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Monday, November 5, 2012

Cash for Trash: Taylor & Ng Mugs Plus Sandra Boynton and The Far Side

Aw, shucks!  Your comments to my previous post are so kind and generous!  I am so inspired by them.  I also love reading your blogs; and although I may not always leave a comment, please know that I do read your posts and have learned so much from you.  Thank you all!

Here is another Cash for Trash post and it's all about mugs. 


1978 Taylor & NG Mugs Cobalt Blue San Francisco Japan – paid $2 – sold $112.00

I bought these 4 Taylor & Ng mugs in July (see post here) for $0.50 each.  They all sold within 4-5 weeks for $28 EACH … or a total of $112.00!  Ka-ching! 

Taylor & Ng mugs are very collectible and always sell well – especially the ones with naughty animals doing the *nasty*.  Read my post here about my first experience with these naughty mugs and to learn more about Taylor & Ng.

I’m telling ya … mugs can be great sellers and can be picked up for just a few cents.  Individually, they may not sell for a lot, but they have a high-profit margin.  So far I have made $143.37 in 6 sales on a lot of 10 mugs, purchased for only $5!

4984 (1)
4987 (1)

This Sandra Boynton mug sold for $17.58 and the Otagiri mug sold for $13.79.  Each was also only $0.50.

4659 (1)

The Far Side mugs by Gary Lawson are also highly collectible.  I bought the mug for $1.64 and sold it for $24.99.


Here’s a face mug that I sold this past summer for $19.58.  Paid only $0.98 from the SA.  Those with a mustache are the better sellers.

Here are a few more mugs that I have sold this year:


Sandra Boynton JOYS OF TEACHING Teacher Coffee Mug MINT – paid $1.79 – sold $18.23


LAUREL BURCH The Art of Being Human 1992 Coffee Mug – paid $0.70 – sold $16.94

3845 (1)

Mac Tonight Ronald McDonald House Mug Stoneware Advertising Fast Food 1997 – paid $1.79 – sold $21.33


SMURFS Vintage 1981 A Smurfing We Will Go Mug by Wallace Berrie – paid $0.50 – sold $10.95


CHALEUR Master Impressionists BLACK WHEAT by Emile Bernard 14 Oz Coffee Mug – paid $1 – sold $13.40

4590 (1)

Smiley Face Happy Mug Chilli Bowl Teleflora Gift Coffee Extra Large Soup Dish – paid $1 – sold $19.99

And, I can’t do a post on mugs without mentioning my best-selling mug so far – this Microsoft Windows 97 mug that sold for $47.00 in 2009:


Of course, we all know that Starbucks anything can be great sellers.  But check out this rare Starbucks mug that sold for $179.99!!!


No, sadly, it is not one of my sales … boo hoo! This great flip was posted by Tracy on Flippin’ Friday #107 over at Late Night Coffee.  She found it at a garage sale for a measly $1.00.

And for those of you who also scour the flea markets and antique stores, be sure to keep an eye out for this mug:

This rare ORANGE Snoopy mug sold for a whopping $320.00 and $512.00 in August.  The two listings are still up so click here and here to see them.  So if you find one, GRAB it, even if it’s priced at $20, $40 or even $50+ – this is a HOT collectible! Be sure it’s the vintage ORANGE one and not the more recent red one.

Collectible mugs are a great item for your BOLO list!  Need more inspiration?  Here are some great links:

Do you have a great success story selling mugs?  Which other ones would you add to the list?  Please do tell!


  1. I always look over the mugs, but never see any neat ones, always looking for the Snoopy one!

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  3. I sold a red Snoopy Red Baron mug a coupe years ago for a tad over $150, so while it's not as exciting as the orange one, it's still definitely worth picking up.

  4. Great sales!
    Would you mind sharing how you go about shipping these mugs? I imagine you'd need a mug-sized box of some sorts in order to prevent them from moving around a lot and possibly getting damaged? Do you have a certain way of protecting the handles from getting snapped off? I've purchased a lot of mugs lately for resale purposes, but just find the task of shipping them daunting! I should also note that I live in Canada, so can't get free shipping supplies from the post office - so if you just use the free USPS boxes, you can ignore this comment lol.

  5. I love finding and selling mugs. For some reason I am drawn to them. If I had the space, I would probably keep a bunch for myself.

    Matthew, when we ship mugs we often put some cardboard just around the handle to give that a little more protection. Just a square piece formed over before any other protective wrap.

  6. I always look at the mugs. I have seen ones that I thought were neat or cool and usually keep them for myself. Like my Scooby Doo mug. I just googled Otagiri and I know I have seen many of those in the thrift stores. How do you know what will sell? Is it the name, the design or is it just a hunch?


  7. Every time I pass the mug rack I think of your blog and force myself to look. Still haven't found a good one yet, but this is a reminder to keep looking! Thanks! :)

  8. great and timely post I have several mugs to list and I always feel like meh maybe they'll sell--I should just get it done

  9. I genuinely want all of these! Especially the Snoopy one.

  10. I love to sell mugs! You had some great flips!
    Lisa@ centralfloridathrifter