally sold for $65.00.

5297 (1)

Pottery Barn Silver Antique Mercury Glass 13" Large Pillar Candle Holders PAIR – Paid $5.39 – Sold $44.38

This pair of candle holders caught my eye at the GW when another customer picked them up and then put them back.  I quickly picked them up and saw they were Pottery Barn so they came home with me.  Once home, I discovered they had moisture in them and some of the mercury was missing.  Darn it!  I paid over $5 so I didn’t want to just get rid of them, but would anyone buy them?  They sure would!  After all, they were Pottery Barn.

5788 (1)

American Spirit Compatible Laser Black Toner Cartridge 2100 HP-96A C4906A NEW – Paid $0.50 – Sold $29.99

Found this toner cartridge at a yard sale.  Actually, I saw an original new and sealed Hewlett-Packard cartridge first.  When the seller said fifty-cents, I jumped at it.  Then she said she had another one in the house and I told her I’d take it too.  I was a little disappointed when she returned and it was not an HP brand, but it was also only fifty-cents.  This one sold pretty quickly with a very nice profit.  The HP cartridge is still listed at $79.99, but I may drop the price a little.  Better to have money in my pocket than it sitting in the closet.

5867 (1)

DR DOC MARTENS Black Leather Mary Janes UK 6 US 8 EU 39 BLACK MINT EUC – Paid $3 – Sold $69.98

Bought these shoes at a garage sale and the seller told me she was asking $3 for them “because they were almost like new, worn only once”. Wow, $3 – I’ll take them.  Sold for $69.98 – Ka-ching!

5438 (1)

NEW Looney Tunes TASMANIAN DEVIL Collectible Cookie Jar 1993 NIB NRFB – Paid $5 – Sold $49.99

I found this brand new cookie jar at an estate sale.  I really try to stay away from these types of items to resell because of the shipping.  But it was still in its original packing so it wasn’t too bad to package.  It sold faster than I expected and I was happy for the sale.

I certainly hope 2013 has been good to you and your sales have been jumping.  So far, my sales are better than they’ve been the past 2 years for the same time period. 

I’m also happy with the new price structure for eBay stores.  I’m still cautious because eBay doesn’t do anything unless it benefits eBay.  It seems to benefit the majority of sellers but sellers without stores seem to be the more adversely affected.

Although I haven’t been posting, I’ve been keeping up with your blogs and the Facebook groups I belong to so I haven’t really been missing in action.  Thank you for not abandoning me and I do hope to keep blogging on a more regular basis, maybe posting once a week.

Wishing All Mom’s a Wonderful Mother’s Day


  1. hmmmm jeans. ill have to try that....its a good thought. what do you mean by measurements? the inseam? i have a pair of true religion jeans that ive been procrastinating on (i hate selling clothes) but i know they are decent money :D

  2. Thanks for your informative post. It's interesting to see what sells and for how much! You are very lucky you have a husband who helps you with this.

  3. Welcome back! I've missed your posts!

  4. Jeans often look so similar. How do you store them/keep track of them all? If I had that many listed I would be worried that I would accidentally ship the wrong pair, or that it would take half the day to locate the right pair. :-)

  5. So glad you are back!!! :)

    Please don't leave me again. :)

  6. YES YES YES we've missed you!! But glad you are back! I was checking out your store just the other day and saw all of your jeans!! WOW!! You are one AMBITIOUS chic! I have up only a little over 100 items - need to get more motivated, but still can't complain! Good research on the jeans! Oh - another thing to keep your eyes open for (just saw 2 of these sell for $300+ this week!!!) Arrow Chevelle shadow plaid shirts (search for them on Ebay - the sold ones!). I'm on a mission to find at LEAST one! Anyways, glad you are back! Always love to see/hear what you're selling!

  7. Susie Q: Wow! Thanks for the heads up on the Arrow Chevella plaid shirts. These are better than the Pendleton shirts.

  8. Love your blog. Can you share the ID of the ebay seller that sells just jeans that was your inspiration? I would love to study their listings.