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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cash for Trash: Disney Musical Memories Music Boxes

4335 Bambi


Musical Memories was the name given to a series of collectible musical figurines that celebrated the Disney animated features. It was a limited edition collection of 20 music boxes released by mail-order in 1986. Each figurine displayed an array of Disney characters from each film, and each had a moving figure that was attached via a screw.

Some of these Disney Musical Memories are hard to find; and can sell for good $$ depending on condition. I had about 15 figurines that were just collecting dust in a display cabinet, so I decided it was time they went to new homes.

Over the past couple years I’ve been listing them on eBay for $30 each (plus shipping).  Although they are not fast sellers,  they do eventually sell.



This FANTASIA figurine, however, just wasn’t selling.  It’d been sitting in my store since last year until I decided to drop the price to $19.99.  No sooner did it sell when I received an email from another interested buyer.  Although he missed out on FANTASIA, this buyer was interested in any others I had.  As it turns out, I had 5 more … or so I thought.

A few weeks prior, I’d decided to clean them before taking pictures, so I unscrewed the animated figurine from two of them.  BIG mistake because I discovered that I could not screw it back on!  They were now in two separate pieces, and I thought were not saleable.


MUSICAL MEMORIES DISNEY COLLECTION LE sleeping beauty 1986 – sold AS-IS $25

The buyer ended up buying BAMBI and then inquired about the 2 non-working boxes.  After another exchange of emails and pictures, he ended up also buying SLEEPING BEAUTY, even though it didn’t work.  Total for these two was $75 (including shipping) – and no insertion or FV fees to deal with.  That works for me!

Now that’s cash for trash!

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