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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thrifty Treasures Thursday

Mugs, mugs …
Maxine, Dilbert, Otagiri and Royal Crown
Vintage 1978 Taylor & Ng

Sandra Boynton
…and more mugs! I mentioned in my previous post that I’ve started reselling mugs.  I had stopped for awhile when I got into reselling clothes, but have had some recent success with mugs again. I still hope to some day find another Microsoft mug like the one I sold for $47.00.

50 Designer Ties for $10
A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this awesome estate sale.  It was in a very nice neighborhood and everything was quality merchandise priced to sell.  There were literally tons, mountains of stuff – mostly clothing and shoes – and the women running the sale seemed anxious to get rid of stuff.  I didn’t get there until about 9:30 am so I’m sure I missed out on some really great stuff.  I did manage to snag this bunch of over 50 ties for $10, that included such brands as Christian Dior, Burberry, Dolce & Gabana and other Italian brands. 

As I as paying, the ladies told me they still had another storage container full of stuff and I should return within the hour.  Had I been by myself, I would have stayed to wait it out; but I was with my BFF and she was in the driver’s seat.  By the time we returned, they had already sold everything from the second storage unit.  They said  they had barely gotten out of the van when they were mobbed by folks grabbing at everything.  

4819 (1)
Vintage Proctor Silex Toaster NEW
Oh, well.  I did manage to pick up some shoes for $1 a pair and this brand new vintage toaster for $4.  They originally wanted $25 but the price had dropped dramatically by the time I returned.  It’s now listed in my eBay store.

4824 (2)
OSCAR DE LA RENTA Men's Blazer Jacket
After reading this post from Suzanne @ The eBay Coach, I decided to try my hand at selling men’s sports coats/blazers.  I’ve picked up about a half dozen and will see how it goes.  Suzanne also has a talkcast that is very helpful: eBay Selling Coach - Live & Recorded Episodes: Episode 12.

4969 (1)
Motherhood Maternity Blue Denim Jeans
The SA stores sometimes have their jeans on sale for $2; and as much as I want to take advantage of the sale, I’m just not sure which brands to buy.  But one brand I thought would sell well is Motherhood Maternity.  I recently listed a few and have already made a couple of sales.

I’ve got a pile of clothes and a bunch of ties to list but I keep putting it off.  Ugh, I just find it so boring and time consuming … but I guess they won’t sell sitting in the laundry basket!  

Happy thrifting and saling!


  1. Funny, you're just like me. I have tons of mugs and ties that I've acquired lately. Just need to list them. I just bought a San Fransisco Starbucks mug today for $.49..and it seems to sell for about $18.

    I probably have about 20 mugs and about 30 or so ties to list! But I'm about to go start photographing some things and listing! ;)

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else

  2. About an hour ago, we sold an Otagiri mug for $25. Thanks for the plug. I took a bunch of pictures earlier today and need to get busy listing those items. After reading your comment, I am going to do it NOW.