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Friday, June 29, 2012

Thrifty Treasures Roundup

I ventured out today to hit a few thrift stores since I’m hoping to expand my non-clothing inventory.

My first stop was a small church thrift store near my house.  It’s a hit or miss, but their prices are reasonable.  Today was 50% off on clothing and I picked up a few shirts and sweaters for less than $2 each.  I also found this Disney Lizzie McGuire cookie jar for $4 to add to my collection.


In the afternoon, I had to pick up DS#2 from his job at Disneyland. It’s about a 40-minute drive from my home so I thought I’d take advantage and hit a few GWs in the area.

They had some great stuff, but – holy moly! – their prices were high!  Clothing was especially pricey: dresses were priced at $8.99, pants/slacks were $6.99, blouses & shirts were $5.99. I went to three GWs and ended up with just a few items – no clothing. 

Cheese dome for $3.49. It had a purple tag so it was 1/2 price from $6.99. 

Vintage dish for $2.49.  Also 1/2 off from $4.99 I love US pottery!  

Grateful Dead glasses for $0.99 each

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen mugs and glasses priced at $0.99 at thrift stores.  These are headed for my eBay store.



I’ve seen these jewelry boxes for $7.99 up to $14.99 at other GWs so I was surprised at the $3.99 price for this one.  I’d like to try my hand at upcycling it, like the ones I’ve seen on Etsy:

Sold for $45 on Etsy
Sold for $70 on Etsy
Sold for $80 on Etsy
Sold for $80 on Etsy
Happy thrifting and reselling!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cash for Trash Wednesday

Seems that June sales for many have been better this year than last.  Hope that means even more sales in the coming months!

I made 36 sales last week, but not many were high sellers.  Here are a few:

4609 (1)

BAMBOO CAY Men's Light Green Embroidered Bamboo Resort Casual Shirt Sz L NWT NEW – paid $1.25 at Rummage – sold $39.99

I bought several men’s shirts for $0.80 to $1.25 at the church rummage sale I posted about here.  I love rummage sales!  One-stop shopping and prices are usually better than thrift stores.  I’ve already sold 11 items to the tune of over $200!  And I’m still listing items from this sale.

4496 (1)

Peppercricket Farms Charles Wysocki's Peppercricket Grove Plate Antiques Quilts – paid $2.50 from GW – sold $32.15

I used to pick up collector plates if the price was right for reselling; but a few years back I stopped because they just weren’t selling.  So when I ran across some Charles Wysocki plates at the GW, I  hesitated buying them.  I love these plates and I know there are many Wysocki fans. 

I think there were about 8 plates, but I bought only three.  I listed them at $23.99 with free shipping.  I figured after shipping costs they would net about $15.00 each.  Not only were they quick sellers, but this one sold to an international buyer.  Yup, no free shipping!  Wish I had bought all 8 of the Wysocki plates!


Remington Hot Rollers Tight Curlers H-1080I Pageant Prom 300 Watts (20) Wax Core – paid $4.99 at Savers – sold $32.84

I listed this hot roller set at a lower price because some of the rollers were damaged, although this didn’t affect its functionality.  It sold within 3 days of listing and I’m thinking I should have listed it for more.  Still glad for the sale!

Now that’s cash for trash!

Hard to believe that half a year has gone by!  So how are my sales compared with last year?  I wish I could say they were awesome, but the truth is that they’re about $800 less than what they were last year.  I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t been listing as much or because I haven’t run across any really big sellers, like the Pixar Disney Shirts.  But I’m looking forward to the next half of 2012!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thrifty Treasures Roundup

Thank you for your comments and feedback about my thrifting adventure on Monday.  No one else in my circle of friends and family sells online so your comments are  important to me.

Janessa @ Treasure Hunting Mommy said...
Those rag day prices seem kind of high, I'm glad you found a place to get dollar deals! :) Our two goodwills price dresses at $4.50, skirts and tops $3, jackets and jeans $4, all kids clothes $2…

imagesCA46NX4II think thrift store prices vary from state to state, and areas like Southern California and New York seem to have the highest prices. Jeans and dresses in my area are $7.99 and UP!  Way too high for reselling, but I’ve read that prices are higher all across the country. 

Here’s an interesting post from Looking Fly on a Dime  that discusses this subject.  I am SO glad I found $1 deals at my local SA!

We are: clamco said...
I like really old stuff so estate sales are my favorite and I hit one or two every Saturday. Flea markets are my second choice and I go there on Sundays. Garage sales are my least favorite. Too much in and out of the car, sometimes for nothing.
Although I love garage sales, I have to agree with Lorraine about sometimes finding nothing, wasting time and gas.  I hadn’t given flea markets much thought until now.  I just have to find the right ones because some in my area are just junky –  trash junky.

Hi from the UK! I go to an auction, they clear houses when people have passed … They also sell all the items seized from debtors and Police lost property and unclaimed stolen goods

I’ve never tried auctions, and I guess I’m a bit intimidated not ever having been to one.  But I’m thinking I may try the auctions at the Goodwill outlets. And I’d never ever thought of lost property and unclaimed stolen goods.  Something to look into!

So my quest for product to resell continues, and I will definitely post about my adventures!

Here’s a sampling of what I brought home on Monday, like these two Quacker Factory tops for $1 each!



Last year, I started listing my Ugly Christmas Sweaters in August.  But when I read someone’s post that she sells Christmas sweaters all year long, I decided to list them as I bought them.  So far I’ve sold almost 30 sweaters!  Found these at 40% off. 

And check out these two kilts I found for $2 each!  No, they’re not like the Utilikilts I found last year (read my post here), but I hope these will be good sellers.



Happy thrifting and reselling!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Today’s Thrifting Adventure

I am totally bummed out because Rag Days are over. I suppose all good things must come to an end.  Bah humbug!  

Ever since I discovered Rag Days at the SA thrift store I couldn’t wait for Monday morning.  On Rag Days, all dresses and skirts were only $3, all blouses and shirts were $2, and all women’s slacks were only $1.  It was great because I could buy enough stock for the week – sometimes buying 50-60 items.  I didn’t have to drive around looking for product to resell.  This saved me both time and gas.

Imagine my surprise when I walked into the store today and discovered NO rag day specials!  Instead, they were having 40%-off-entire-store.  I decided to rethink my buying strategy and look around.  I found a few things but I was really disappointed when the sales clerk said the manager decided to discontinue Rag Day Mondays.  Boohoo!!


As I thought about all this, I remembered the SA by my house sometimes had clothing specials on Monday.  It’s a much smaller store and the selections are limited, but my spirits were lifted when I walked into the store!  They were having a $1 sale on all their clothes.

It was already 2:00 p.m. so I wasn’t expecting much.  But, right away, I found 2 J. Jill blouses and a Diane Von Furstenberg blouse for only $1 each.  I started throwing clothes into my cart and ended up with 4 large bags of clothes.  The clerk told me they have this special every Monday!  Yea!  Even better, it’s only 10 mins. away from my home.


I don’t know how much product I’ll find at this smaller store, but for now it’ll be my first stop on Mondays. I’ll be sharing some of my thrifty treasures tomorrow.

Where do you find product to sell?  Do you have a routine?  Yards sales on Saturdays and thrift stores on another day?  Do you look for product in other places (i.e. Big Lots, Costco, etc.)?  Please share in the comments section. 

Happy thrifting and selling!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cash for Trash Wednesday

My June sales continue to be brisk.  Although I seem to spend most of my time taking pictures, measuring and listing, I wish I could find time to list even more.  The more you list, the more you sell!

Here are a few of my sales from the past couple weeks:

4384 (1)

ARROW Black BLAZER JACKET Boys Size 12 R Regular Suit Dressy Coat – paid $2.48 from SA – sold $26.99

Selling boys’ suit blazers is a niche I had not considered until I found a seller who was doing a brisk business selling these.  Boys’ blazers are, actually, hard to find.  I look for them at thrift stores or garage sales, but have only run across a handful in the past few months.  I’m also looking at selling men’s blazers after reading this article by Suzanne Wells.




CHICO'S DESIGN Women's White Mouse Family Linen Casual Drawstring Pants Sz XL 3 – paid $1 At SA – sold $25.49

4567 (1)



GUY HARVEY Bluewater Men's Bull Dolphin Short Sleeve Casual Shirt Sz M NWT NEW – paid $0.50 at GS – sold $39.00

Paid $0.50 for this new Guy Harvey shirt at a garage sale and sold it on eBay for $39.00.  Gotta LOVE garage sales!


JOSEPH & FEISS Men's Khaki Green Short Sleeve Camp Resort Silk Shirt Sz 3XL – paid $2 from SA – sold $27.49

Joseph & Feiss is always a good seller as well as Cubavera.  Be sure to add these to your BOLO list.


CUBAVERA Men's Black & White Embroidered Linen Blend Casual Camp Shirt Sz XL – paid $2 from SA – sold $25.50

4489 (1)

THE DISPENSER BETTER LIVING 3 Bath Tub & Shower Shampoo Dispenser Organizer NEW – sold $28.62

This dispenser was something I had lying around the house.  Bought it at the county fair years ago and finally decided it wasn’t doing me any good in the closet! 

4589 (1)

Vintage DYMO 3/8" Label Maker Model 1800 Retro Orange & Radio Shack Mini & Tape – Free from GS – Sold $15.49

I bought several things from a garage sale and the homeowner threw this in as a freebie.  I think she originally had a price tag of $1.  Honestly, I almost donated this to the thrift store – am glad I didn’t!

4602 (1)

VINTAGE Plush Stuffed 7-inch Horse Pony with Red Saddle with Box Steiff? – paid $1 from GS – sold $26.99

I bought this stuffed horse from the same garage sale as the DYMO.  The Steiff name on the box caught my eye and the $1 price tag was even better.  Once I brought the pony home, I realized I wasn’t really sure it was a Steiff because it had no labels, even if it fit perfectly in the box.  I noted this in the listing, but it still sold for over $25!


Smiley Face Happy Mug Chilli Bowl Teleflora Gift Coffee Extra Large Soup Dish – paid $0.50 at Rummage sale – sold $19.99

This cute smiley mug was a pleasant surprise because I didn’t realize these were pretty good sellers.  And, I still have one more to list.

4392 (1)

Kung Zhu Pet Battle Hamster Ninja Warriors & Special Forces Set of 4 NIB NEW – paid $11.96 – sold $48.98

Ever buy something, thinking it’s going to be a great seller – and then discover you’ll be lucky just to sell it?  Then you sit around thinking, “Why did I buy these and what was I thinking?”

Well, that’s how I felt about these Kung Zhu Hamsters.  They were on clearance at Walgreens for $2.99 each – not exactly pocket change.  I intended to sell them individually and hopefully get more than 4x my investment; but I was disappointed they weren’t really big sellers.  I’d be happy to break even, so I listed them as a lot for $29.99 with free shipping - less than 2.5x my cost.

I was so happy when they sold!  Best of all, they sold to an international buyer, which means NO FREE SHIPPING!

Here’s my best seller so far this month:



I bought this awesome Tommy Bahama suede leather coat at the SA for $9.50 way back in February.  I found a similar one listed on eBay for $425 so I originally listed this one for $299 with free shipping.  It sat in my store for a couple of months so I lowered the price to $200.  I finally accepted a best offer, which was lower than what I would have liked, but I was ready to see it go.  I still made a good profit and someone got a great deal!

That’s what I call CASH FOR TRASH!
Happy eBaying and thrifting!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thrifty Treasures and Remington Hot Roller Sets

There hasn’t been a plethora of yard sales the past couple of Saturdays; and the few that I’ve gone to have been disappointing.  But I did make it to the biggest rummage sale in Corona a few weeks ago.

I look forward to this annual rummage sale because they have tons of stuff. 

It’s a church fundraiser so their prices tend to be a little higher than garage sale prices.  But on the last day, they start dropping their prices about an hour before they close up at noon.

I went on Friday about 2 hours after opening and their parking lot was already full.  They have tents for different areas, like women’s clothes, men’s clothes, children’s clothes, knickknacks, furniture, electronics, books, etc. 

I bought several clothing items that Friday paying between $1.25 and $2.00 for each.  And, I also bought the items pictured below:

2 smiley mugs for $1DSC01173

vintage enesco ornament for $1

vintage angel tree top with lights for $1


pyrex autumn harvest casserole for $3


13 McDonald’s Flintstones and Batman glass mugs for $3.50

While I was there on Friday, I overhead one of the sales clerks tell someone they would be selling everything at 1/2 off starting about 11:00 a.m. on Saturday.  Of course, you know I was there!

Saturday morning I went to a few yard sales with my BFF Viv and called it a day just before 11:00 a.m.  After our goodbyes, I rushed to the rummage sale, thinking I’d have about an hour to shop.  I didn’t realize they closed at noon and I had just a few minutes to shop.  By then, they were practically giving things away.  I was able to fill up 3 bagsful of clothing and paid $5 per bag!  I paid about $0.50 per item and I’m still working on listing them on eBay.

As I mentioned, my BFF Viv and I went to yard sales a few weekends ago and were very disappointed.  I did find these two cute plush animals at one and paid only $0.50 for each.  I also found a set of three living room tables for $30.  I think this was a great score cuz now I have matching tables!

Remember this blue Remington hot roller set that I sold for $41.84 last month?
4500 (1)
Well, I found two more Remington hot roller sets this past Saturday at the Savers Thrift Store.  Paid $4.99 each.
These are great because they are the wax-core rollers that pageant moms look for.  This particular model is hard to find online so eBay is the place to find them.

But the model that sells for the most is the Remington Tight Curls:
A new one could sell for as much as $75 on eBay!  If you want to know more about hot curlers, go to this link by The eBay Selling Coach.  Vintage electric hot rollers and those with wax-core rollers are the best. 

There’s a really easy way to know if rollers have a wax core.  Plug them in until they are hot.  Take a roller out and shake it.  If you hear a liquid sound, then it’s a wax-core roller.  The liquid sound you hear is the melted wax. Wax core rollers hold the heat longer, making the curl stronger and long-lasting, which is why pageant moms love them.

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