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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cash for Trash: Ugly Christmas Sweaters 2012

Where did the year go?  Hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner - and so are the Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

I  hadn't heard of Ugly Christmas Sweaters until last year; but once I did, I quickly jumped on the bandwagon.  I didn’t start listing them until September, and by mid-December had sold most of them – about $1,000 in sales.  Ka-ching!

This year, I decided to sell sweaters year-round, and sales have averaged between 3-7 a month.  So far, I’ve sold more than 60, with over $1400 in sales.  But it seems to me that sales of these Ugly Christmas Sweaters have been a little slow, given that we’re already in November.  Oh, well, I hope sales will increase after Thanksgiving.

I can usually pick them up for about $2-$3 each, and the average resale price is about $25, with some selling for over $30-$35.  Lately, however, I’ve noticed that GW has been selling their Christmas/holiday sweaters for $14.99 – instead of their regular sweater price of $5.99.  Looks like they’ve decided to jump on the Ugly Christmas Sweater bandwagon, too. 

So my new strategy is instead to look for cashmere sweaters, like this one that I currently have at auction:

5150 (1)

Mens KIRKLAND SIGNATURE Gray Shawl Collar Cardigan CASHMERE Sweater Size XL

I started the bid at $24.99, and so far it has 3 bids with 20 watchers.  A similar one sold last month for over $150!

Now that’s Cash for Trash!


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing how your cashmere sweater does in the end. I've usually done our with a BIN price. Interested in seeing the auction response.

  2. Here in Illinois, the Goodwill is selling Christmas sweaters for $19.99. Crazy!!!

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  4. By the way, thanks for your Xmas sweater posts from last year. I was able to sell 10 of them this year at around an average of $30 a sweater. :)