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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cash for Trash: November Sales

SOREL Youth Snow Ranger TP Boots Little Boys Sz 11 NEW – sold $29.99 – paid $5

November sales have been a little lackluster.  After the summer slump, sales really picked up in August, and I really looked forward to the “great” November sales.  But November turned out to be one of my slower months … bah hum bug! 

I’m thinking that it’s just the busy-ness of November.  I know I’ve been busier than usual with family and such, and haven’t done much listing or thrift-shopping.  I also think people were holding off shopping, just waiting for the Black Friday sales – which means they were not shopping online.   I know Cyber Monday was great, but I think – with few exceptions – folks were mostly buying new items.  Whatever the reason, my sales did slow down in November.

Not to say I didn’t have a few good sales.  My “ugly sweaters” continue to sell and I did sell a few NIB toys.  Here are my top sellers for November:

SOREL Youth Snow Ranger TP Boots Little Boys Sz 11 NEW – sold $29.99 – paid $5

SOREL Youth Snow Ranger TP Boots Little Boys Sz 9 – sold $21.79 – paid $2.70

These little boots are always good sellers.  I have sold 3 pairs and none for less than $20.


BURBERRY Black Label Boy's Orange Nylon Windbreaker Jacket Size XL – sold $28 – paid $2


JACQUELINE FERRAR Women's Classic Black Leather Straight Skirt Sz 24W NEW – sold $27.52 – paid $2


SUNDANCE Catalog Cotton White Denim Jacket Women's Size Medium – sold $24.99 – paid $2


LAUNDRY by Shelli Segal Women's Black Velour Long Sleeve Sheath Evening Dress 4 – sold $24.95 – paid $2


NEWPORT NEWS Easy Style Women's Black Lined Leather Pants Plus Sz 22W – sold $22.50 – paid $1


UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER Robinsons Red Sweater with Cute Dalmatians Sz M – sold $22 – paid $1.68


TIARA INT'L CHRISTMAS COLLECTION Fun Snowman Bright Green Hot Pink Sweater M – sold $20.99 – paid $2


NORTH FACE EXTREME GEAR Boys' Red & Black Nylon Winter Jacket Size M – sold $20.50 – paid $3

Boy, did I mess up on this jacket!  I thought I had scored when I bought this “North Face” jacket.  I quickly listed it, thinking it would sell for some good $$, so I was a little disappointed it sold for only $20.50.  But surely the buyer would be thrilled with their purchase, right?  Wrong!  I soon received one of those dreaded “Item Not As Described” messages.  Turns out the jacket is not a “North Face”.  I confirmed this by enlarging my picture … and sure nuff!  In clear black letters, it says “North Sport”.  After handling this jacket through the whole process, I cannot believe I missed this!  Of course, I told the buyer I would give him a 100% refund including shipping, once I receive the item … am stilling waiting for it.


Harry Potter Professor Snape Potions Class Edible Activity Set 2001 DISCONTINUED – sold $24.95 – paid $4

I found this Harry Potter set at the SAVERS discount store.  Since it’s sealed, I didn’t open it to test it.  I suspect the buyer bought it as a Christmas gift so I hope it works!  And doesn’t come back to bite my in the behind …


Star Wars Characters Creepy Crawlers Mold Maker Oven NEW NIB – sold $22.95 – paid $3

I found the Star Wars oven in the clearance shelves at Big Lots.  Actually, I found 5 and they were priced at $7, discounted from $20.  When the cashier rang it up, the price was $3 so I bought all they had.  So far, I’ve only sold the one …Sad smile

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends … and I also hope you’ve had some great sales!

Believe in yourself and prosper!
Happy saling and selling!


  1. I think a lot of eBay sales are down because eBay is flooded with merchandise from all the free listings they've done recently. The more there is in the marketplace, the more buyers have to choose from. I enjoy reading your blog!

  2. Anonymous: Absolutely! That thought had also crossed my mind. Gee whiz! If everyone was listing 1000 (!) items at auction, then how is anyone going to find my listing. It's really overkill!

  3. Hiii! Thanks for dropping by our lil piece of blog land I love your finds! I mean Im sorry but the boots please I would so wear those.lol

  4. I love reading your blog. I'm suprised you would not just issue a refund to the buyer of the jacket instead of incurring additional cost on shipping via return. I would have called it a day and let them keep it given that it was the sellers mistake. My November sales were horrid and December isn't going any better so far. I agree, Ebay is flooded with the free listings so everyone is listing whatever they have. Makes it tough on the rest of us.

  5. Anonymous: Thanks for the visit! You know, 99 times outta 100 I do just refund the money and let the buyer keep the item. Usually the item is damaged and I can't resell anyway. But in this case, I can resell the jacket. Without a return, my loss/refund would be $29.45. However, if I can resell it for same price, I would only be out the return shipping - about $8 - vs. $29.45. Even if I sell it for a little less, since it's not North Face, my loss would still be less than if I just let the buyer keep it.

  6. My November sales were super slow too! Hoping December is much better! Love your blog too!

  7. Thanks for the explanation on why you didn't let the buyer keep it. That makes more sense to me now. Thanks for the rundown! :)