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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cash for Trash Wednesday

Looks like the summer slump may be over!  Last week was a fantastic week  – no small thanks to my kilt sales.  I also took advantage of eBay’s 1-cent insertion promo, which again paid off for me.  I had 43 sales, with the highest of $232.50 for a kilt and the lowest of $0.99 for a vintage crochet book and vintage glass reamer.

Aside from the kilts, here are my other top clothing sales:


MERONA Women's Navy White Faux Wrap Dress Sz M – sold $21.50 – paid $2

The North Face Women's Black 1/2 Zip Pullover Top Sz M – sold $24.50 – paid $2

FIRENZE SANTA BARBARA Black Leather Straight Skirt Sz 2 – sold $39.99 – paid $1

And my other top sellers, listed during the 1-cent insertion fee promotion:

THE THREE MUSKETEERS Alexandre Dumas Easton Press MINT – $27.99 – paid $3.99

Vintage Coke Coca Cola Soda Yellow Wooden Box Crate – sold $18.99 – Paid $0 (free)

The vintage coca cola box above was a freebie from a neighbor who was moving.  We’ve had it in the garage for a few years and I finally got around to listing it.  Glad it sold and will be gone!


This flute belong to DS#2 when he was in junior high, 6 years ago.  He quit his lessons almost as soon as he started, so the flute was hardly used.  He recently finally cleaned out his room and this flute was in the “no longer want” pile.  It sold to a buyer in India.

And, this was my best sale … well, sorta:


I was really, really excited about this item because I had just read a blog post about these football Little Tikes toy chests.  They are no longer made; and apparently, football fans who use them as ice chests are willing to pay good money for them.  I found this one at a Savers thrift store.  It was priced at $14.99; but if I could get $75 for it, I would still be okay.

I considered selling it on Craigslist so I wouldn't have to ship it; but when the 1-cent insertion fee promo came around, I threw caution to the wind and listed it on eBay with calculated shipping for 8.5 lbs.  I was thrilled when it sold for $74.99 plus a shipping cost of $16.03 … but my thrill was short-lived.

I found the perfect box, which measured 24” square, and the toy chest fit right in.  Then I went to print my shipping label … and that’s when I discovered it was going to cost me $107.16 to ship by parcel post!  UPS would be even more! 

The one thing I didn’t remember was that a package with any dimension over 12” is considered a “large package” and is subject to different postage rates that are considerably higher.  So at the risk of receiving negative feedback, I emailed my buyer to inform her of the revised shipping cost and that I could cancel the transaction if they do not wish to pay the higher cost. 

Even after all these years, I can still screw up on shipping costs.  This is one time, however, I’m not willing to cover the difference!  I suspect that other sellers who are selling this same item are going to be in for the same shock.  This is one lesson I will not forget!

UPDATE:  The buyer of the Little Tikes toy chest was very understanding.  She agreed to cancel the transaction and agreed not to leave negative FB.  Whew!  I ended up selling this on CL for $65.

This was an awesome week for sales – the best ever!  Total sales for the week?  A whopping $1862.47.  Even if the sale for the Little Tikes football is cancelled, it’d still be a fantastic week.  Now THAT’S REALLY CASH FOR TRASH!

Hope things are looking good and you’re sales have picked up!


  1. What a great week for you! That's too bad about the Little Tikes item. I had the same thing happen when I sold a Little Tikes washer and dryer recently. No matter how I packaged it, it was still too large to be exempt from a hefty surcharge. I canceled the auction and luckily my buyer was understanding. I listed it again, but as a local pick-up item. It sold for even more!

  2. You're unbelievable! You really need to link this up over at Club G.W. (Goodwill) with Charm Bracelet Diva! You by far get the best scores (and resales)! Hope to see you there.


  3. It's all your fault. I am holding you responsible. After your fantastic kilt sale I am looking very closely at all of the women's skirts. Not really....good job on the kilts and this week was a dream week for you...keep it up.

  4. This is an amazing week! So happy for you! EM @ athriftyfind.blogspot.com