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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thrifty Treasures Roundup

Thank you for your comments and feedback about my thrifting adventure on Monday.  No one else in my circle of friends and family sells online so your comments are  important to me.

Janessa @ Treasure Hunting Mommy said...
Those rag day prices seem kind of high, I'm glad you found a place to get dollar deals! :) Our two goodwills price dresses at $4.50, skirts and tops $3, jackets and jeans $4, all kids clothes $2…

imagesCA46NX4II think thrift store prices vary from state to state, and areas like Southern California and New York seem to have the highest prices. Jeans and dresses in my area are $7.99 and UP!  Way too high for reselling, but I’ve read that prices are higher all across the country. 

Here’s an interesting post from Looking Fly on a Dime  that discusses this subject.  I am SO glad I found $1 deals at my local SA!

We are: clamco said...
I like really old stuff so estate sales are my favorite and I hit one or two every Saturday. Flea markets are my second choice and I go there on Sundays. Garage sales are my least favorite. Too much in and out of the car, sometimes for nothing.
Although I love garage sales, I have to agree with Lorraine about sometimes finding nothing, wasting time and gas.  I hadn’t given flea markets much thought until now.  I just have to find the right ones because some in my area are just junky –  trash junky.

Hi from the UK! I go to an auction, they clear houses when people have passed … They also sell all the items seized from debtors and Police lost property and unclaimed stolen goods

I’ve never tried auctions, and I guess I’m a bit intimidated not ever having been to one.  But I’m thinking I may try the auctions at the Goodwill outlets. And I’d never ever thought of lost property and unclaimed stolen goods.  Something to look into!

So my quest for product to resell continues, and I will definitely post about my adventures!

Here’s a sampling of what I brought home on Monday, like these two Quacker Factory tops for $1 each!



Last year, I started listing my Ugly Christmas Sweaters in August.  But when I read someone’s post that she sells Christmas sweaters all year long, I decided to list them as I bought them.  So far I’ve sold almost 30 sweaters!  Found these at 40% off. 

And check out these two kilts I found for $2 each!  No, they’re not like the Utilikilts I found last year (read my post here), but I hope these will be good sellers.



Happy thrifting and reselling!

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  1. I'm so excited to start finding more Christmas sweaters! Last year I did awesome with them but I've noticed that all the thrift stores that I shop at keep them back until fall. I swear I haven't found a Christmas sweater in a thrift store since December?! I've found a few at garage sales and church sales but I plan on hitting the thrifts hard this fall because I sold them as fast as I listed them last fall! :) Thanks for mentioning me! :)