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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cash for Trash: Craigslist


Kent Coffey Perspecta Dresser – paid $35 @ SA – Sold $240

I've been wanting to try selling on CL but have been hesitant for a couple of reasons:
  1. I’ve read/heard about those horror stories; and
  2. I’m not comfortable with strangers coming to my house
I also know there are MANY folks who use CL all the time with no problems so I finally decided it was time to get my feet wet. 

Remember this dresser I found at the SA for $35?  I posted about it here back in September.  Two weeks ago I listed it on CL.  I knew I would have to be patient for the right buyer as it was a high ticket item; but I also knew it would definitely sell.  Sure enough: Friday I get an email asking me if it was still available.

I called the buyer; and during our conversation, she asked me if I would take $225 – down from the $275 I was asking.  I told her I was willing to consider a best offer, but suggested she come by to look at it first.  She and her hubby were driving about 50 miles one way to look at it so I knew they were serious buyers.  They were right on time and I knew they liked the dresser as soon as they saw it.  By the time they left I had $240 in my pocket!  Ka-ching!

BTW, I asked DH  to put the dresser in the garage so they wouldn’t need to come into my home.  Even though DH and my sons were home, I was more comfortable with this, and I'm sure they were too.

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After my success selling the dresser on CL, I was really lovin’ CL and jazzed to list more items.  So last night I listed this toy chest at $65.

I bought this toy chest last year and sold it on eBay for $74.99 in August.  Unfortunately, the cost to ship it was over $100 so the transaction was cancelled. (Read about it here.)  Since then, this toy box has been sitting around just waiting for football season to begin.

Within a few hours of listing it, I had an email from a “Steeler Fan” with an offer of $45.  I replied with a counter-offer of $50; and by 7:00 this morning,  he’d accepted the counter-offer.  After a couple of email exchanges, he made an appointment to come by this afternoon.

Yes, I was very excited at the prospect of another $50 in my pocket.  Unfortunately, I was counting my chickens before they were hatched because the guy never showed up.  Unlike my first sale, this buyer and I did not exchange phone numbers so I had no way of contacting him. 

To top it off, I received an email from a second interested buyer.  I told him that someone was scheduled to come by; however, if the guy didn’t show, I would call him.  So I did, two hours after the scheduled appointment.  Boo hoo, he said he had already bought another toy chest and was no longer interested in my football.

From what I’ve read in your blogs, this is par for the course and these things happen.  I know this will sell soon and I just have to wait for the right buyer.  In the meantime, I’ve listed a couple more items, with more in the queue.

I must say my adventure into selling on CL has been an interesting and profitable one.  Now that I’ve gotten my feet wet, I’m ready to take the plunge!

Hope you had a fun and profitable weekend!


  1. I love CL, especially for moving the bulky items. I am definitely on the paranoid (cautious) side though, and about 95% of the time I meet with the buyer in the parking lot of a grocery store near my house. If the item is too big to fit in our car, I will only let people come to our house if my husband is home.

  2. I had a lot of stock I wanted to get rid of and decided to have a sale at my house this past Saturday. There was a line of about 15-20 people waiting to get into my garage before I opened at 8am. Sold lots of stuff!! I've had success with selling lots of individual items on CL too.

  3. Nice price on the dresser! I listed an exercise item on CL recently but only got two obscene emails and that was it. I think I'll do better just having a garage sale in the spring.