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Monday, November 19, 2012

Selling on Craigslist: I’m Lovin’ It!

After 3 weeks on CL, I finally sold BOTH my items this past Saturday.  After several dead-end calls and no-shows, the right buyers came along.

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I bought this play kitchen last year (click here to read my post) with the intention of selling it on CL.  I finally got it listed because I was tired of looking at it!  At the same time I also listed it on eBay with “local pick-up” only.  

I was contacted by an eBay buyer who wanted me to ship it back East because her “3 year old just had to have it” (huh?).  It was going to cost her over $100 so she offered $45 plus shipping.  (Don’t they have play kitchens were she lives?) 

At first, I was eager to make the sale so I was willing to accommodate her – but what was I thinking?! Not only was it a hassle to find a box and pack it, but I also had to take it to the UPS Store.  All this work for less than my asking price.  Forget it!  I let her know it was not going to work out and then ended the listing.

Then, about a week after that, I had a CL buyer who was so excited  to find this that she said she would  pay my full asking price lest I sell it to someone else.  And, to boot, her dad drove over 60 RT miles to pick it up.  No shipping and no fees … how awesome is that?!

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This is another item I’ve had since last year.  I tried selling it on eBay but that was a flop (see my original post here).  I was tired of moving it from room to room so I finally posted it on CL.   I was very glad to see it go! 

While I was waiting for the buyer to pickup the play kitchen, I was contacted by a buyer who was super excited to find this toy box.  She was not going to be able to pick it up right away and wanted to make sure I didn’t sell it anyone else, so she paid for the item – sight unseen – with PayPal!

By mid-Saturday, I was $125 richer – and didn’t even have to leave my house!   I’m lovin’ Craigslist!


B-2 Northrop COFFEE MUG Stealth Bomber Grumman Aerospace Military Plane HIDES (2) – Paid $2 @ SA – Sold $18.00 @ eBay

I sold two of these mugs on eBay, and the buyer picked them up from me on Saturday.  In-between my two CL sales, I drove to my local Walgreens to meet the buyer who paid cash for the mugs.  It was a busy Saturday!

These mugs are really cool!  When you pour hot liquid into the mug, a stealth bomber will show through the clouds.  The buyer was a veteran who once worked on the B-2 bomber and said these mugs will complete his collection.

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Remington Tight Curls H21SP Pageant Blue Hot Rollers Curlers Wax Core 21 Rods – paid $5.39 @SA – sold $60.00

This last sale has nothing to do with CL or Saturday transactions; but I wanted to share this great flip.  I listed this set in my Store on Wednesday and it sold within hours.  Ka-ching!

Now that’s Cash for Trash!


  1. I prefer to sell on CL for one big reason: You receive cold hard cash that leaves no trail in and out of your PayPal account for the IRS to see. :-)

    Great blog that I enjoy reading--keep on writin'!

  2. Anonymous: Yup, I wholeheartedly agree! I was also going to mention that in my post - glad you brought it up! Thanks for the visit and comment.