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Monday, October 31, 2011

What’s So Special About THIS SA Thrift Store?

2011-10-10 14.33.55

Like many eBay sellers, I’ll sell whatever I think will bring in a few bucks: books, magazines, knick-knacks, toys, games, dinnerware, cookware, etc., etc.  But it wasn’t until I started reselling clothes that my sales – and profits – took off (thank you, My Dear Trash). 

Reselling clothes, however, would not work out for me if I didn’t have the right source at the right price for my inventory.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a one-stop source where you can pick up most of your inventory for the week?  Well, I have found just that place!  It’s the Salvation Army Thrift Store in Perris, CA.

2011-10-10 14.34.30

Believe it or not, there is a thrift store behind all those trees!  You can see from these pictures that this store is not located in a busy shopping strip but is actually located next to the railroad tracks in nowhere-land.  It’s about a 40-45 minute drive, through the back roads to get there (or take the freeway for a longer drive).

2011-10-10 14.33.27

Daily Auctions 7:00 AM

This is actually a Salvation Army complex that includes not only a rehabilitation center and warehouse but also vehicle and merchandise auctions.  Donated vehicles are auctioned off at this location.  I also see folks loading BINS & BINS of stuff onto their trucks.  So I suspect this location receives overstock from the area stores; and what doesn’t sell in the store gets auctioned off here.  Something I REALLY need to look into!

2011-10-10 13.59.56

Of course, they also have the “family store” – and it’s huge!  The picture above shows just a small section of the store.

2011-10-10 14.03.20

An entire wall of dresses for $2 each!  There are also racks and racks of women’s pants/slacks/jeans, blouses, sweaters, skirts and jackets, etc.  Oh, and more racks of men’s shirts, slacks/jeans, sweaters, etc., although not as many as the women’s section.  There’s also a wall of shoes; and the other half of the store includes sections for dishes, knick-knacks, furniture, lamps, etc.

2011-10-10 14.05.17

Every Monday is “Rag Day”, although what’s on sale varies.  ALL dresses and blouses are always on sale for $2.  Two-piece outfits are $5.  Usually sweaters and skirts are on sale for $2, but not always.  Slacks/pants are always on sale, usually for $1 each; but sometimes 2 for $1.  Men’s shirts and slacks are usually $2.  A couple times they had $2-Days where ALL clothing was $2; and a few times they had all jackets/coats for $3!

Since all the clothes are on sale, there’s a greater selection.  I can easily spend 4-5 hours in the store.  Sometimes I get tired before I get to all the racks.  I usually walk out with 30-60 items a week, depending on the selection.  And I’m not the only one: I see many of the same faces every Monday, and most of them are filling cartloads with clothes to resell.

On this same day, they also have their books on sale: 10 for $1.  So, you also have booksellers with cartloads of books.  I don’t usually get to the books because I run out of time and energy, but on occasion I have bought a few books.  At 10-cents a book, you just can’t go wrong!

They also have everything at 40% off on Tuesdays; and on Thursdays, children’s clothes are 50% off.  Plus they have 50% off everything on the 1st and 3rd Friday/Saturday of the month.

So there you have it – my “secret” source for clothing.  With one-stop, one-day convenience, this has become my main source for clothes.  Of course, garage/yard sales are always the best way to pick up inventory at great prices!

Believe in yourself and prosper!

Happy saling and selling!


  1. so are all clothes around $2.00 each every monday?

  2. do they have 50% off every fri/sat?