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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Selling on eBay: Bible Saga Update


Wow, thank you all for your comments!  This post certainly touched a hot button.  The general consensus agreed with me in that the seller was out of line in her message.  A couple of you even called it feedback or rating extortion.  And all of you thought I was too nice!

I expected the seller’s response to include an apology, a mea culpa, or something.  But I didn’t want this to turn into WW3 and have it ruin my day any more.  Here was my response:
I am also a seller so I know the importance of DSR ratings. Yes, I will leave the appropriate ratings.
“Appropriate” being the operative word since I had no intention of giving her a 5-star rating for description. I felt that leaving a 5-star for “item as described” would be misleading and felt uncomfortable doing that.  So why did I?  I have no idea – it was a spur of the moment thing.  But I have to agree with you all – I was WAY too nice.

Since this seller is top-rated with over 6,500 transactions since 2008 – not an inexperienced seller – I have to believe she has used this strategy before.  I don’t think I can change my rating, but at least I was able to provide a follow-up comment detailing the item not as described.

Thank you all for taking the time to leave a comment.  I appreciate hearing from all of you!  It was an eye opener.


  1. Good for you, your response will certainly help the next person they deal with!

  2. just a thought...but did you think about possibly blocking her from buying in your store? You know, just in case she was thinking about being vindictive?

  3. Hi The ebay saga on the Bible, not a good thing for you at all. I just report all sellers that try to make me give 5*. This is just bullying at the worst and against Ebays policies. Oh and I tell the seller I am reporting them too. Perhaps I'm not nice, but I think the seller is worse. If people keep on folding to her bullying she's going to go right on selling duff items.
    I'm a seller on ebay going to make Top Rated this month unless I get a negative!

  4. Along the lines of what Anonymous said, I keep a separate id for most of my buying so I can freely leave any kind of feedback without fear of retaliation (like buying from me only to leave a neg). I also use my buying id for posting on the Ebay boards.

  5. Love your blog--it's so fun for another eBay addict! And I love seeing other gals' goodies they found. I just got back from GW myself with the grandchildren; they got most of the goods. :-)