I'm a diehard thrifter and garage sale addict! I love the thrill of the hunt! And I love making CASH from trash so I also resell on eBay and Etsy. I share my successes to inspire you ... and my failures so you learn from my mistakes. Please join me on this wild and crazy ride of making cash from trash!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Today’s Thrifting Adventure

I am totally bummed out because Rag Days are over. I suppose all good things must come to an end.  Bah humbug!  

Ever since I discovered Rag Days at the SA thrift store I couldn’t wait for Monday morning.  On Rag Days, all dresses and skirts were only $3, all blouses and shirts were $2, and all women’s slacks were only $1.  It was great because I could buy enough stock for the week – sometimes buying 50-60 items.  I didn’t have to drive around looking for product to resell.  This saved me both time and gas.

Imagine my surprise when I walked into the store today and discovered NO rag day specials!  Instead, they were having 40%-off-entire-store.  I decided to rethink my buying strategy and look around.  I found a few things but I was really disappointed when the sales clerk said the manager decided to discontinue Rag Day Mondays.  Boohoo!!


As I thought about all this, I remembered the SA by my house sometimes had clothing specials on Monday.  It’s a much smaller store and the selections are limited, but my spirits were lifted when I walked into the store!  They were having a $1 sale on all their clothes.

It was already 2:00 p.m. so I wasn’t expecting much.  But, right away, I found 2 J. Jill blouses and a Diane Von Furstenberg blouse for only $1 each.  I started throwing clothes into my cart and ended up with 4 large bags of clothes.  The clerk told me they have this special every Monday!  Yea!  Even better, it’s only 10 mins. away from my home.


I don’t know how much product I’ll find at this smaller store, but for now it’ll be my first stop on Mondays. I’ll be sharing some of my thrifty treasures tomorrow.

Where do you find product to sell?  Do you have a routine?  Yards sales on Saturdays and thrift stores on another day?  Do you look for product in other places (i.e. Big Lots, Costco, etc.)?  Please share in the comments section. 

Happy thrifting and selling!


  1. Those rag day prices seem kind of high, I'm glad you found a place to get dollar deals! :) Our two goodwills price dresses at $4.50, skirts and tops $3, jackets and jeans $4, all kids clothes $2. Then they also get tons of new stock from Target that is priced one dollar higher than the prices I just listed. Thrift stores are my "stress outlet" so depending on the week, I might pop in once a day. Last week I only went once. Garage sales here are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday so that can get a little crazy. Depending on our schedule, sometimes I'll go out all three mornings?!

  2. Hi from the UK! I go to an auction, they clear houses when people have passed. Bit morbid I know but you have to do something with all the items. They also sell all the items seized from debtors and Police lost property and unclaimed stolen goods. It provides a good stream of product. I never know what I am going to be selling. Love your blog I get lots of ideas for my Ebay from here, so thank you. Joan

  3. I like really old stuff so estate sales are my favorite and I hit one or two every Saturday. Flea markets are my second choice and I go there on Sundays. Garage sales are my least favorite. Too much in and out of the car, sometimes for nothing. Local pickers would call that a "dry run." Neighborhood sales are sometimes good depending on the area. My local thrift stores aren't that great so I stopped looking there.

  4. I have a couple of sales I attend a couple of times a year, including our huge neighborhood garage sale, at which I run home with several carsfull of goodies. So this pretty well keeps me stocked up for the year. But I cannot resist a stop at the GW when I am nearby!

    I SO enjoy your blog; so glad you are putting the effort into it. You inspire me, just like talking to all my eBay seller friends. I recently started my own (non-eBay blog)and hope you don't mind, but I am putting you on my list of favorites! Linda, HomeForGood.Net

  5. Our SA had dollar days Saturday and Monday until a month ago. I got a lot of my clothing from there. Now I get most of the clothing I sell from yard sale. I also pop into the Goodwill on Monday's to check what color is half off that week and only buy those items. Otherwise prices are expensive.

  6. The thrifts around here are pricey. You can expect to pay $3.99 for an old stuffed animal. As a result I do my best to hit yard sales when I can. Yard sales around here are mostly Saturdays and some on Sundays. It's rare to see one during the week snd because it gets cold here in NH there are only a good 5-6 months to hit the sales. This year I'm trying to stock up as much as I can at yardsales so I dont gave to hit the thrifts for stock until after Christmas. We will see how strong my will power is..

  7. Hello everyone - I am what you call a new "picker." Anyone have good ideas on how to find a good quote for an item prior to purchasing? I.e a app or site? Me and my fiancee are selling all of our belongings and traveling the U.S to volunteer at every state in every sort of.volunteer aspect. So picking is a wonderful idea since Ill be all over the place! You can follow us at www.onebrightearth.com or www.facebook.com/brightearth

    Also love your blog! Consider me a follower!