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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cash for Trash Wednesday

5099 (1)

JENNIFER LOPEZ J LO Romper ONE PIECE Jumper Outfit COTTON DENIM Jumpsuit Sz LG – PAID $1 @ SA – SOLD $29.99

5098 (1)

DIANE VON FURSTENBERG DVF VINTAGE Black Cotton Aviator Overall Jumpsuit Size 10 – PAID $4 @ GW – SOLD $36.98

Jumpsuits seem to be in fashion right now (but what do I really know).  I don’t run across these often; and when I do, I will usually bring it home.  I knew these name-brand jumpsuits would be good sellers.

5095 (1)

JONES WEAR JONES NY Women's Red and Black Paisley Jersey Wrap Dress Size 12 – PAID $5 @ GW – SOLD $31.99

I always look for wrap dresses when I’m thrifting; and will buy them even if they cost a little more.  BOLO tip: if you ever find a Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress, be sure to grab it.  Those go for big bucks!

5076 (1)

CARDIGAN BAY Women's Seaside Cottage Lighthouse Hand Knitted Sweater Sz MED – PAID $5.39 @ GW – SOLD $29.99

These scenic sweaters are also good sellers.  I usually will grab the Storybook Knit brand, but this new-to-me Cardigan Bay brand didn’t do too bad.

4769 (1)

Sexy Buccaneer Wench Red Brocade Costume By Leg Avenue 83368 Size MED – PAID $2 @ GW – SOLD $22.99

This particular costume was really nice and I expected it to sell right away.  I originally listed it in August for $35 with FS.  A few weeks later, someone offered me $19 for it, which I declined.  Then, a week or so before October, I dropped the price to $25 because I realized it didn’t come with its petticoat and I didn’t want to get stuck with it.  I am really surprised it did not sell before Halloween.  I then put it in my store for $22.99 and it sold within a week.  Go figure …

4592 (1)

Porcelain Owls Mother & Baby 1991 San Francisco Music Box Co "Sunrise, Sunset" – PAID $1.79 – SOLD $28.69

Owls were hot collectibles a year or so ago, but I think their charm is fading.  I’ve had this music box in my store since June and was going to discount the price before renewing the listing.  I was sure glad when it finally sold last week.

Well, that’s it for now.  I’ve got several bags of merchandise from the past couple of weeks that I need to get listed and start making $$.  Hope you’re all having a great week!

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