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Sunday, September 11, 2011

eBay’s Shopping Cart Eliminates Bid Commitments

eBay rolls out its new shopping cart checkout just in time for the holidays.  Although the shopping cart has been around since earlier this year as an option, it is now the standard way to shop on eBay. 

There is no way for sellers to opt out of having their items added to the eBay Shopping Cart. Buyers who have voluntarily opted in can opt out at any time by going to their cart and clicking the "opt out" link near the top right of the page. 
The good is:
  • Buyers can use the cart for both Auction-style and Fixed Price items.
  • For sellers, the eBay Shopping Cart is a great way to up-sell and cross-sell. Buyers can easily add more of your items to their cart.
  • The eBay Shopping Cart eliminates virtually all unpaid items for Fixed Price listings. Fixed Price items added to a buyer's cart but not paid for remain available for other buyers to purchase—your listing stays active until payment is sent.

Sounds pretty good, but how does this work for Auction-style items?  Not so good, if you ask me!  When a buyer bids on your auction, they are NO LONGER committed to buying the item.  When a buyer places a bid, the item goes into their shopping cart.  However, there is a REMOVE button, allowing them to retract their bid if they change their mind. 

The following is directly from eBay’s FAQs.  Read it very carefully as it is very cleverly worded:
There is a "Remove" link below each item in the cart. Buyers can click this link to remove items. Any item can be removed except completed successful Auction-style listings and Best Offers that have been accepted. These can't be removed because buyers have already committed to pay for them.
Auction-style listings are automatically added to a buyer's cart once they place a bid. The winning bidder pays for the item from their eBay Shopping Cart at the end of the Auction-style listing, just like a Fixed Price item.
What this says, without actually saying it,  is that a bid CAN be removed unless ii is the winning bid.  A listing with a bid is no longer a sure sale. 

I first noticed this when my number of listings with bids kept changing.  I had a couple of listings with bids then suddenly – poof – the bids were gone.  When I finally figured this out, I was not a happy camper!  However, I realize it’s better to have a person retract their bid than to have an unpaid item.  So, this becomes one more of many changes to get used to …


  1. Thanks for the heads up on that new detail. Always something new to learn with eBay's changes!

  2. I realize that ebay has people standing in line to sell there, but everything ebay does benefits them and not the lowly seller. Yes, they are big, yes they were the standard at one time, but they couldn't exist without sellers. I wish Bonanza could give them a run for their money and I could switch everything over. But, alas I need ebay and they know it. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. This explains a lot. I knew I had missing bids on items. Man, ebay sure does not make life easy. If you wouldn't have written about this, I wouldn't have known about it. Thanks much!

  4. Stopping by to say hello. Always enjoy visiting your blog.

  5. That's not fair to us sellers but it also doesn't seem fair to other bidders. I'd be ticked if I didn't bid on something because it had gone too high for me and then see later that it closed at a lower price that I would have been comfortable with.

  6. I came to post exactly what Anonymous posted... I've already lost some bids AND I wouldn't have known about it if I didn't read it here. Thanks for the heads up!

  7. Honestly, just another change eBay makes to benefit buyers and not sellers. Why am I not surprised?