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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cash for Trash Wednesday

Did anyone else take advantage of eBay’s 1-cent insertion fee yesterday?  I was already creating listings to list today when I saw this announcement.  Woo hoo!  I took a lot of old stock and higher-priced items from my store and relisted them at auction.  Plus I added some new listings so I currently have 245 auctions.  I made them 5-day listings so they’ll end on Sunday evening.  Also, Monday is the 1st of the month which is *payday* for many folks.  It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out.

So glad we’re at the end of July.  Really looking forward to August and hopefully more sales.  Here’s an interesting article about the July slump from the eBay Selling Coach.  I’m sure July has always been a slow month; but it’s never been an issue for me in previous years.  This year it just seems to be *in my face*.  Glad to know it’s not just me!

Here are my best sales from last week:

REYN SPOONER Women's Rayon Undersea Print Dress Sz L – sold $10.51 – paid $2

TALBOTS Women's Pink & Green Retro Lined Shift Dress 6P – sold $12.62 – paid $2

ANN TAYLOR LOFT Women's Black Blue Floral Dress Sz 0P – sold $16.50 – paid $2

FLAX ENGLE Women's Floral Rayon Romper Sz S – SOLD $17.00 – PAID $2

FABRIZIO GIANNI Womens Beige Stretch Skinny Pants Sz 10 – SOLD $29.95 – PAID $0.50

This is another example of an unfamiliar brand that just felt like *quality*.  At only 50-cents, I figured I couldn’t go wrong so I bought 2 pairs of Fabrizio Gianni pants.  This brand retails for over $100 so I listed them at $44.00 with free shipping and a best offer.  After deducting shipping costs, I made a $25 profit on these!  Ka-ching!

This Hall Pot was my top seller from last week:

Jewel Tea Autumn Leaf Hall China 8 Cup Coffee Pot & Lid – sold $35.99 – paid $2

I spotted it at a garage sale and couldn’t believe it when the lady said she wanted only $2 for it.  These are hard to find, and this one was in excellent condition.

These Taylor & Ng mugs are very collectible and always sell well.  If you look closely, you will see why.

Taylor & Ng COFFEE MUG • Lapin RABBIT ORGY • Win Ng – sold $10.99 – paid $0.99


I discovered Taylor & Ng mugs quite by accident.  Last year, I bought the mug above at GW because I thought the cute bears were playing. 

When I got home, I set the mug on the kitchen counter because I was going to wash it.  In walks DH, takes a quick look at the mug, and asks me with a smirk *why* I bought the mug.  DH then pointed out to me the bears were doing the *nasty*.  I thought he was pulling my leg, but upon closer look I noticed he was right.  Since then I have found a few more and always bring them home with me. 

TAYLOR & NG BLUE WHITE ELEPHANTS MUG JAPAN WHIMSY 1979 – sold 2010 $9.99 – paid $0.25

From Wikipedia:

Taylor & Ng was originally a very popular department store of handcrafts that operated in San Francisco in the 1970s and 1980s. The company was founded in 1965 by artists Spaulding Taylor and Win Ng (d. 1991).

The department store was known for the signature designs by the sculptor, ceramicist and designer Win Ng. Many of these products are still prized by collectors.

The company also published a number of popular cookbooks which also featured the artwork of Win Ng.

The department store closed in 1985. An online retailer with the same name features reissues of old company designs.

Happy sales to you!


  1. I don't even know what to say about those mugs lol

  2. The mugs are so funny!!!! I DID take advantage of the 1 cent listings....I just wish I had some heads up. I found out about them on Tuesday and just started hitting RELIST on a lot fo the things theat have not sold. I did not have time to take photos of new things to list. I ran out of my free listings and was just going to ride out the rest of the month...so this and whatever sells will be a bonus. I am trying not to list anything at regular prices since summer has been a bit slow.