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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cash for Trash: Betsey Johnson Dress from Salvation Army


BETSEY JOHNSON Women's Beautiful Feminine Floral Print Sleeveless Long Dress LG NWT – paid $3 – sold $59.95

This Betsey Johnson dress is really beautiful and so feminine in a retro style that reminds me of the 1940s.  I was glad to get 20 times what I paid for it!


New York Designer Betsey Johnson has been “rocking” the fashion industry with her unique and original designs since the 1960's with her “frilly retro dresses and kooky-sexy separates”.


Reyn Spooner L.A. Dodgers Medium Blue Hawaiian Resort Shirt Men's Size L – paid $2 – sold $19.99

I love Hawaiian shirts.  I don’t wear them nor do any of my guys, so what’s a girl to do?  Sell them, of course!  I started selling them years ago.  I did a ton of research and gathered as much info as I could.  Then, for one reason or another, I stopped selling shirts, which were the only clothing item I sold at that time.  But after my success selling these Disney shirts, I knew it was time to revisit this niche.  Stay tuned for a post on Hawaiian shirts …


McCall's 4041 Medieval Renaissance Gown and Headpiece Costume 14-20 NEW – paid $0.75 – sold $22.95

Patterns are another great niche for reselling.  You can pick these up for under $1; and depending on the pattern, they resell for some great bucks.  Of course, not all patterns are great sellers, but Vogue and costume patterns are good ones to look for.  I prefer picking up new uncut patterns because I can be assured all the pieces are there, and they also get higher prices.  Stayed tuned for a post on sewing patterns …

I haven’t been listing much so my sales have been rather quiet.  I’ve been busy working on our taxes (boring) and haunting the thrift stores (exciting).  Will be posting about a few of the great treasures I found. 

Happy thrifting and selling!
Believe in yourself and prosper!

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