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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Best Things I’ve Sold on eBay #23: Fisher Price Nativity – And Goodwill Accepting Toys Again


Fisher Price Little People Christmas Nativity Story NEW

Starting Bid: N/A Winning Bid: $26.03
Paid:  N/A From:  Goodwill
Ended: 10/20/08 Winner: Sperry, OK

When my boys were little – pre-school/ kindergarten little – they always knew where the toy section was at the Goodwill.  But as they got older, they lost interest in going to the thrift stores with me.  I tried to bribe them by promising to buy them a toy, but that didn’t work because, as they told me, “the toys there are always broken.”  Sad, but true.

Even so, I always checked out the toy section because you just never knew what you could find – like this Fisher Price Little People Nativity Set.  It was in like-new condition with original box; the Little People were still in sealed packages.  I’m sure I only paid a few dollars, probably $4-$5.  I was thrilled when it sold for over $25.

So imagine my surprise when in 2009 I walked into my Goodwill and Salvation Army stores and couldn’t find ANY toys!  I discovered they were no longer selling or accepting toys.  Apparently, in 2008 Congress passed The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, which went into effect February 2009.  It mandated that all children's’ toys, etc. be tested for toxic lead and other chemicals; and required store owners to present a certificate proving the products were tested.  Goodbye thrift store toys!


Fast forward to December 2011.  After a two-year hiatus, Goodwill can once again accept donations of kids’ toys thanks to a change in government rules.  I have started seeing more toys in the thrift stores, and that’s great news!  Here’s a link to an article by Tim Murray, director of brand and marketing for Goodwill.

And what’s this I’m reading about Goodwill Southern California no longer carrying CDs or DVDs?  It’s true.  According to Sasha of Goodwill So Cal, they have moved all of their electronic media inventory to their “Amazon store front so that customers across the country can search our entire inventory for titles in one easy to shop stop! Though many books and all vinyl and VHS cassettes are still available in our stores, we now offer books, video games, CDs, DVDs all online”.  Here is their link:

I can only speculate but suspect that, with music and video streaming, CDs and DVDs were not selling well in this area of the country.  I personally buy my CDs  at garage sales.  My hubby and kids buy all their music online – they don’t even want CDs.  I also subscribe to Netflix and Hulu streaming and haven’t bought DVDs in a LONG time.  Other parts of the country may not have this problem, so you may still find electronic media in your stores.  What do you all think?

We’re going through a heavy rain storm this weekend, but hope you’re having a great – and dry – weekend!  Until next time …

Always believe in yourself and prosper!

Happy saling and selling!

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  1. The first thing I thought of was that Product Safety ruling from a while back. Our local library was emptying its shelves of all children's books printed before a certain date. Fortunately they gave them away rather than destroy them.

    I guess becoming an Amazon power seller makes sense for the GW stores but it is disappointing for the local thrift hunters.