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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rags to Riches Challenge–Final Round

Sales continue to be lukewarm.  Too bad they don’t match the sizzling hot weather we’ve been having!  If your sales have been slow, you’ll be happy to know “it’s not yoooooooouuu …”.  Here’s a great post by Late Night Coffee with some ideas on how “to survive the selling drought.”

The final week of my Rags to Riches Challenge ended without much of a bang.  I had a total of 84 auctions listed; of these, only 15 were new listings.  I had 17 sales for the week.  My best sellers were:


NEW GLORIA VANDERBILT Women's Denim Jeans Shortalls 3X – sold $9.99 – paid $1

I was hoping these would sell for more not only because they are brand new by Gloria Vanderbilt but also because they are plus-size. Just glad they sold!


NEW DENIM & CO Women's Blue Denim Pull-on Jeans Sz L – sold $9.99 – paid $1

… and my top seller for the week:

FLAX ENGELHART Women's Cream Linen Pull-on Pants  Sz M – sold $29.00  - paid $1

I’d never heard of FLAX (or Fresh Produce) until I read about it on My Dear Trash, but am so glad I did.  This was my first FLAX item and can’t believe these pants sold for $29! Awesome!

Here’s the final update:
Auction Sales #23:
Total: $6507.82
Cost of Goods:
Total: $1277.03
eBay & PP Fees:
Total: $1182.81
Total Net:

Hard to believe that half the year is already gone.  It always amazes me how fast time flies … especially when you’re having fun!  And fun it’s been *experimenting* with reselling clothes online.   When I started my Rags to Riches Challenge way back in February, I was skeptical but was excited to see how successful Laura and Kelly from My Dear Trash were. 

I gave myself until July 1 to reach a goal of $4,000 and am thrilled that I was able to reach my goal even with the slow summer weeks and with, really, not too much effort on my part.  Read my previous post here.  With the extra income, not only was I able to pay for expensive auto repairs and dental work, but also pay bills, buy gifts and go on mini-vacations!

Since my two original projects are still pending (also, not to forget the holidays will be here before we know it!), I plan to continue reselling clothes; and am now adding shoes to my inventory! 

I want to thank Laura and Kelly from My Dear Trash for inspiring me to resell clothes.  And, to Jessica from We Sell On eBay for the great series on reselling shoes and the eBay Underground Facebook Group for great info!  I also want to thank all the other bloggers who freely share so much information about selling online.  Some are listed on my side bar so check out their blogs when you get a chance.

No more Rags to Riches Challenge updates, but please do come back for weekly posts on Cash for Trash, Selling on eBay, and Best Things I’ve Sold on eBay. 

Online sales for Week #23, including eBay store, totaled $265.95.  Now THAT’S cash for trash!

Linking to My Dear Trash for their Trash to Cash Party!

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  1. Thank YOU so much for linking up and sharing your challenge with us. Those Flax pants are such a great find. Outstanding job meeting your goal- Keep up the good work.