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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cash for Trash: Military Air Crew Jacket & Casio FX-98 Vintage Calculator


Another fantastic sale!  I bought this jacket at the SA thrift on the same day that I bought the Eva Rosenstand cross stitch kits.  Those six kits sold for almost $630!!  Read my post about the kits here.

On this particular day, SA was having a $2 sale on ALL their clothing.  I headed straight to the coats and jackets and filled my cart.  This was one of the jackets – and I almost didn’t get it.  The cashier questioned whether it was part of the $2 sale since it was heavy and obviously a “quality” jacket.  After a small discussion with her supervisor, the cashier rung it up, and I got to bring it home for $2.

Once home, I realized it was an air crew military jacket.  I found an online site about military jackets and learned this jacket was from the 1950s Korean War.  I also found an old auction for the exact same jacket that sold in 2008 for $145.  Score!

I started the listing at $99.00 and it ended this past Monday.  So, how much did the jacket sell for?  Drum roll, please …. a whopping $383.00!  Can you say ‘ka-ching’!  The buyer paid immediately and it’s already on its way.   Click here to see the closed listing.

This particular visit to the SA turned out to be a goldmine.  I spent just over $100, and so far, have grossed almost $1250.00 in sales.  Now, that’s CASH FOR TRASH!

Casio FX-98 Solar Cell Scientific Calculator 42 Functions Vintage 1984 Rare

Last week I mentioned that I bought two of these vintage Casio FX-98 calculators at an estate sale for about $1.00 each.  Turns out only one worked, so I listed that one with a starting price of $45.00.  As of right now, it’s up to $61.00 with 14 watchers.  Click here to see my listing, which ends Sunday evening.

But check out this closed listing for the exact same calculator that sold for $485 in March!  That seller was able to guarantee the calculator worked.  I, however, have no clue how to operate this little treasure.  I did a few basic calculations and it works just fine, so I assume the scientific buttons work properly.  We’ll see for how much it sells.  Heck, I’m already $60 ahead!

Believe in yourself and prosper! Happy saling and selling!


  1. I wish I had a SA near me! I've never have the cash for trash stories like you! Maybe some day!

    @ Coupon Tipster

  2. I LOVE to hear about your awesome finds!! Nice job.

  3. Wish I had your luck at my local Goodwill (we don't have SA's where I live, can you believe that?) These finds SO belong over at Club G.W. {Goodwill} going on now! Stop by, love to have you.


  4. You must have a nice SA! Mine only has junk. Like the stuff left over from people's garage sales that didn't sell for 50 cents. I rarely get lucky. Then again I don't buy/sell clothing, just old collectible stuff. I do better at flea markets and church rummage sales.

  5. How inspiring! It's at 100$ now!

  6. I love your blog! Every post is interesting and there is so much information available. I really appreciate your blog more than you know. Yesterday I found a Remington Tight Curls set and am going to put it on eBay. Going to be looking for more stuff from a list I've made from your posts. <3 Michelle

  7. WOW!!! You have some amazing SA to shop at! We don't have them or Goodwill's here...I should be so lucky! That is one great sale on that jacket!

  8. you are amazing!

    Lindsey Turner