I'm a diehard thrifter and garage sale addict! I love the thrill of the hunt! And I love making CASH from trash so I also resell on eBay and Etsy. I share my successes to inspire you ... and my failures so you learn from my mistakes. Please join me on this wild and crazy ride of making cash from trash!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cash for Trash Wednesday

With taxes in April and DS#1 graduating in May, I didn’t spend much time eBay-ing or blogging.  Ah, but things are getting back to normal and I’m trying to get back into my routine.

I’ve been listing like crazy and my sales are finally picking up.  Over the past two weeks, I listed over 140 items – both auction and fixed price – and so far have made over 65 sales. 

Here are some of my top sellers:



4500 (1)

Remington Hot Rollers Tight Curlers H-10801 Pageant Prom 300 Watts (20) Wax Core – paid $4 from GW – sold $41.84


Lot of 45 Vintage Little Golden Books Disney Sesame Street Christmas & More – paid $9 from gw – sold $52.54

When I first bought this bundle of 45 LGBs, my intention was to sell them individually.  But I realized most of them would not sell for very much and put them aside.  Then I received a comment from Amy @ One Frugal Momma, who told me she sells LGBs, usually in lots of 45, at $1/book. It was a lot less work to list these as a lot and I still made 5 times what I paid!  Thank you, Amy!


Asian Round Tabletop Curio Shelf with Drawers Teak Wood? Rosewood? – paid $1 from GS – Originally sold $41.62

When I first bought this, my intention was to paint it a bright POP color and sell it on Etsy.  But once I carefully looked at it, I realized it was actually very nice and decided to list it on eBay.  I was surprised that it sold for $31 plus shipping!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an adequate box.  In my hurry to meet that 1-day handling turnaround, I just wrapped it with cardboard and bubble wrap, then mailed it in a polymer mailer.  Even before I dropped it off at the P.O., I knew it was a bad idea.

Yup, it was damaged in transit.  The buyer suggested I knock off $20 off the price and he would try to glue it.  Even so, I still made money on this, but I should have known better … at least I didn’t have to refund any shipping costs.

4441 (1)

VINTAGE E. & H. T. ANTHONY & CO. PRINTING FRAME PAT# AUG. 12,1888 7" X 9" – paid $0.98 from Sa – sold $22.10

Not a top seller but an interesting find.  A few months ago, I was at the SA where I spotted a bin with a sign that said $1 each ... and it was calling my name!  The bin was filled with frames, so I bought this one and another one with a vintage bird print by Arthur Singer.  I was not planning to sell either one until I realized this one was a vintage printing frame.  You just never know what you can find at a thrift store!  Like this next item …
4482 (1)

Llewellyn Bakelite Small Black Tubular Purse Handbag w/ Two Handles Vintage 50s – Paid $3 from SA – sold $52.59

I found this little gem on a shelf hidden among toys and knickknacks.  I thought it was a cute box and didn’t realize it was a vintage purse until I got it home.  Some of these vintage box purses are highly desirable and the more elaborate ones can sell for a lot of money.  The buyer hasn’t yet paid so I hope it’s not going to be a problem …


CHICOS ADDITIONS Women's 3-Pc Lime Green Zip Vest Crop Pants Sleeveless Top LG 3 – paid $1 from GS – sold $38.49


FLAX Jeanne Engelhart Women's Purple 3-PC Rayon Outfit with Tunic Pants Top Sz LG – paid $1 from GS – sold $28.33

I bought these two 3-piece outfits at the same garage sale where I bought the milk glass hostess set (pictured above).  The lady was selling everything for $1 and under, and it was not junk.  My kind of sale!  I probably could have priced these higher with a fixed price, but I prefer to sell them quickly and have money in my pocket.


MOTHERHOOD Maternity Pastel Paisley Bohemian Boho Mod Retro Maxi Dress Sz SM – paid $3 from Sa – sold $30.99

This dress received a lot of interest and had both multiple watchers and bidders.  Unfortunately, the buyer said it didn’t fit and is returning the item. No problem for me since her refund does not include shipping and I know I can resell it.  But it never ceases to surprise me that some buyers just don’t read the listings.  It takes a lot of my time to measure and then list the measurements.  They can at least take the time to read them.  Oh, well, I’m glad it rarely happens.

So that’s it for now.  Hope your sales have been hopping!

Now that’s CASH for TRASH

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cash for Trash: Disney Musical Memories Music Boxes

4335 Bambi


Musical Memories was the name given to a series of collectible musical figurines that celebrated the Disney animated features. It was a limited edition collection of 20 music boxes released by mail-order in 1986. Each figurine displayed an array of Disney characters from each film, and each had a moving figure that was attached via a screw.

Some of these Disney Musical Memories are hard to find; and can sell for good $$ depending on condition. I had about 15 figurines that were just collecting dust in a display cabinet, so I decided it was time they went to new homes.

Over the past couple years I’ve been listing them on eBay for $30 each (plus shipping).  Although they are not fast sellers,  they do eventually sell.



This FANTASIA figurine, however, just wasn’t selling.  It’d been sitting in my store since last year until I decided to drop the price to $19.99.  No sooner did it sell when I received an email from another interested buyer.  Although he missed out on FANTASIA, this buyer was interested in any others I had.  As it turns out, I had 5 more … or so I thought.

A few weeks prior, I’d decided to clean them before taking pictures, so I unscrewed the animated figurine from two of them.  BIG mistake because I discovered that I could not screw it back on!  They were now in two separate pieces, and I thought were not saleable.


MUSICAL MEMORIES DISNEY COLLECTION LE sleeping beauty 1986 – sold AS-IS $25

The buyer ended up buying BAMBI and then inquired about the 2 non-working boxes.  After another exchange of emails and pictures, he ended up also buying SLEEPING BEAUTY, even though it didn’t work.  Total for these two was $75 (including shipping) – and no insertion or FV fees to deal with.  That works for me!

Now that’s cash for trash!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thrifty Treasures Tuesday


Retro Needlepoint Kitty with Flower from SA – $3.00

April has just been an incredibly busy month.  I spent the first two weeks working on our taxes.  With two businesses and two years’ worth of data to compile, it was a daunting task but I finished everything in time for our tax accountant.

Framed Needlepoint from SA – $2.33 EA

I still managed to make time to do some serious thrifting & saling; and found some really great items for my eBay and Etsy stores, like these framed needlepoint projects.


Wood and Wrought Iron Candelabra from SA – $5.00

I really love this candelabra and plan to upcycle it.  Not sure if I want to keep it or resell it.  I guess it depends on what I end up doing with it. 

Ethnic Fork and Knife from SA – FREE

I’ve been on the lookout for a wall-size vintage wood fork-and-spoon set so this set caught my eye.  Not really what I have in mind, but I think it’s rather unique.  I made a large purchase that day so the clerk threw them in as a freebie.


Vintage Pair of Shoe Trees from SA – $3.00

These are a great home d├ęcor or conversation piece, and they’ll be going in my Etsy store.



Can you believe I found this awesome vintage Llewellyn bakelite purse in the toy section?!  It caught my eye because I thought it was a cute little container.  Once home, I really inspected it and saw that it had a brand name.  That’s when I realized it was a vintage purse – SCORE! 


vintage grandmother’s garden floursack hand-quilted twin size quilt – from sa for $6

This quilt was a “STEAL” at only $6!  It is definitely vintage and hand quilted.  It is a twin size and is shown hanging over a queen-size mattress. 

I saw it in a shopping cart filled with other linens that one of the employees was bringing out.  I asked to see it but she said I had to wait until she put it out.  So I stalked followed her around.  A few other customers were also stalking following her for the quilt; but when the time came, she remembered I was the first to inquire and handed it to me. I clutched onto it and made sure no one would steal take it out of my cart.
It wasn’t tagged so I still had no idea how much it cost.  Comforters have a set price of $12; and since this was half-off Friday, I paid ONLY $6 for this beautiful quilt!

I also managed to get out a couple of Saturdays to do some garage saling.  I found some great treasures but this vintage hostess set for $1 is my favorite:


Vintage Shell Pink Milk Glass Hostess Set – Garage sale find for only $1

Also made it to a few GW stores and found some really neat things to upcycle. I’ve been haunting the Etsy stores and have seen the wonderful treasures in those popular POP colors.  I’m feeling a little creative and may give it a try.

Happy thrifting and selling!
Believe in yourself and prosper!

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