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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thrifty Treasures Tuesday


I went to my local GW yesterday and found this lot of Little Golden Books.  There were 46 in the stack and I paid $8.99 – that’s about 20 cents each.  They’re from the 1980’s so I don’t think they are highly valuable.  Even so, I think I'll make a few dollars from each.  I just love these little books!  I think I’ll list them in my Etsy store.


I also found this absolutely cute, kitschy handcrafted pair of owls for only $2.69!  Another item for my Etsy store.


This is a Chaleur coffee mug; it is from the Zodiac Collection and is the Libra mug.  I didn’t notice this when I bought the mug, but I happen to be a Libra.  No, I’m not keeping it.  Chaleur mugs feature famous paintings and are definitely collector’s items.  Just a few days ago, I read a post from a guest blogger who sells mugs on eBay.  I remembered she mentioned Chaleur so I bought this one for $1.69.


I belong to a book club and this is one of the books we read.  I loved it!  I gave my copy away and always regretted it.  How lucky was I to find this hardcover book yesterday at the GW for only $2.69?  It’s a first edition, first printing and in like-new condition. And, the author, Lisa See, is going to be in my area next month!   I hope I can get her to sign it.

So, it’s really true: no more CDs and DVDs at the GWs in Southern California.   I overheard an employee tell a customer that they no longer have them in store and they are now sold online.

Time’s are changing and thrift stores are going through some interesting changes. What does the future have in store for them?

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  1. I saw that exact same owl piece at an estate sale by me but passed on it when I saw they had it priced at $10! Not sure how much it can re-sell for but $10 was too much of a gamble for me.

    I meant to comment on the previous post, but I know our local Goodwills (Nashville, TN) still carried toys prior to Dec 2011. Not sure why ours would still carry them but your had them pulled. Maybe a difference in state laws or something?

    What my Goodwills don't carry is baby items other than clothing and toys! No bibs, receiving blankets (or any baby blankets), burp cloths, etc. I was desperate last year looking for some bibs for my little one and was surprised to see that they didn't carry them. I wonder if they just throw out all the donated ones?

    Glad to see your posting again!

  2. It's interesting to keep track of what the thrift stores are doing. Interesting about the CDs and DVDs; I'll bet it's because of the copyright infringement laws. It's probably too difficult to tell what is or isn't pirated and being right there in the heart of the film/music industry they're probably even more sensitive to that.

  3. I sell Little Golden Books in Lots on Ebay. Usually group in lots of 45 and sell for about $1 a book. These groups are usually mixed lots of 1970s through current. I always check for first additions and pull those out to see individually though as they can be more valuable in good condition.

  4. Here in Denver, Goodwill is opening a new clothing 'boutique' called Deja Blue. It's going into a very upscale shopping area. There is a blogger who works for GW Denver and has been saying how great it will be--it is handpicked designer label stuff and she swears the prices are great. Great like GW prices, or cheap for that area? Because that is a $$$ neighborhood, and cheap for them would still be quite expensive for you & me!

    I can't help but be disappointed at this GW boutique concept. That can only mean that fewer 'treasures' will show up in the local GW stores. The blogger says it won't impact our stores--that they handpick the items from Goodwill dropoff points. I don't think that makes any difference--because if they take them from the dropoff, they're never making it to the retail stores. Either way, it's the same outcome. Fewer 'good' items in the local stores, more stuff that GW can slap a higher price tag on. Fewer treasures for pickers and junkers and recreational thrifters like you and me to find. Humph.

  5. I have not been listening to thrifting rumors (or news feeds) for a bit. Here in WI there is no shortage of books, DVDs, Cds, and even records, audio and/or video tapes in all thrift stores.
    Tvs sell for 99 cents each, no matter the maker or size.
    If laws are being restrictive I am sure some changes are going to be a major disappointment.

  6. I live in San Diego and the Goodwill downtown has an upstairs that is all music CD's, records, books and DVD's they call it the Book Loft. It would be a shame if all that went away.

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  8. I love thrift shop hauls. I find thrift stores almost addictive, I love that tightening of the chest when you think you have spotted something lol. Great blog

  9. I recently went through my children's Golden Books from the 80's looking for any that were illustrated by Eloise Wilkin - they are the so nice! I see you have one at the front of our picture - We Help Mommy - have that one!!

    I've only found one at the thrifts since I started looking a few weeks ago..

  10. I used to live in Cali, now in Vegas, we have .99 Mondays which are great!

    The prices in purse though are ridiculous---8.99 -39.99!!!
    I'll get a new one for that!