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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Top Rated Seller – Another Obstacle in the Road

Almost two months ago, I posted here that I had finally gotten my TRS status again, only to lose it 3 days later.  Well, during the short period I had TRS status, not only did I receive a 20% discount on my eBay fees but I also noticed a slight increase in my sales.  The benefit of being a top-rated seller became more obvious when I lost it and noticed a downturn in my sales.  On top of that, I received my most recent invoice which included NO discount.  Ouch!!  (BTW, this invoice still does not include fees on shipping.)

I’ve been doing my best to avoid those horrible 1s and 2s and checking my dashboard everyday.  Thinking that I qualified again for TRS, I was looking forward to my next evaluation.  TODAY was that day!  But, wait …

I checked, and double-checked, and even triple checked.  Something was wrong … no TRS!  Instead of being evaluated for the past 3 months as I had been, I was being evaluated for the past year!  What’s up with that? 

Well, I finally found the *fine print*.  Okay, it wasn’t that fine, but here it is:
  • Sellers with 400 or more transactions over the past 3 months are evaluated on their transactions with US buyers from the last 3 calendar months. For all other sellers, the rate is calculated from transactions with US buyers over the last 12 calendar months.

Yup, I had less than 400 transactions over the past 3 months.  Since I had 7 low DSRs in the shipping/handling category during the past 12 months, I did not qualify for TRS.  But in the past 3 months, I had only 1 low DSR and would have easily qualified.

This also means that I will not qualify for TRS for my next evaluation either … that is, unless I make about 160 sales over the next 11 days to meet that 400-sales-in-3-months mark! Ha!

This is going to bite me in the butt … or rather my pocketbook since the next couple invoices will also have NO discount and my listings will continue to have low visibility.  That really sucks!

I guess I’d better get cracking with more listings since the more you list, the more you sell.  Just not sure at this point, if I’m working for myself or eBay!

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  1. Don't overfocus on the top seller program.

    They force you to use the highest shipping tiers, because eBay has a partnership now with USPS.

    Also, they get 10% of your shipping costs. So of course they railroad you into using priority, when you don't want or need to.

    That indexing issue doesn't matter much during the last few days of an auction.You will be seen. That's just a threat.