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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cash for Trash: Ugly Christmas Sweaters


Sales have picked up a little as buyers scramble for last-minute holiday gifts and items.  Ugly or not, sweaters continue to fly off the shelves.

I first read about the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” phenomena in January, so I bought holiday sweaters all year long.  I then realized that any “ugly” sweater would also qualify as well as holiday sweatshirts and turtlenecks.

I think I’d collected about 20+/- when I started listing them in September.  I was thrilled – and a little surprised – when they started selling.  To date, I have sold about 40 sweaters.  Not all are ugly, but I will usually list them as “ugly Christmas sweaters”.

Here are my top selling “uglies”:

3737 3742
3736 3733
3591 3719
3614 3615

These may or may not be the ugliest, but they were the highest sellers, selling between $25 to $40 each.  I paid about $30 for the lot, and they sold for a total of $291.27.  Sweaters are not usually part of the $2 Rag Day sales, so I have to wait for the 50%-off sale and pay little more than $2. Still, 10 times my investment is not bad.

When I started buying these sweaters, I wasn’t sure how well they would sell – after all, some were ugly!  But I am definitely SOLD!  Total amount of sales for all sweaters is almost $800!!  Now that’s cash for trash!

Janessa @ Savvy Saver Secrets has a couple of great posts on her “uglies”.  Read them here and here.  She’s got a great blog about her bargain shopping adventures and her great sales.

Believe in yourself and prosper!
Happy thrifting and selling!


  1. My GW had an exceptionally ugly Halloween one, but I didn't know how other holiday sweaters did, so I didn't buy it. I'm glad to see yours sold. I'll pick up Halloween ones too from now on. Thanks!

  2. Thanks!!! :) Would you believe I've sold some of your same sweaters?! Ha Ha I wish I had more because I've sold all of mine now. Can't wait to start buying them again for next year. Great post!

  3. I haven't seen anymore in the thrift stores recently. Guess folks have been buying them up. But I'll bet they'll start showing up next month - and I'll be ready!