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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cash for Trash Wednesday

Seems that June sales for many have been better this year than last.  Hope that means even more sales in the coming months!

I made 36 sales last week, but not many were high sellers.  Here are a few:

4609 (1)

BAMBOO CAY Men's Light Green Embroidered Bamboo Resort Casual Shirt Sz L NWT NEW – paid $1.25 at Rummage – sold $39.99

I bought several men’s shirts for $0.80 to $1.25 at the church rummage sale I posted about here.  I love rummage sales!  One-stop shopping and prices are usually better than thrift stores.  I’ve already sold 11 items to the tune of over $200!  And I’m still listing items from this sale.

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Peppercricket Farms Charles Wysocki's Peppercricket Grove Plate Antiques Quilts – paid $2.50 from GW – sold $32.15

I used to pick up collector plates if the price was right for reselling; but a few years back I stopped because they just weren’t selling.  So when I ran across some Charles Wysocki plates at the GW, I  hesitated buying them.  I love these plates and I know there are many Wysocki fans. 

I think there were about 8 plates, but I bought only three.  I listed them at $23.99 with free shipping.  I figured after shipping costs they would net about $15.00 each.  Not only were they quick sellers, but this one sold to an international buyer.  Yup, no free shipping!  Wish I had bought all 8 of the Wysocki plates!


Remington Hot Rollers Tight Curlers H-1080I Pageant Prom 300 Watts (20) Wax Core – paid $4.99 at Savers – sold $32.84

I listed this hot roller set at a lower price because some of the rollers were damaged, although this didn’t affect its functionality.  It sold within 3 days of listing and I’m thinking I should have listed it for more.  Still glad for the sale!

Now that’s cash for trash!

Hard to believe that half a year has gone by!  So how are my sales compared with last year?  I wish I could say they were awesome, but the truth is that they’re about $800 less than what they were last year.  I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t been listing as much or because I haven’t run across any really big sellers, like the Pixar Disney Shirts.  But I’m looking forward to the next half of 2012!


  1. Just curious about the hot rollers. Is it the brand that makes them good resell or just hot rollers. I see them all the time at my GW.


  2. Ella: Remington is a great brand to look out for. Remington has a set that's called Tight Rollers that sells for big $. But look for any brand roller sets that have the small rollers. Make sure they are the spaded (spiked) rollers (not the velvet ones). But the one most important thing is make sure they are WAX ROLLERS. Check out my previous post about roller sets. Thanks for the visit!