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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cash for Trash Wednesday

I’ve really been trying to get out to the yard sales to pick up more non-clothing items.  Clothes are so much easier to ship, but finding and listing different things is more enjoyable. 

Today I want to highlight some of my non-clothing sales:

4818 (1)
Vintage CUTCO Handcrafted Oak Block 10 Slots - Essentials Plus 5 – paid $1.00 @ gs – sold $30.11

I read somewhere in blogland that Cutco blocks are great sellers.  I’m not sure why this stuck in my memory but am glad it did.  I just wish I remember where I read it so that I can thank them!

4911 (2)
THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS Vintage 1986 3D Board Game COMPLETE Milton Bradley – paid $1 @ Rummage sale – sold $49.00

My sons are now in their early 20s; but when they were very little (seems like only yesterday), they LOVED watching the Ghostbusters movie.  I found this board game at a church rummage sale last month. The problem with board games is they are usually missing pieces; but for $1, I could take a chance.  When I brought it home and researched it on eBay, I discovered that all the pieces were there and in pretty good shape.  I knew it would be a very good seller!

4914 (1)
Sega Saturn Black Console (NTSC) in Box MK-80000A Plus Games & More – paid $8 @ gs – sold $73.95

It was already late in the morning when I stumbled upon this game at a yard sale.  Most of their stuff had already sold and this game was the only thing that caught my eye.  I vaguely remembered reading about vintage video game consoles on blogland. The seller wanted $10 for it, but this is a niche that I am not familiar with so I was not comfortable paying the $10.  I walked away and went to my car, still undecided.  I pull out my smartphone and do a quick search on eBay.  Hmmm, maybe I should buy it.  So I walk back and offer her $8, which she takes. 

Once home, DH plugs it in and we spend a few minutes playing. My sons had one when they were little, and playing it again brings back some fun memories.  I even considered keeping it; but a reseller is what I am so I listed it on eBay.  It sold the same day I listed it!

And if there is still any doubt in your mind that “one man’s trash is another (wo)man’s treasure”, check out these sales – these items were all headed for the trash!

2703 (1)

 Vintage Western Electric Bell System Wall Phone 2554 BMP Push Button Telephone – paid $0 Free – sold $33.89

My neighbor was cleaning out her garage and was throwing out all kinds of stuff.  She said I could take whatever I wanted and this was one of the things I picked up.  Vintage phones are very collectible and can be very good sellers.  This one sold for almost $34.00 – untested and sold as-is – but I’ve seen them go for even more.

4654 (1)

2002 2003 2004 Toyota Camry CD Cassette Player Radio Unit Factory – paid $0 free – sold $50

The owner were DH works replaced the radio in his car and was throwing away this old one, even though it worked perfectly fine.  So DH brings it home and gives it to me to resell.  It sold within 3 days!  Score!

…and one of my best sellers:

4999 (1)

APPLE iPHONE 4 GSM Model A1332 Non-Working For Parts Only Sold AS-IS – paid $0 free – sold $169.49

This was another item that the owner were DH works was throwing away.  He bought a new one because he said this one was not working.  DH brought it home hoping to fix it, but in the end he gave it to me to resell.  I listed it with what little info I had, stating that it did not work and was sold as-is.  I had no clue what it was worth but started the auction at $75 and within a couple of days it had a bid.  DH then tells me it actually does work – as a phone only, but has no WI-FI.  I couldn’t revise the listing nor could I add to the description, but in the end it still sold for over $165! 



  1. Wow! Wish I could type WOW bigger! You make me feel like a rookie. Great sales! One more time...WOW!

  2. Sweet - and some info I can use. Thanks.

  3. Love cash for trash! You found great "trash"

  4. That was me on the cutco. Purchased a large block for $3. Sold for $321. Score!!!! I'm glad you found yours!!! Susie11904

  5. I went into an estate sale intending to limit my shopping today - but saw a Cutco knife block for $3 and your post came to mind. (Actually I think I read about your flip on Late Night Coffee.) Needless to say, the knife block came home with me. . . . now to get it cleaned up and listed. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Susan (Miss32ACT)

  6. Just as important, are the things we think will sell like hell; but they don't get ONE darn bid.

    Jamie's Online Attichas a link to one of the worst subcategories on eBay-that was so overhyped 6 months ago.
    You'll be surprised!