I'm a diehard thrifter and garage sale addict! I love the thrill of the hunt! And I love making CASH from trash so I also resell on eBay and Etsy. I share my successes to inspire you ... and my failures so you learn from my mistakes. Please join me on this wild and crazy ride of making cash from trash!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cash for Trash: The Best and The Worst of 2013

My last post for 2013 and I have to share this great flip with you.  It’d been pretty quiet on the online selling scene, with a small sale here and there.  So, imagine how jazzed I was to make this sale just before the end of 2013:

DH and I were at the GW a few months ago where his eagle eye spotted this jacket in a rack of clothes they had just brought out.  It was brand new with the tag still attached.  I didn't recognize the brand but could tell it was an expensive jacket and was only $9.99!  When we got home, we got really excited when we discovered these jackets retail for between $600-$700-plus! 

However, our parka did not have the hood, so DH contacted the company about buying a hood.  After a few of emails back and forth with no final response – and several months later – I finally decided to list the jacket without the hood.  I listed it just before Christmas and it sold 2 days before the year-end for $300, plus shipping!  Ka-ching!!!  Money in the closet!

The following round out my top 5 sales for 2013:

6521 (1)

Griswold #8 Skillet With Cover or Lid Cast Iron 704 – PAID $9 – SOLD $81

6089 (1)

TWO New York Central Railroad NYCS Vintage Pump Oil Can 28" Tall with 21" Spout – PAID $5 – SOLD $115

6690 (1)

Lego Sports Basketball 3433 The Ultimate NBA Arena Complete Unopened Bags UNUSED – PAID $5 – SOLD $245

6592 (1)

Vintage Antique Grandmother's Flower Garden Feedsack Quilt 72 x 88 Hand Quilted – PAID $6 – SOLD $267

Just so you don’t think everything I sell is golden, here is my worst sale – and costliest mistake – ever selling online.  I was going to keep this to myself, but – what the heck – we’re among friends, aren’t we? LOL, you live and learn …

5954 (2)


Back in April, DH bought this stroller for $15 at a GS to haul his equipment when he goes on photo shoots.  When we got it home, he discovered it didn’t quite meet his needs so we decided to sell it. 

DH contacted the company; and after a nice chat with the rep, he told me this was a special-needs stroller.  Even so, I decided to do my own research and spent quite a bit of time making sure I had the correct information.  Here is what the Kool-Stride Special Needs stroller looks like:


It looks similar, don’t you think?  So that’s how I listed it with a Buy It Now price of $345.00.  We were thrilled when it sold within 24 hours!  The buyer was so excited to buy it and sent me a very nice message.

We found a nearby bike shop that had a box we could have. And we were able to pack and ship the bike in less than 24 hours.  Shipping cost $47 via FedEx.  So far so good …

Imagine my dismay when I got that much-dreaded message “Item not as described” and informing me that a case had been opened.  The buyer said the stroller was not for special-needs and that her adult daughter did not fit in it.  What?! 

So, before I contacted her, I decided to call the company myself – which I should have done in the first place.  I gave the rep the model number and he confirmed that it was NOT the special needs stroller.  My heart sank … I felt terrible.  That was a lot of money and I would be upset if I was the buyer.

So I called the buyer and explained what happened, apologizing profusely.  She was in fact rather understanding. She said she, too, looked into it before paying and also thought it was a special needs stroller.  She agreed to return the stroller for a full refund.

At this point, I’m out the $47 shipping cost plus the $15 cost of the stroller, plus eBay/PayPal fees of about $33 – a total of $95.  If the buyer returns the item, I am out another $50, if not more.  So now I’m looking at a loss of about $130 (less COGS).  What to do?

After doing some research and assessing the situation, DH and I decided it was not cost effective to pay for return shipping.  We asked the buyer to donate it to a worthy cause; and a few days later, I received a very nice email from a non-profit organization that works with women and children in need.

My mistake was not getting the model no. and calling the company myself.  The strollers all look very similar, with very slight differences; and I should not have depended upon the pictures and information from the Internet.  In the end, I was out of pocket $85 (COGS, shipping, and fees).  Ouch!  Lesson learned … and one that I won’t forget!

So that’s the best and worst of my 2013, and looking forward to a great 2014!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Selling on Craigslist … I’m lovin’ it!

Last year, I finally took the plunge and jumped into selling on Craigslist; and it was all thanks to this Kent Coffey dresser.  Read about it here.


I sold 7 items last year on CL over a period of about 30 days (most of November).  Two items were my own personal items, and the rest were purchased for resale.  My investment was $85 and my sales total was $560!  Cash in hand, no shipping, no transporting!  No fees!!! All it took was a few minutes for each listing and a few text messages … 

Easy, peasy.  Sure, I had a few no-shows, but it was not a big problem. And, to my surprise, I actually enjoyed meeting the buyers and hearing their stories.

I bought these 3 items during the summer but put them on the back burner where they were taking up space in my home and garage.  I guess you can’t sell it if you don’t list it. 

6925 (1)

Toddler Oak Bed with Side Rails and Simmons Mattress

First to go was this toddler bed that I bought at a garage sale in January for $25, I thought I had a big score, but a search on CL told me these don’t sell for much more than I paid.

I listed it with an asking price of $50 or BO.  Just come and take it, please!  Within a few days, I had a buyer who paid my full asking price. Yea!

6663 (1)

Kidkraft White Train Table & 2 Trundle Combo with Train Set

I have to thank Dude @ Money In The Garage for this one.  If it weren’t for the great info he has on train tables, I probably would have passed this up.  

I found this one at a yard sale in July and paid $25 for it.  Not only was it in good condition, but it also included the train set and the two drawers on casters. 

At first I thought I would sell the train set separately; but after reading the posts from Dude @ Money In The Garage, I knew I’d be better off selling it all together.  I listed it for $150 with BO.  A couple of weeks went by with a couple of contacts, but no serious buyers.  FINALLY – 2 days before Christmas – I sold it for a best offer of $100  to the parents of a little girl who loved playing with the train set at the library and this was her Christmas gift.

6419 (4)
6419 (9)

Little Tikes Medieval Classic Castle Playhouse with Slide

After selling the last two items and clearing them out of my garage & home, I was really anxious to get rid of sell this castle.  We bought this in March for $20 at a garage sale.  We disassembled it to bring it home but gave up on ever putting it together for pictures.  So I took pictures of it as it sat in my garage, plus a “sample” picture.

I was surprised to see this castle sells for $400 brand new from Little Tikes.  Similar ones on CL were selling for between $100-$200, depending on condition.  Knowing my pictures were not the best and wanting a quick sale, I listed mine for $95. It sold it within 2 days to a young mom who said her little boy’s birthday was in 2 weeks and she was so excited to get this.

I had also printed up assembling instructions from the Internet, which showed that it originally had a blue door.  Unfortunately, because we never assembled it, I never realized that it was missing two very important pieces: the blue door and a crucial piece for the look-out tower.  I felt so bad because I knew she had driven a long way (about an hour’s drive) and this was not what she expected.

In the end, we worked it out.  She said her son wanted a “Batman” cave so she said she could make a curtain for the door and she would make a shelf out of wood for the look-out tower.  So, she paid $50 and got the castle for her son at a great price.  I ended up with cash in my pocket and more space in my garage!

These items sold within 3 weeks, and I ended up with quick cash of $200.  I wanted a quick sales so my items were “priced to sell”.  Still, I made an extra $130.  Not only did I clean out my garage, but folks actually paid me to do it!  All from the comfort of my own home.  Gotta love it!  

Now that's Cash for Trash!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Cash for Trash: Christmas Sales

Hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Christmas with family and friends.  We had a very nice – albeit quiet – Christmas holiday.  We celebrated with our two sons and are thankful to have each other.  We are also thankful for our blessings: a roof over our heads, food on our table, and good health – but most of all the love of family and friends.

Hope your December sales have been rocking!  I decided that for this month, I would not do any product sourcing and no marathon listing sessions.  I wanted to focus on birthday and holiday celebrations and all the work activity they bring.

Instead, I concentrated on catching up on listing items I’d already bought.  My goal was to have everything listed by end of the year; and so far, so good!

5286 (1)

Lenox BUTTERFLY MEADOW Honey Pot with Lid and Wood Spoon

I bought this at the GW in January for $4.99.  Sold it for $45 to a buyer in New Hampshire.  Glad to see it go!

6859 (2)

Tommy Bahama Silk Shirt Mens L Black Swingers Choice Paradise Casino Embroidered

Another Tommy Bahama shirt I picked up at a garage sale for $5.  Sold it for $49.99 to a buyer in California.

6940 (1)

Brooks Brothers Wool Cashmere Mens 48 Reg Navy Blue Blazer Sports Coat Jacket

6953 (1)

Men's Cashmere Trench Over Coat by Cricketeer Mens 52L Woven in Italy

In 2012, I read this post from Suzanne @ The eBay Coach about selling men’s sports coats and thought I’d give it a try.  I promptly bought a dozen from the thrift stores, paying between $1-$5 each. Well, they’ve been hanging around (literally) for over a year, and I finally got around to listing them earlier this month.  I quickly sold 6 of them, with this Brooks Brothers cashmere blazer and Cricketeer cashmere coat selling for the most: $59.95 and $64.98 ($124.98).  Not bad for an investment of $7.50. 

After looking at them for over a year, I’ve reached a point where I just want to move them out. So I have most listed for $22.99 to $24.99 and $44.99 (all FS) with a Best Offer option.  Even so, I’m thinking that I’ll keep men’s cashmere blazers on my BOLO list.

6696 (3)

Polaroid Sun 600 LMS Light Management System Tested and Working Made in USA

I knew Polaroid cameras are good sellers and was happy to find this one at a yard sale.  I saw a little boy playing around with this camera and almost ran over to grab it from him (ok, not really, but ...).  His mom is telling him to leave it because it probably doesn’t work. He continues playing with it when, lo and behold, he figures out how to work it and takes a picture!  He excitedly runs over to his mom to tell her it works. So, I assumed they would buy the camera.  I finally go check out and there on a table is THE camera.  I add it to my pile and end up paying $2 for it.  It sold for $61.36 to a buyer in Texas.  Ka-ching!

I’m taking the time between Christmas and New Year’s day to do some bookkeeping and analyzing my sales for the past year.  I’ve been working on my goals for the new year and am looking forward to better sales in 2014! 

Now that’s cash for trash!

Friday, December 13, 2013

$6,300 for Christmas Lights? Really?!

$_57 (1)

GE Mazda Christmas Tree Lamps

I couldn’t believe it when I saw these vintage Christmas lights sold for over $6,000! 

$_57 (2)

I’d never heard of Mazda Christmas lights, but it seems that vintage General Electric lights are very good sellers.  Not sure why this particular listing sold for so much.  The listing is very plain and simple:

General electric Mazda Christmas tree lamps. Lamps oval-shaped on continuous string with four prong adapters. In great condition, gently used vintage pieces. Six original papers from general electric for wrapping strands.

Click on the screen capture below to see the listing and click here to see sold listings.

Fullscreen capture 12152013 103020 AM.bmp

I’ve been to estate sales where the sellers can’t get rid of their vintage Christmas items.  I will usually give it a passing glance and MAY pick up an item or two.  Have any of you heard of these lights and do you know what makes them so special?

That set of G.E. Mazda light's sold for alot not because it is a Mazda, but because of the style of the bulb.  They were made in the 30's and were an experimental product by G.E. and there are only about 3 sets known to have survived.


Speaking of Christmas lights, Sunday DH and I went to the Mission Inn in Riverside, CA for their Festival of Lights.  What a spectacular display!  The Inn is festooned from top to bottom in millions of lights.  It is absolutely beautiful!  Really puts you in the Christmas spirit.

Our neighbors have been putting up their lights since before Thanksgiving, and our neighborhood is beginning to look like Christmas.  DH has some wonderful qualities but putting up Christmas lights always requires a little nagging arm twisting cajoling and maybe some bribing … LOL  Maybe this weekend we’ll have our lights up... 

Happy holidays to everyone!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cash for Trash: November Winners

Vintage Antique Wooden Thorens Music Box Hummel Picture Plays Edelweiss

When I first saw this music box at the GW, I thought it was just a regular trinket box.  Thinking it was not worth much, I walked by it a couple of times.  However, the little guy on the top finally got my attention so I picked it up.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered it was a music box.  I was not at all familiar with the brand, but at $2.69 I decided to bring it home.  I did some research and was happy to see that some of these music boxes can bring in some big bucks.  This one sold for $40 to a buyer in Florida.  Net margin = 64%

6789 (1)

PYREX Gooseberry Yellow Cinderella Mixing Bowls 442 443 444 Vintage Set of 3

Illustration of a fourth place ribbon
I picked up this set of Pyrex bowls at a garage sale.  The owners were downsizing and had already sold their home so their prices were pretty reasonable.  As much as I say I am not a big fan of shipping large breakables, I keep buying these items.  At $3 for the set, I just couldn’t pass it up.  I originally planned to sell the bowls individually; but after doing some research, I decided I’d be better off selling the set.  Sold it for $46.99 to a buyer in Arizona.  Net margin = 55%

I thought packing and shipping the set of bowls would be problem, but I wrapped each bowl with bubble wrap then taped the bowls together.  I then wrapped the stack in cardboard FOMO-style which I then put into a box and added peanuts. I know the bowls have been delivered and I haven’t heard from the buyer, so am assuming they arrived safe and sound.

6848 (2)


6851 (1)

Christmas Black Sweater Holiday Editions Womens XL Santa Reindeer Beads NEW

Illustration of a third place ribbonSo far, these are the only two Christmas sweaters I’ve sold this year.  I bought the men’s moose sweater at the SA for $3.  I didn’t even notice at the time that it had a little music box attached to it.  It sold for $49.94.

I found the black Christmas sweater with two others at the GW.  They were brand new with tags so I was surprised they were only $5.39 each.  I sold this one for $31.98.  Total paid for both sweaters was $8.59 and total sales was $81.92.  Net margin = 61%

Right now I have 3 Christmas sweaters in my store; and these 2 sales make five total I bought for the year.  Last year I bought and sold 10 times as many.  Are Ugly Christmas sweaters still good sellers for you?

6958 (2)

Tommy Bahama Silk Shirt Men's Large Summer of 1999 Island Jazz Music Embroidered

I was doing a happy dance when I found this Tommy Bahama shirt at a garage sale in a large pile of clothes dumped in the driveway.  I ask the seller how much and he says $3.  Then he says there are more and wanted to know if I’d seen them.  Holy moly, I went through that pile of clothes like gangbusters.  In total I found 5 embroidered and 2 plain TB shirts – all at $3 each.  Score!  I sold this one for $49.99 to a buyer in Florida.  Net margin = 67%

6621 (1)

Vintage 1998 Laurel Burch Tall Latte Mug Cup Jungle Cat Group Lion Leopard Tiger

first_placeBe sure to add Laurel Burch to your BOLO list.  I first wrote about Laurel Burch in 2010 in this post.  She was a popular artist and designer who passed away in 2007.  Pretty much anything made by her is a good seller but vintage items made prior to her death bring in the highest bucks.  I paid $1.79 for this mug from the GW and sold it for $74.99 to a buyer in Minnesota.  Net margin = 74%

6690 (1)

Lego Sports Basketball 3433 The Ultimate NBA Arena Complete Unopened Bags UNUSED

Grand prize award goes to this Lego basketball set.  I found this at a garage sale that had already been going on for a couple of hours.  There were quite a few people looking around but no one was paying attention to this Lego set.  I saw that the pieces were brand new, still sealed, and I had to mask my surprise when the seller asked $5 for it!  I ended up selling it to a buyer in New Jersey for $245.00! Ka-ching!

There’s a little side story to this item.  It first sold to a buyer from Italy; and I noticed I had mistakenly set international shipping at $14.00 for first class shipping.  Yikes! Had he paid for the item, I would have sent it to him.  Good thing he didn’t …

He first sent me a message asking if I could give him a better price, and then asked me to fib about the price on the customs form.  Red flags!  At this point, I was anxious to have him go away so I sent a message telling him shipping was $55 and perhaps it’d be best if I cancelled the transaction – which I did.  Unfortunately, he denied the request.

So I waited for his payment … and waited …. and waited.  To make matters worse, I could not open a UPI case because my request to cancel the transaction was denied!  So I called eBay and was told to send him another message and to wait another few days.  I got tired of waiting so I relisted the item and it sold within days.  I finally did get my FV fees after contacting eBay again, but it should have been easier. Lesson learned:  I required immediate payment when I relisted it.

Now that’s cash for trash!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cash for Trash: October Winners

It just hit me like a knock on the head that tomorrow is December 1.  I’ve been so busy with the holiday, family, and eBay that one day just morphed into another with the blink of an eye.  And, since I’m on a roll with posting, I thought I’d do one last post for November.

I was thrilled that, without too much effort on my part, October turned out to be my second highest month of the year with over 150 sales.  I love the last quarter of the year!  Here are my top sellers:

6361 (1)


Award_-_Honorable_mentionI found this gorgeous teapot at a garage sale that had lots of children’s clothing and toys, but one table had some housewares.  I picked this one up and another teapot for $1 each.  Sold it in 4 months for $39.99 to a buyer in Florida.  Net margin = 55%

6694 (1)

Vintage 8 Pipe Wood Rack with Humidor Estate Tobacco Smoking

This was another garage sale find.  This garage sale was on its second run, and the owners had already moved out-of-state. Their adult children were selling the leftovers and were at a point where they just wanted to get rid of what was left.  

I had picked up a few clothing items for a quarter, and I was taking one last look when I spotted this in the garage.  It was grimy and tatty-looking so the “kids” let me have it for a buck.  I cleaned it up with a bit of Minwax and it cleaned up beautifully.  Sold it for $40.55 to another buyer in Florida. Net margin = 48%

6693 (1)

Hasbro Teal Easy Bake Oven & Snack Center w/ Acc. Plus Frosting Set & Mixes

Illustration of a fourth place ribbonI will usually pick up these little Easy Bake ovens when I run across them and can get them for under $5.  I found this one at a huge garage sale and paid $3 for it.  It also came with a few extras which was a great selling point.  Sold it for $51.29 to a buyer in Arizona.  Net margin = 59%

Chantal Fire & Ice Fondue Set Glass Base Blue Enamel Pot Vintage 1980s MIB

Illustration of a third place ribbon
If I spot a closed box in a thrift store aisle, you know I have to open it.  I read somewhere in blogland that vintage fondue sets can be good sellers, but at $5.99 I wasn’t sure about buying it.  But it felt like good quality and it was new in its original box, so I brought it home.  It sold for $53.62 within 2 months to a buyer in Texas.  Net margin = 51%

5791 (1)

TIARA Halloween Fall Black SWEATER CARDIGAN Misses XL Pumpkins Ghosts Zip Front

I bought this Halloween sweater for $1 from the SA and it has been in my store since February.  It FINALLY sold for $53.99 to a buyer from Canada.  I didn’t pick up any Christmas sweaters throughout the year as in previous years.  I just didn’t run across them as often; and when I did, they were priced from $10-$15 at the thrift stores, especially Goodwill and Savers. Oh, well, so much for Goodwill haunting!

4876 (1)

Eileen Fisher Women's Dark Blue Navy Elastic Waist Stretch Pants Petite Sz PS

5447 (1)

EILEEN FISHER Off-White Silk Georgette Crepe Scoop Neck Tank Top Plus Sz 2X NEW

First place goes to these two Eileen Fisher items.  Eileen Fisher is always a top seller but it’s not always a fast one.  I purchased the pants last year at a garage sale for $1 and finally sold them for $39.99, after dropping the price multiple times.  

I bought the blouse at the SA in February for $1.  It was brand new with its original price tag, and I originally listed it at $125.  It finally sold for $79.99.  My investment for both items was $2 and total sales for both was $119.98.  Ka-ching! Net margin = 80%


Magic MTG Cards Lot Scalding Tarn x4 4 Zendikar RARE Dual Lands Land Duel – Sold for $175


Misty Rainforest x3 Zendikar Near Mint Magic the Gathering MTG – sold $120

These Magic The Gathering cards belonged to DS#1 and had been in the garage for a few years.  I think he’s had these cards since he was in high school – about 10 years now – so I would have thought these were old and no good.  But there are still a lot of gamers out there who pay top dollar for specific cards.  DS stored these in protective sleeves, and they were in mint condition.  Total sales was $295!  He sold a few other cards but not for anywhere near these.

Now That’s Cash for Trash