I'm a diehard thrifter and garage sale addict! I love the thrill of the hunt! And I love making CASH from trash so I also resell on eBay and Etsy. I share my successes to inspire you ... and my failures so you learn from my mistakes. Please join me on this wild and crazy ride of making cash from trash!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cash for Trash Wednesday

Wow, this past week turned out to be a pretty good week for sales!  It put my month-end sales at over $1,000, which surpass my June sales.  Moving items out of my store and listing them at auction for 1-cent seems to have paid off.  I had 57 sales!

Here are my top clothing sales from last week:

WHITE HOUSE BLACK MARKET Women's Black Knit Dress Sz XL – sold $17.50 – Paid $1

DANA BUCHMAN Women's Blue Silk Sheer Flowing Dress 10 – sold $19.99 – paid $2

MONTGOMERY WARDS Vintage 1970s Black Knit Jumpsuit 12 – sold $24.99 – paid $2.50



Remember the Reyn Spooner Hawaiian shirts I bought at a garage sale and posted here?  Five listings have ended and one current listing already has a bid.  So far, those $8 have turned into over $75!  Three of the shirts – including the one above – were sold to a buyer from Japan.  I also had another buyer from Japan buy a dress.  Glad to know Japan is making a comeback!

Here are my top sellers that were in my store and sold at auction:


I was visiting DD in Texas for the Christmas holidays; and on the day after Christmas, we went to Walgreens.  We were thrilled to see they had ALL their Hallmark ornaments on sale!  At less than $1 each, we scooped them all up.  We then went to another Walgreens and did the same.  When I got home, I promptly listed them in my eBay store.  Some of them sold quickly, but most of them have not been the hot sellers I thought they’d be.  I’m down to the last few so was glad when this one sold.

Danbury Mint Snowy Owl Family Figurine Katsumi Ito 1989 – sold $39.99 – Paid $0

After I retired, I sorta started collecting owls. My collection pretty much ended as soon as it started, although I did get an owl tattoo on my right arm – and that’s a whole ‘nother story!  Anyway, this owl statue – which I bought years ago at the thrift store – had been gathering dust when I decided to sell it.  Much better to gather money than it is to gather dust!

Clairol Kindness 3 Way Hairsetter HOT ROLLERS Pageant – sold $19.99 – paid $2

I’ve known hot rollers are very saleable to pageant moms, but hadn’t given it much thought until I started reading We Sell on EBay!  I found this set of vintage rollers at the SA and quickly picked it up – thanks to this post by Jessica.  I probably could have gotten more but the hinges to the cover are broken.

All in all it was a pretty good week with over $500 in sales!  Now that’s cash for trash!

As usual, I was at the SA this past Monday for their Rag Day.  I bought my usual assortment of dresses, skirts and pants, but I also found this in the women’s skirts:

Turns out this is not a skirt after all, but a men’s kilt.  Not just any kilt but a Utilikilt.  Brand new, these men’s kilts retail for over $200.  Even better, they are reselling for over $100 on eBay!  Check out these completed listings

The same person must have donated all their kilts because I actually found 8 of these kilts – all same size.  Since the women’s skirts were on sale, I paid $2 for each “skirt”.  Actually, less because the cashier was nice enough to charge me for only 5 – so $10 for the lot.  I’ve listed them today with a starting bid of $99 and one at $160 … and they all already have multiple watchers!  Ka-ching!

Looks like things are finally picking up!  Hope y’all are doing great!


  1. Wow, you had a great week. Mine was not so hot but at least I sold some things that had been listed a few times. I do not list the number you do so I really can not complain. I love the Hawaiian shirts you listed. How odd that the hot rollers are doig so well...I have several sets that I have gotten over the years (I throw nothing away), I might have to list them to see what happens...LOL. I wonder if the older sets are better for pagent hair? They seem to be going on eBay for almost what a new set costs...

    Good luck with this weeks sells.


  2. WOW!! LOVE the kilts! What a fabulous find! Hope they ALL Sell for you! I wish you lived closer...........we share the same passion for the hunt!!! You know....that rush you get when you pull in the parking lot of the thrift...wondering if you'll "hit it big" today!! :-)
    I'll be watching your kilts at auction and cheering you on!
    PS - I think you have the BEST thrifting blog out there! LOVE IT! And will be a dedicated follower!

  3. I think you are really brave. My daughter lists auctions for 99c all the time and does great. Me...I'm chicken. I have been burned several times and lost big time because I listed something lower than it cost me. Just chicken....
    Great job on the kilts...I'm going to keep an eye on them.

  4. Wow! What great sales, Congrats! I just found your blog and had to laugh at the name. I'm a thrifter, too, only I don't sell my thrifty finds, much to my husband's dismay:)

    I'd love for you to link up over at my Tuesday's Club G.W. (Goodwill) Party with Charm Bracelet Diva. It's going on right now! Hope to see you there. OH, and I'm your newest follower! :)


  5. OMG - I am watching your kilt auctions - WOWZA WOWZA WOWZA is all I can say - you have got to be beyond THRILLED and I'm cheering you on!!! Hope they all sell - this was on stinkin good find, girl!!

  6. Excellent find! I've been hoping to find kilts at the local thrifts. Knowing the hardcore fan base out there, you can probably find a buyer for just about any kind of kilt, even traditional ones.

    I've had awesome luck restocking my wardrobes via the local thrift stores. I may start selling stuff on Ebay once I get enough for my personal use. ; )