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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Goodwill AS-IS Outlet Store Discovery


In my last post, I mentioned that we just got back from a trip to San Francisco/Berkeley.  I decided that on this final trip of the year I would go to a GW store.  I go on these trips with DH, and a trip to the thrift store is never in the schedule.  This time I threatened to have a major tantrum and throw myself on the ground if I couldn’t go to the TS. 

Me, whining to DH: We ALWAYS do what you wanna do!  Why can’t we do something I want to do this time?  DH:  Okay, I don’t want to hear you!  Find out where it is and we’ll go Saturday morning.  Me:  Yippee!!  Ya’ll know this is not too far from the truth! 

I quickly searched on my Smart and guess what?  I discovered there is a store that is called the AS-IS store and you can buy clothes there for $2!!  It’s not a regular retail store and it’s rather junky, but I certainly don’t care, not at $2 per piece. 


This is a picture of the real thrift store on Mission Street.  The as-is “store” is located behind on a side street and it is a hole-in-the-wall.


All clothing is $2, except children’s clothes and stuffed toys are $1.  I arrived just before 10 a.m. and there wasn’t too much left so I didn’t spend too much time looking.  Still, I managed to find a few things and came home with a bagful of clothes.


Just to mention a few: A Queen of Hearts costume, a couple of down-filled jackets by London Fog, a couple of Chico’s items, a Ralph Lauren Black Label polo shirt, and a Starbucks shirt, all in great condition.


We then drove around the block to the real GW store.  Boy, talk about sticker shock!!  It’s a very nice store that is well-stocked and organized.  But it also has the prices to go with it.  After just spending $2 on a brand new Chico’s Travelers pants, I could not see myself spending $7.50 for a shirt; some items were priced higher.  Needless to say, I bought nothing …

I was lamenting that I live too far way to make a weekly trip to SF (over 300 miles one way).  So I had to find out if there were any as-is  (or outlet) GW stores in So. California.  Guess what?!  There are 3 … woohoo!  They’ve been around a few years and I know they exist throughout the country.  I just don’t why they haven’t been on my radar screen.  I always seem to be a dollar short and a day late.  Hopefully, not this time …

I am definitely going to check these out and will let you know how this works out for me. 

Update 2018:  The flagship store on Mission Street pictured above along with the As-Is Store closed in 2017. The building will be torn down, replaced with a residential/commercial mix building.  A new replacedment store and headquarters opened on Bay Street in January 2018.  The As-Is Store, however, was relocated to the City of Burlingame in August 2017.


  1. my Goodwill as is here in southern Oregon sells clothes by the pound!
    $1.29 lb

  2. I blogged about the as is recently http://betty-wonder.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2011-11-14T17:12:00-08:00&max-results=3

  3. Wow! Think there are any in Chicago? Can't wait to find out! Thanks for sharing.

  4. one recently opened here in Denver..
    Just by chance discovered it's location..
    not too far from me..
    so..will have to check it out!!
    men's shirts in the regular retail store go for 4.99..unless we've had a price hike..
    I still think the prices are too high..
    but as i do NOT shop malls and other retailers, I guess it's still a pretty good deal..especially when purchasing Clarks ladies shoes for 5.99!
    not to mention all the other NAME BRANDS I'm partial too!!
    love and follow your blog!!
    warmest hugs..

  5. I've heard of the as is stores but haven't found one near me. I hear there are amazing deals to be found.

  6. I love our outlet store but it is a 3+ hour drive also. But like your DH said, go several times a year and stock up. I visited a GW in SF several years ago in the Haight-Asbury area. WOW like a department store with prices to match. Sounds like you got some great things. Keep working on DH and you'll convert him!!

  7. I love my Goodwill Outlet. Everything is sold by the pound unless otherwise priced.
    I have scored some great treasures there!

    Happy Thrifting!

  8. Thanks for sharing this store. I work close to it and didn;t know about it. Plan to visit tomorrow!!!Thanks