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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thrift Treasures: Remington Hot Rollers


Went to my favorite GW store this morning.  This GW is about a 30-minute drive from my home so I don’t get to it often.  But it’s in a really nice community and always has some GREAT stuff so it’s worth the trip.

I was thrilled when I found this Remington Tight Curls Hot Setter for only $5.49. I knew about this great seller but had never run across  one before.  A brand new one with box and clips can go for about $90 to over $100.  This one has no box and no clips, but still fetch some pretty good $$.

Remington Tight Curls Hairsetter Completes


I also found this vintage Clairesse wax curlers hairsetter at the SA.  It’s missing the mirror and clips but still in very nice condition.  I couldn’t find any info on it, but pageant moms like the vintage sets because they tend to retain their heat longer than the newer ones.

I paid a little more on this one than I would have liked.  I thought the price tag read $7.99; and with their 50%-off sale, I thought I paid $4.00.  Not until I got home did I realize the tag read $17.99 so I ended up paying $8.99.  I’m hoping I can get between $40-$50 for it.

Clairol Wax Core Hairsetter Completes

Hope you’re having a great week with great sales!  Be sure to come back for another Cash for Trash post tomorrow!

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  1. Oh I have one of those Clairol ones I in my last bin of stuff to get listed. Im on a thrifting fast until the stuff I have been putting off gets listed. Down to one bin. You just inspired me to get those plugged in and tested. Thank you for sharing and inspiring!