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Friday, March 16, 2012

Thrifty Finds of the Week … and Cash for Trash Update


Except for the occasional rainy day (like tomorrow), we have yard sales pretty much year-round in Southern California.  I wish I could get out there every weekend!

And, last Saturday, my BFF Viv and I hit the yardies and had a great time.  The weather was beautiful and there were a ton of sales.  We met up at 6:30 am and by 10:30 am, we were ready to call it a day.  “Just one more,” we said, even though we were down to our last few dollars.    We spotted this play kitchen and I knew it was mine when I saw it was only $20.  How we got it into my small car is beyond me, but somehow we managed.  I’m planning to resell it on CL for $60-$80.


At this same yard sale, I also bought a ton of clothes for $1-$2 each to resell on eBay, including these dressy BEBE sandals for $5.  They were in their original box and were originally $137.  I plan to list these on eBay for $35.

I used to ignore clothing that was piled on the ground assuming it wasn’t worth much.  But, I discovered that’s not always the case and have found some great brand-name items in these piles. 


Even though heavy rain is expected this weekend, DH and I are going up to Paramount Ranch tomorrow, an old western ghost town.  So no garage sales for me tomorrow, but there were a few today.  I went to 3 that were a bust, but I found a few things at the 4th one, like this Star Wars Monopoly game for $1.  After that, I decided to head on over to a small church thrift store.


This is a very small thrift store and much of their stuff is either outdated or in pretty worn condition.  But they have great prices; and if you really look, you may find something worthwhile.  Today, all their clothing was 1/2 off, so I picked up a few things – like this OSSI skiwear jumpsuit for $4 and Obemeyer ski pants for $2.  I should be able to resell them for about $20-$25 each.  I also found two long denim skirts by Ralph Lauren for $1.75 each; these should be good sellers.

Sales were pretty good in January and February, but March is turning out to be a S-L-O-W month.  I’ve been reading your blogs and I guess I’m not the only one with slow sales.  So I’m taking this time to do as much listing as I can to take advantage of eBay’s promotional free auctions.

Here are some of my best sales from January:

BETSY & ADAM by Jaslene Women's Black Full Length Velvet Evening Dress Sz 16 NEW – sold $28.45 – paid $2 @ sa


NORTH RIVER OUTFITTERS Men's Shirt Santa Claus Beach Vacation & Flamingos Sz XL – sold $27.45 – paid $2.50 @ GW


INC Women's Black & White Long Sleeve Lined Dress with Tatted Lace Trim Size 8 – sold $28.48 – paid $0.90 @ GS

I bought this INC dress plus a few Dressbarn dresses in a stack of clothes that I bought for $10 at a garage sale.  These were all in a pile of clothes sitting on the driveway.   I paid about $0.90 for each dress!


Rasta Imposta Lightweight Hot Dog Adult Costume One Size Fits Most – sold $19.99 – paid $0.50 @ GS

What about this funky hot dog costume?  Bought it at a garage sale for $0.50. I figured it would sit in my store for a few months and maybe it'd sell for Halloween.  I was surprised when it sold within 4 days for $20!  You just never know…

These next two items may not be high sellers, but they are truly “cash for trash”.


Maisto 1998 Hummer H2 SUV Hardtop Black 1:18 Metal Diecast Model Car – Sold $29.94

DS#2 had this model car for years.  Who knows how long it’d been in his closet gathering dust?  It was slated for the thrift store but then I decided to list it at auction.  Am so glad I did!



Sometime end of last year, DS#2 and I went to an estate sale, where he bought an old bible for his collection. I was recently flipping through the pages when this photo fell out.  I knew it was an original picture, but it was creased and I wasn’t sure if it was worth anything.  I almost threw it away; am glad I didn’t!  It went to a buyer in France.  Not only did DS#2 recoup the cost of the bible, but also made a couple dollars to boot! 

Now that’s CASH FOR TRASH!

The “sold” prices I am showing are the “total sales” paid by the buyer.  I’ve been offering many items with free shipping and have concluded that the total price paid by the buyer is the one that counts, making it easier for me to analyze my income and expenses.

I’ve got lots more to share with you so I hope you all come back!
Happy thrifting and selling!

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