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Friday, May 24, 2013

Cash for Trash: Pendleton and Western Shirts

Sales have been lukewarm but steady this month.  I’ve had just over 100 sales so far and looks like I’m not going to reach my monthly sales goal this month.  I’m sure it’s because I haven’t been listing much.  Ya’ll know, the more you list, the more you sell.

But I did have some great sales with these western and flannel shirts I found at garage sales for only $1 each.  These were all auction-style listings.

5999 (1)

PENDLETON Virgin Wool Board Shirt RED PLAID Loop Collar USA MADE XL TALL – Paid $1 @ GS – Sold $33.00

6000 (1)

PENDLETON Virgin Wool Board Shirt BLUE & RED PLAID Loop Collar USA MADE 2X TALL – Paid $1 @ GS – Sold $37.99

I always pick up Pendleton shirts when I find them, but you really have to check for holes in the wool fabric.  These 2 Pendleton shirts were in great condition and were both a tall-and-big size.  Too bad they weren’t vintage cuz those can bring in over $100! 

Click here for more information on Pendleton shirts.  Includes pictures of labels by age so you can identify those vintage shirts.

6007 (1)

Panhandle Slim Retro Western Shirt White w/ Brown Trim Turquoise-Button-Snap XL – paid $1 @ GS – sold $29.99

5442 (2)

Vintage WRANGLER Western Southwestern Navajo Button Shirt Men's XL 17-17.5 NEW – Paid $1 @ GS – Sold $19.98

I also pick up most western shirts when I run across them because I know they’re a sure sale.  I was really hoping the vintage Wrangler shirt would bring in a little more as it was brand new; but I’m thinking maybe the pink color was not so hot.

Well, I would say a return of $120.96 on a $4 investment ain’t chicken feed!  So keep your eyes open for flannel and western shirts when you’re out thrifting or saling.

Speaking of western flannel shirts, here’s a great BOLO tip from Suzie Q., who left a comment about Arrow Chevella shadow plaid shirts.


VTG 50s Arrow Chevella Shadow Plaid Flannel Shirt Medium Rayon Red Black MINT

This vintage flannel shirt sold for over $350!!  I just did a search of sold Arrow Chevella plaid shirts, and there are about ten that sold for over $200.  Check out the sold listings here.

Now that’s Cash for Trash!


  1. I am on a mission to find at least ONE of those Arrow Chevella shirts - since a number of them were sold by sellers in my area!! Gonna have to check out the Western shirts - I see them often - just didn't know how well they went.

    AGREE! Pendleton is a sure sell - the mens wool shirts. Even the ladies items are a good sell - that stuff is pricey.

    Glad you are back - always love seeing what you've been finding & flipping!

  2. Thanks for your blog! I bought a set of Hair curlers the other day at a garage sale for $1 and sold them for $25 including shipping... So I made about $15 on them. Not too bad! Check out my store... I specialize in Children's Wear and anything Disney. http://stores.ebay.com/Mommies-Little-Secret

    I started out just wanting to make $250 a month to cover my daughter's preschool tuition. Needless to say I am hooked! And bringing in more then $250 a month! Yea! I just opened a mid level store. I love reading your blog to check out other items that I should be looking for to sell! Thanks!