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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cash for Trash: Christmas Sales


2 Tier German Woodland Christmas Pyramid & Candles NEW – sold $149.95 – paid $3

My sales were not too bad last week.  I sold a few Christmas-related items, like this brand-new German pyramid that sold for almost $150.  I paid only $3 for it at a huge yard sale this summer.  The homeowner told me she had sold her house and was moving to another city so I think she just wanted to get rid of stuff.  She had really great prices!


Sakura China Debbie Mumm CHRISTMAS TOPIARY Salad PlateS (4) – sold $12.95 each – paid $0.25 each

I sold all 4 of these salad plates; each had a different Santa design.  I wrote about this dinnerware set in a previous post and mentioned that I paid $5 for it.  Except for 2 bowls, I have sold all the pieces for a total of $135.00!! 


Set (4) DEBBIE MUMM Folk Art PENGUINS Christmas Holiday MUGS by Sakura NIB – sold $26.99 – paid $2.99

I may have been able to get more for this set by selling each mug individually.  But there were quite a few listings for individual mugs; and I didn’t really want to hang on to this set for any length of time so I listed the set with Free Shipping.  It sold right away and flat-rate shipping was $7. 


Black & Yellow Roman Stripe Throw Quilt 60" Square NEW – sold $49.95

I made this small quilt last year and decided to list it on Etsy last month.  I was pleasantly surprised to see it sold. I’m thinking that in the new year I am going to list my vintage and handmade items – even my sewing patterns – on Etsy rather than eBay. 


2011 San Diego COMIC CON WB THUNDERCATS BIG BANG THEORY SWAG BAG PACK 23 X 27 – sold $19.99 – paid $3.99

I was at GW, already in line to pay, when I spotted these bags hanging on a wall way in back of the store.  I wasn’t sure what they were, but the print caught my eye.  Turns out they were new bags from the Comic.con convention in San Diego. They were a little pricey at $3.99 but this was the last bag that was “backpack” style so I bought it.  I found a similar one on eBay that sold for $19.99 with free shipping so that’s what I did.  However, this went to a buyer in Australia so he also paid for shipping!

Here are my top clothing sales:


LILIA SMITH Women's Black Western Fringe Evening Cocktail Dress Sz 3/4 – sold $24.95 – paid $2


Tommy Bahama USC Trojans Men's 100% Silk Hawaiian Shirt Size XL – sold $21.52 – paid $2

No! Not more ugly Christmas sweaters!

3740 3745
3738 4003
3741B 3257
3586 3757

Ugly Christmas Sweaters – sold $24.99-$16.95 – paid $2.00-$3.98

I have only SIX sweaters left in my store; and I’ll be marking them down 20% this weekend.  Don’t really want to keep them in stock beyond December.

So I was watching a morning talk show today and they did a feature on Ugly Christmas Sweaters!  This phenomena has been around for a few years; but instead of fading out, it seems to be gaining in popularity.  Sales of these tacky sweaters have doubled since last year and are now 5 times what they were a few years back. “Ugly” “tacky” “reindeers” seem to be the buzz words for searches. 

Here’s a great article with more info:

Searches for "ugly Christmas sweaters" are up 30% in December compared with December last year, according to Google's research tool Insights for Search. It's "one of the most-searched-for terms among people looking for information about sweaters," a Google spokeswoman says. On eBay this year, someone paid $282.59 for a sweater with three reindeer across the front, an increase from the website's most expensive holiday sweater last year, which sold for $200. EBay's sales of holiday sweaters are 24% ahead of last year.

Thrift stores are all out of Christmas sweaters for this season, but start looking for them come January.  All those ugly, tacky sweaters will be sure to end up at the thrift stores!

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