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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thrifty Treasures Thursday

Finally got out this past Saturday to hit the garage sales.  The weather was beautiful and best of all, had a ton of fun with my BFF Viv!


Bought a bunch of name-brand clothes for $0.50-$1 each.  At one garage sale, I ended up with at least 15 items, including eight Reyn Spooner Hawaiian shirts, all for $1 each.  They’re currently listed, and except one, all have a bid! Still have more clothes to list which should bring in a nice profit.

Found these plush animals, plus a couple of Smurfs from the 80s, for 25¢ each.  I was hoping to find more but the pickin’s were pretty slim.

This 4-piece luggage set from Jordache is in pretty good condition.  It was only $5!  Thinking I may resell it on Craiglist.

And THIS was my last purchase of the day … and the best:

This solid oak roll-top desk was only $20!  We’d been saling since 6:00 a.m and it was already 9:00 when we got to this garage sale.  This desk had a sign with $40 crossed off and replaced with $20.  I didn’t see anything very wrong with it and couldn’t believe it was still there.  For $20, I knew I could sell it for a profit on Craiglist.  Ka-ching!

It looks a little wonky in the picture because we had to take it apart to bring home so it’s in 3 pieces.  The surface needs cleaning and polishing; but once I clean it up, it’ll look awesome! 

I always say that cheap is good, but free is better!  How about this solid wrought iron chandelier lamp from Home Depot?

This was another end-of-day find, one last stop before we call it a day.  Walking up to the driveway, I saw this lamp with a *FREE* sign on it.  I immediately grabbed it and claimed it as mine.  My BFF bought a couple of things so I didn’t feel so bad walking away with this.  Another Craiglist item!  P.S. The cute kitty is not included! 

I just love saling!  Wish I could get out there every weekened.  

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  1. Wow, great finds!

  2. Super finds! I love free, too. :)

  3. What awesome thrifted treasures! That desk is beautiful! And the free chandy, well you so can't go wrong with free! thank you for joining TTF and have a fun weekend!