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Friday, March 23, 2012

Cash for Trash: Gwen Stefani Jacket from Goodwill

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L.A.M.B Gwen Stefani Blue Plaid Wool Jacket Blazer Fishtail Detail LAMB  P 2005 – paid $5.99 @ GW – sold $93.99

Even as I lament the higher thrift store prices, I can still find some pretty good deals, like this Gwen Stefani jacket.  Ok, I really had no clue this was a G.S. jacket when I threw it in my cart.
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I found this jacket at a fairly-new GW that I’d never been to before because it is a little out of my way, but one day last November I made a point to stop in.  Turns out they had a sale on all children’s clothing.  Children’s clothing is not a familiar niche for me, but I decided to check it out anyway.  There were several bins of clothing underneath the hanging clothes on the wall.

The fabric of this jacket caught my eye, so I pulled it out from the jumble of clothes in the bin.  I was not familiar with the brand but I could tell it was well-made and quality.  Still thinking it was a child’s jacket (it was small), I threw it in my cart since it was on sale.


The cashier was a young man who immediately recognized the label and mumbled that L.A.M.B. is Gwen Stefani’s label.  Ok, so I may not have recognized the label, but I certainly know who Gwen Stefani is. Thank you, GW employee for bringing this to my attention!  I paid $5.99 and was happy to sell it in January for $93.99!

They also  had shoes on sale for $5.99, and I bought three pairs: Born clogs, Teva sandals, and Clark sandals.  All were in great condition, and the Teva sandals were even brand new.  I paid $17.97 for the three, and sold them for $90!

This was a great GW visit and I have pretty much sold everything I bought that day to the tune of over $260!  Itching to make a return trip to that GW …

Now that’s CASH FOR TRASH!

Sales continue to be slow but steady.  Hopefully, it will pick up as folks begin to get their tax refunds!

Happy thrifting and selling!
Always believe in yourself and prosper!


  1. Those are great scores! I'm going to have to start paying more attention at Goodwill!

  2. You make me want to start selling again on eBay, but I had an ugly experience with a customer and backed off. That was over three years ago. Congratulation on your sales.

  3. Sounds like you definitely have to go back to that G.W.! What a score on the jacket! Great find.

  4. Gorgeous jacket! Sweeeet sale! Congrats!